A Possible Rebranding In The Future? IDK…

Hello everyone. Today’s topic is something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. As much as I am in the aniblogging realm right now, I have been thinking about stepping outside it ever since the beginning of this year. I really like how I am running this blog and the content that I’ve been putting out recently and the reception that I’ve been getting on a lot of my posts, but I have to admit that sometimes I feel the shackles of being stuck blogging about one thing instead of a wide variety of things sometimes. My brain has been going back and forth on this for a while and that’s why I haven’t done anything yet.

Here is how complicated my thought process has gotten towards this.

Reasons for staying as an anime only blogger

  • Not have to critique anything except anime
  • Having a comfy spot in the internet to blog about
  • Falling back on anime only blogging anyway
  • Stretch myself out too far if I focus on other things too much
  • Haven’t ran out of anime topics to write about yet
  • Changing strategies would ruin or slow down some plans I have for the future
  • Readers would be thrown off by how more unusual my schedule has become

Reasons for broadening my horizons

  • Highlight some works that don’t get as much attention
  • Talk about some cool stuff I’ve been reading
  • Broader Audience To Appeal Too
  • Talk about some movies that I’ve watched too
  • Have a nearly limitless amount of topics to write about
  • More Science Fiction All The Time

The big question I have is what do you all think of this? I value any opinions that you can give me. Don’t leave me alone in my thoughts, please. It gets crazy when that happens.

Also, this doesn’t mean that something is guaranteed to happen. Just that it might happen.


  1. It’s good to expand your blog. As I’ve said on twitter, it’s doable. If the topic is within the ani sphere like manga, then it will do fine. If it’s outside the realm of anime, then you’re best off explaining it to your readers first that a different type of content will be coming. Have an idea of when you will drop this type of content.

    It could be every two wks, once a week. Every three to four days a month etc.

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      1. The most important one is, write it for you. I’ve done different types of posts where I wrote for others on my old blog and it can be very disheartening when they don’t pay much or any attention to it.

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  2. It’s your blog man, you should talk about whatever you want. Marrying yourself to one thing can lock you in a box and force you to make posts for the sake of making posts, that leads to burnout and bitterness. Keeping things fresh helps you stave that off.

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    1. Yeah, I understand that. Just had an anime blog so didn’t want to just diverge from that too much. I guess I need to make a slight difference to me title and stuff and should be ok.


  3. “sometimes I feel the shackles of being stuck blogging about one thing”

    The only shackles are those you’ve forged yourself, and they can be easily broken – if you chose to do so. It’s your blog, do what thou will is the whole of the Law.

    I post non-anime content all the time, and it’s never been a problem.

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  4. This is your blog so do as you want haha. But I personally think rebranding it can be a good thing. If you want to write about other things, do it! ๐Ÿ‘

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  5. I definitely think if you’ve got other ideas for posts you should do them. I get what you mean about the site being less focused, but at the same time I feel like you’d ultimately end up regretting it if you really want to share something, but then hold back because you’re not worried if it’ll do good or not. Go with your gut of course, but I’d say to go for it. At least give it a trial run and see how you feel about the results.

    My site started out purely as a fighting site (Mario vs Superman, etc) but after a while I finally took the plunge and started adding reviews and stories. It’s fun to shake things up, I’ve even got a Domino’s Pizza post in the works. It all may feel a bit random and I’m not saying that writing about everything is necessarily good (My blog just makes enough to run itself so it’s not profitable which likely does change how I look at it) but it’s fun. Whatever you can do to prevent yourself from getting burned out is the best way to go

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  6. I think you should write about what you want to write about. While not recently I used to throw the occasional movie or game review into the mix because I wanted to write about them and despite my blog being very anime focused enough of my readers enjoyed the content. Whatever you do I hope you have fun.

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  7. Well, you do what you want with your blog – we can’t stop you from making your own happiness.

    The reason I blog about what I do is because 1) I’ve probably tried blogging about it before, to not much success, 2) I make time for it with April Fool’s Day pranks and the like or 3) I find a way to make it work within the context of a post using anime/manga as “anchoring material”. My content is mostly anime/manga anyway, so either way, not talking about fandoms I’m not particularly deep in is a win-win.

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  8. I’ve been considering expanding my blog to include American comics and more video game content. I decided to do it, but I’m going to wait to after the semester is over next week. What I think it’s important is to schedule well and let your audience know why your adding new content.

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  9. This is just one idea, but suppose you pick a favorite genre (like sci-fi, since you love that), and have a section of your blog to review/discuss books, movies, tv shows, and games of that genre? It’s not a huge change, more of a side project, and it will broaden your horizons and appeal to a wider audience. (Maybe. That’s just the first idea I thought of. You are much more experienced than me with blogs and media reviews.)

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  10. I would be down to read about any media you wanted to highlight – at this point, I feel like you’ve got a good following who trusts your tastes, so I feel like people would still stick around for non-anime posts.

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  11. Lots of good advice in the other comments!

    I’d start by asking why you want to blog. What’re your goals?

    If you want to expand, will adding the content type this blog be your best bet? Would it be better to start another site? Knowing your goals and your audience can help you answer that.

    Like others have said, it’s up to you! I think you’re one of the pillars of the aniblogging community right now, so no pressure!

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    1. Oh don’t worry about me stopping to write about anime. I just spent the last three hours writing about Yamato 2202. No way I am giving that up at all.

      The plan right now is to experiment more with content that I put out on the Weekends. Weekdays are going to be all anime still, but I want a post on the weekends to be something different like the web novel Worms that I’ve been reading, some points of view on tv shows and movies I just completed, or just some books I read. I am not suffering from monotany at all, but there are some other things I want to talk about too and I don’t want to start another blog. Maybe just another section of the blog like everyone is talking about. That sounds like a good idea.

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  12. Write about whatever is important to you! The nice thing about a blog rather than a commercial site of some description is that you’re not beholden to any sort of external editorial agenda, so you can do whatever you like. I know I’ve certainly grown, adapted and changed over time as I’ve experimented with different types of coverage.

    If you’re concerned, perhaps introduce new stuff as a gradual process. Bring in a new series of posts about, say, movies, and when you feel comfortable with that, incorporate something else until you get where you want to be.

    As others have said above, this is your place, so do whatever you feel is most appropriate. Your existing readers will understand the desire to spread your wings a bit — and you might even get some new readers in the process!

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  13. As someone whoโ€™s occasionally expanded their blogging focus outside of Anime a few times now (and whoโ€™s next big post has nothing to do with Anime at all) I say you should go for it.

    Variety is always great and at the end of the day this is your space and youโ€™re free to use it however you like. Write about whatโ€™s important to you!

    And I for one would love to see you talk about movies ๐Ÿ˜€

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  14. As a reader vs a blogger: heck yeah, more science-fiction! ๐Ÿ™‚ As a blogger, I think it’s wonderful that you’re thinking about expanding the content on your blog-space. I struggled with this A LOT when I was a book blogger. It’s going to be different for everyone, but for me it helped me become a better writer and just helped with my creativity overall outside of blogging (as well as my mental health). I gave it a shot first and tried out a few non-bookish posts and then slowly took it from there. If it doesn’t work out, or you realise it may not be what you want, there’s nothing wrong with stepping back. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you the best, Scott! Whatever you decision, I’ll always support you.

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  15. I thought long and hard about this too Scott-san and I’ll tell you what I think. (That sounded way condescending sorry)

    I think expanding is a good thing, but I’ll suggest that you don’t rebrand. Add this as an extension to what you’re doing…

    Just a personal opinion though

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