May 2019 Jon’s Creator Showcase Announcement!

Hello everyone new and old, my name is Scott and I am hosting the May 2019 version of Jon’s Creator Showcase! An idea that Jon came up and Raistlin said should be hosted by other people around this blogosphere to create a warmer and fuzzier anime content creating community. OR to share give more exposure to bloggers and the host alike. Which ever one of those sounds cooler to you. I like the first one myself.

I openly admit that I joined into this Showcase thing somewhat last minute. No one else signed up to do the tour for May and I never have done it before, so I am took the initiative.

To join this show case is pretty easy. If you have a twitter, please choose the favorite post you made in last month/April, use the hashtag #theJCS, and tag three people to do the same thing. Similar to what I did down below. It doesn’t have to be a blog post, it could be whatever you are proud of that you created in April. There are no limits here.

So you have my starting post above and my example in focus down below.

And you don’t have to tagged by somebody in order to be involved. Just link your post on the top tweet I have above, use the hash tag, and tag more people. Share whatever you want! This will help you not only to get more noticed in the blogosphere, it will help possibly read some great posts that you possibly missed last month. Definitely a bargain deal if you ask me. You only have a month to do it though. There is time, just not an infinite amount of time.

If you want to see what the result of this Creator Showcase is, please look at Crimson’s post from last month here. I will be doing the same by aiming for it to come out sometime during the first week of June.

Thank you for reading everyone. Please get involved and join the fun.


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