Weekly Seasonal Watches: 5/13/19 / Spring 2019 At The Half Way Point

I’m trying something different with this post. Mixing episodic stuff with seasonal rankings. Nobody can we aren’t about experimentation in blog huh? If it doesn’t work, then oh well. Just won’t repeat it next time. Live and learn is a good sort of phrase that isn’t said enough these days.
So, I still don’t think this is one of the strongest anime seasons inexistence. I have a feeling that most seasons have been like this for me. One show being locked in Netflix hell for now doesn’t help at all here. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some solid shows to watch. Spring 2019 has some very unique stories and unique takes on standard stories to keep everything interesting. I think that’s just fine.

I’m not going to put Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 in this yet because only three of it’s ten episodes have aired at this point. That wouldn’t be fair for it because it hasn’t had enough episodes to make it’s own statement yet. I will talk about the last episode though. Right here and right now.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 3

The pace of this battle is much slower then I expected, but I like it that way. Especially if we are given great character moments like those presented in this episode. The first half of this episode or so was a Titan focused on the first major battle in this series. You know, when Eren moved a giant rock? Remember Marco? Someone who died? He apparently died because our now figured our titans were over heard by him. Poor guy, glad I got to know him more years after he died.

This episode’s main conflict was between Armin and Berthold. Two arguably similar characters in different situations. Their face off was not just a humanity vs Titan sort of conflict, it was a battle of wills. See how determined these two bumbling geniuses are to achieve their goals. A very simple and powerful episode that I hope to see Armin prove how willing he is to go all the way.

As for the rest of the shows this season, let’s follow my usual handy, dandy guide.

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Watch These Right Now: Seasonal Favorites; Highly Recommend.

Then These Next: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.

Ok: What it says on the tin, maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.

Can’t Recommend: I’m not even sure why I am watching it besides learning something from it.

-Watch These Right Now-

Dororo as of Episode 17

While last season has been a lot stronger for me because the structure of the anime was more sound by being an episodic adventure series. Something that speaks largely to my heart and soul. That being said, this season has been making some huge thematic swings with a little bit looser of a story and I can’t deny that it’s been doing that for more gains then looses. Hyakkimaru’s and Dororo’s Journey has been something else and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the end.

This latest episode was probably my favorite from this season so far. Seeing how Hyakkimaru come back to the only person that cares about him, the person that gave him a method of living was interesting. You know, Jukai the craftsman. Jukai is still living a cursed life and him seemingly putting Hyakkimaru through hell just by giving him a way to get his life back was heart breaking at first. Still, the two coming to understand why Hyakkimaru was killing demons and seeing how Hyakkimaru cares about his partner meant a lot to Jukai as well. Man, what a powerful and familiar episode.

At the same time, seeing Hyakkimaru’s brother crushing all sense of emotion and just serving his duty to protect the land was pretty horrifying too. For the greater good is a horrible phrase and that is where Tahomaru is putting all his energy at the moment for better or worse. Him riding out on horses to kill Hyakkimaru was the sign of this show’s end game, so I hope the show just doesn’t grind to a halt.

Fruits Basket (2019) as of Episode 6

I don’t know what it is about this show, but Tohru’s life in this show is pretty touching. She’s an incredibly simple character to understand and maybe that is why it’s easy to understand what is going through so easily? Despite her simple and air headed nature, she is so much more complicated and thoughtful then she lets on. Add her to the Soma family situation that she found herself in and there are a lot of meaningful full moments. The art and animation in general are pretty nice in general too, so it’ s all good here.

Something was wrong with the visuals of this episode. Either it was out sourced or something because all the character felt off model to me and the animation was incredibly simple with a lot of still frames. I guess that’s alright for once though. All of it still bothered me through most of the episode though. I guess there is nothing that I can do about it.

The content in the episode was just ok itself I suppose. Just a little too fast. There was a school festival with Yuki dressing up as a girl so the show could sell onigiri and it seemed to be working because it got everyone’s attention. Also, more Soma’s showed up at the school festival to introduced themselves. Hatori the doctor of the family and the cut bunny boy, Momiji showed up to present their opinions to everyone. Not much to go on here. Also, Hana and Uo showed up at the Shoma house for a sleep over to see if Tohru is doing ok and they discover that Tohru is so they are happy. The only thing that felt like it had dramatic weight was Tohru meeting Akito next week because Hatori called Tohru threateningly. Not good stuff to come at all it seems.

-Then These Next-

Sarazanmai as of Episode 5

I feel like I am going to sound a little bit like a broken record here, but I think this stories themes and heart are way more interesting then it’s nicely animated stock footage and spectacle. The three main characters (Kuji, Enta, and Kazuki) are very solid and well down stuff. I know that the frame work of the story requires the otter cops and their mischeivious plans so the main characters can turn into kappa and solve whatever has been plaguing the city for five minutes or not. But when there is no interaction between hero and villain. The Otter policeman dance is shocking at first, but after seeing it again and again and again, it loses all of the impact that it had with it. Most of the show is fantastic and has a lot of symbolism in it, but the frame work that makes the show work is heavily flawed.

This episode starts with Kuji and Kazuki pulling off what they planned yesterday. Kuji effortlessly captures Sara’s manager, ties him up, and pulls his pants off for some reason? Yeah, ok. Not necessary, but sure. Sara on the other hand effortlessly escapes all of Kazuki’s capturing techniques because she’s a Kappa that just can’t be captured. I’m sure this will come into play later. The biggest thing that happened was Kazuki was outed for dressing as Sara when the real one showed up. Man, talk about horrifying.

I don’t care about the kappa sequence other then the fact that our heroes fail. They are stuck in the Kappa form which disconnects them from society, but this is the first time it’s happened so I guess we might learn about what some consequences of failure are in ths show? I suppose. The reveal of Kazuki being adopted and him being the reason why Haruka lost his legs. It’s very powerful stuff. Especially since Kazuki doesn’t know why Haruka doesn’t hate him. A lot of things to be thought about next time.

Demon Slayer as of Episode 6

Demon Slayer is a shonen anime with very minimal story telling and some nice animation and visuals. And you know what, I think that I like this approach to shonen anime so far. It’s so different and leaves so much more to the imagination then a lot of these sort of fighting anime do. I know that there are problems like it could be a little too minimal and cut important moments and interactions a little too short because some interactions aren’t as meaningful as they could be until the right moment shows up next episode for it all to make sense. So yeah, it’s a little more dead beat then usual but that’s ok. It’s still more then enjoyable and watchable.

This episode was the first part of Tanjiro’s and Nezuko’s mission in a mysterious town. A town where young girls are being captured by Demons. The first part of the episode was Tanjiro meeting up with someone who had his daughter stolen and then investigating through out the town just by scent. Then Tanjiro finds one after it took a daughter and was able to stop the act in the middle of the street. All of that is followed by an action scene of Tanjiro vs two demons with Tanjiro starting to lose then Nezuko pops out of the box at the last minute to save him. Looks like it’s going to go down hill from there.

JoJo Part 5 as of Episode 29

At this moment, I am still not sure where to place this series on my rankings here. The reason being that while the show is still entertaining and creative on the fights perspective, the story telling is still “go here, do this thing here”. Even after the twist about the boss has been brought up and the group found the face of the boss. Bruno and his group are always going somewhere because the plot demands it. At least there are strong reasons for doing that here. And yeah, still not sure about the reveal of the main villain either. Dopio is an interesting concept and works for what this show is going for, but it’s a little off putting.

Not sure what else to say about this episode in particular other then it being half exposition and half getting caught into yet another stand battle. After three different JoJo Parts, we finally understand where the arrow that gives people stands comes from and it’s as insane as you would expect it to be. Why? Because it comes from space. With that bit of knowledge thrown at Bruno and his group, they all head for the coliseum in Rome because that’s where they were told to go by the other party battling against the boss is.

When they go to Rome itself, they are first greeted by drunk old people trying to find somewhere to pee and then attacked by a very moldy stand. A stand that attacks you more when you go down in elevation instead of going up in elevation. So quite literally, the message here is to be brave and go forward. This new villains seem interesting, but their stand is pretty redundant from everything we’ve seen so far. So yeah, this episode wasn’t that exciting. Was a little too obvious.


Senryu Girl as of Episode 5

This anime is like low sugar junk food that is very digestible when you watch it. Also a little forgettable after you watched it and that’s just fine. For me, it works in context of having something not so emotional to watch on Fridays after watching heavier shows like Fruits Basket and JoJo. Nonoko and Seiji are incredibly adorable together and the cast is a lot of fun. That’s all I can say really.

There isn’t that much to say about this episode besides a large bunny eating it’s poop and the Nonoko’s supposed rebellious phase. You know, the phase that is in Nonoko’s father head for some reason despite the fact that all of that was from circumstances and stuff. That’s about it really. It all revolves itself pretty quickly.

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