Don’t Diss Fans Of The Original Work

Before I start, the inspiration for this post comes from a youtuber on twitter by the name of Roger Smith. He’s a not as well known youtuber that should be and who I wish posted more often then he does. This post will be my take on the point that he presented. The tweet that I am referencing specifically is about how he hopes people don’t dump on the original Fruits Basket because of the new one currently airing. A meaningful point and thread that needs to be spread far and wide. If we dismiss how things were back then completely, then what are we learning when we get something newer and flashier version of the same thing? Nothing. New things aren’t constructed from out of the blue. They are created from the lessons and ground work laid down by people before us.

The thread that started it all.

Starting with Fruit’s Basket

Reboots and remakes can happen for a lot of reasons. If Fruit’s Basket didn’t have a fanbase from eighteen years ago and the manga to feed upon when making a newer, nicer work, then I don’t think this newer adaptation would even exist. I could probably say the same thing for Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While I think the quality from original work to another is varying in quality, because I am not the biggest fan of the original Fruits Basket, it connected with a lot of people. If Fruit’s Basket didn’t emotionally connect with a lot of people, would it even still have an audience now? No. Same for everything else I listed in this paragraph. Part of it is because production studios want easy money by tapping an already existing audience, part of it is because the people behind the newer work care about how the story wants presented in the original and wants to approach it in a different and/or more accurate way. Both are valid.

The new anime is even created with the original author’s supervision, so it’s going the way she originally wanted it to go. To me, it seems that was a common thing in the late 90’s, early 2000’s because I remember the same sort of problem happened with the His and Her Circumstance’s adaptation. That doesn’t mean that you can yell at people who enjoyed the original Fruit’s Basket because it doesn’t have the author’s approval. That fact doesn’t invalidate how many people feel about the Fruit’s Basket anime. Feelings are feelings. Calling other people’s feelings invalid because of circumstances like this is wrong. That line of thinking should be not only be frowned upon, but discouraged. It doesn’t matter if one adaption is assumed better because the way it was produced, feelings aren’t based on facts. Please put the sledge hammer away and let’s talk about this with sensitivity.

A Motivated Creator

Moving away from Fruit’s Basket, there is also the fact that the creators of different works want to reciprocate how they felt about something when they were younger. All of this may be speculating because of how one current/recent work is similar to another, but everybody was influenced by something. Do I need to talk about Hideaki Anno and how he wanted to reference series and use similar character models from shows he liked watching in his own works? What about My Hero Academia which has been easily compared to Naruto from it’s similar character set ups and plots? In this situation, the works aren’t always remakes, but original recreations of what the person in question was influenced by.

I could easily talk about how I am pretty sure Evangelion was influenced by a lot of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s works and then how Evangelion influenced so many works that came out today in so many ways. Even if you don’t like the show’s from the creators that I mentioned, it still has a lot of affect on the creators that did like it. Thus we have the difference between opinion and influence. Opinions of a work are subjective, but influence is somewhere near the realm of objective. Should we have to say how Eva has influenced modern anime culture? I feel like that is obvious by now and it’s thanks or not thanks to the creators that watched that show for that way it was. Like it or not, it was influential and changed anime culture for the better and worse from it’s popularity. Very similar but different to how the original Fruit’s Basket anime was. Every piece of fiction influences somebody in some way, shape or form.

Even if the quality of a work that influenced tons of important people’s work isn’t that great in your opinion, I don’t think going around saying “what you are influenced by sucks” is super helpful to anyone. Then again, being a blatant jerk is almost never helpful. I can’t ask people to walk around the internet like they are stepping on egg shells either. Just don’t be a jerk. Watching something and not falling in love with something it like other people have is absolutely fine. I know there is a number of anime that came out recently that I just don’t like and yet have found an audience with a lot of people. That’s good. It’s how you approach the things that you don’t like that decide what kind of person you are and how people interact around you. And that is honestly all I have to say on the matter.

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  1. Granted, I haven’t seen either version of Fruits Basket, but I do remember other anime fans I knew liking the original series and the manga. I guess Hunter X Hunter was something that was my thing back then. I saw the original series, but was disappointed that not more people knew about that series more or less until the remake came out. Looks like I got hipster otaku points that way. Hahaha!

    People should calm down abut the originals vs remakes debate in terms of anime. At least they aren’t as copious about remakes like Hollywood, let’s be honest here. It is good that some series have been getting remakes or reboots with some creative consultation from the original creators.

    Good point about EVA being influenced by a lot of Tomino works in addition to other anime series. I do feel that some fans think it was fully original without any prior influences from what I’ve seen. Watching Tomino series makes it more obvious. Don’t get me wrong, EVA is NOT a ripoff and that’s not what I’m implying. Even though this is a different medium, I was bullied for liking a band called La Dispute because certain people thought they were a mewithoutYou clone (I like both bands, and I never thought it was the case). To be honest, I wanted to bash people for liking actual ripoffs in all media as revenge and to shame people, but I don’t know how constructive that would be (researching numerous plagiarism and art theft controversies hasn’t helped).

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    1. There is nothing wrong about being a otaku hipster as long as you aren’t grumpy about it.

      And yes. The remakes are made for money in anime too, but at least there are bigger reasons why they show up.

      Oh man, that sucks. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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      1. Sure thing. I know I made a joke about being an otaku hipster in my Kino’s Journey and Hunter X Hunter Jump Festa OVA reviews, but I obviously wasn’t talking down to newer or younger anime fans who didn’t check out the originals. I do admit that there have been things that made me jaded in my anime fandom such as the Paprika/Inception controversy (mainly because I saw Paprika not long after it first came out in America) or Nobuhiro Watsuki’s sex crimes since I used to really like the Kenshin series and he got way too soft of a punishment.

        Yeah, it’s definitely a case, too. At least I don’t feel like it’s complacency or making a cheap buck more often than not. Although, with all the Shonen Jump properties getting the remake treatment such as HXH, Jojo, and even Soul Hunter/Houshin Engi…why is there no Hikaru no Go remake? Seriously, that Hokuto Cup Arc needs to be animated, dangit! Hahaha!

        I’ve dealt with much harsher treatment before when it comes to bullying. It’s certainly annoying when those people don’t know any better, but bashing La Dispute is nothing compared to let’s say being racially profiled or having to prove to people that I’m competent in multiple subjects to destroy their doubt.

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      2. I thought I posted a reply, but I guess it didn’t show up. There have been times where I’ve made jokes about otaku hipster moments like my Kino’s Journey and my HXH Jump Festa OVA review.

        That’s true about anime, but I don’t see the complacency as much compared to Hollywood. At least I see more effort besides making a quick buck.

        Thanks. It annoys me because La Dispute shouldn’t be lumped in the rip-off box. Originality is something I really care about in what I like and what I create. It’s quite annoying, but I’ve dealt with worse like being racially profiled or being underestimated with my abilities.

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  2. Good post, I do agree that ppl shouldn’t dump on the original. They were a product of their time. I enjoyed sailor moon crystal, despite the first two seasons issues. I never finished the original due to limited licensing and exposure in the UK.

    I don’t think Roger Smith is small 😆. He has 4k subs on his yt channel and just over 1k following on twitter.

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  3. While I haven’t seen either version of Fruit’s Baskest, I completely agree with everything you said here. There is nothing wrong with liking the original or thinking the new version is worse or better than it. Just enjoy what you enjoy, there is no reason to shit on others for having different tastes.

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  4. I find myself going in the opposite direction. If the original is great, please don’t just reboot it. It is obvious you are just trying to make money off the fact that the original had fans. Nine times out of ten the spark is gone. I may be an outlier on this but I have no problem watching older anime if the animation was good for its time. If it was good on television 30 years ago, I’ll still find it good today.

    Most of the problem I have is when the conversion was done on the cheap and is crappy. That’s not the fault of the original anime

    OTOH, look at Kino. I think they did it right. Most of the new series was manga that hadn’t been made into episodes before. That makes it more of a “second season long delayed”. Even so, I think I enjoyed the original a bit more. Kino was never supposed to be bright and cheery. It is about finding the beauty in an ugly world.

    Even sequalizing something can fail. Look at the mess they made out of Star Wars. Four, five and six were a perfect trilogy. None of the other episodes came close. In fact, Rogue One was the best of the lot because it didn’t try to capitalize on the original characters.

    If you are taking the same plot and just rescripting and reanimating it, it is extremely unlikely that you will recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the first go-round.

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    1. I’m generally with you on this. Still, I think it’s worth trying some new things too. I really like the older version of Hunter x Hunter because I think the older art style fits the shows darker tone, but Madhouse put in a lot of effort with it’s newer adaptation despite it’s brighter color palette.

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  5. There probably will be no perfect version of anything. Someone will most likely find something to nitpick about it.

    I was mildly surprised to see a remake of Fruits Basket. I watched the original, and I liked it. I am curious as to how the new show will go. I am also expecting it to be much better than the original. Why? As you said, we should learn from our mistakes. Remakes are what they are – remakes – done to create the same thing again, with the hopes that the new version will be better than the old one.

    I also agree that it should also not be seen as a way to destroy the previous version.

    The old version is a foundation on which the new version was built. Without it, nothing would be standing now.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

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  6. I haven’t seen the original of Fruits Basket only cause I have read the manga before and I knew the change that was made, change that I do not agree with, but I will not go an look down on people who enjoyed it, same with people who enjoyed the 2003 FMA more than Brotherhood, like I do prefer Brotherhood, but I remember really enjoying the 2003 version, so I will not go and tell people they shouldn’t like it just cause I prefer the other, like a certain someone on twitter who each time someone refer to Full Metal Alchemist he feel the need to add “hope you are talking about brotherhood cause the other one is trash”.

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  7. I’ve not seen any of the original Fruits Basket yet, but I’d never have a go at someone who prefers that over the newer version. I’m one of the people who prefers the original Fullmetal Alchemist to Brotherhood, but I still see the large amount of good in Brotherhood and why people prefer it. Both series have different strengths and weaknesses and I get a lot of fun out of comparing them. Plus it means I get to watch more anime and that’s never a bad thing.

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  8. i feel the same way with the Fate series. the Studio Deen version is awful, but I still love it. I guess it’s a matter of growing up with the series. Personally, I never grew up with the original star wars and i don’t really like it, but I would gladly watch anything Star Wars related now. So, I kinda understand people that never saw/ has no plan to see the original, since they have a better version in front of them. Hating on the original is just a convenient and immature way of saying “why bother, we have a better thingy”, which is kinda frustrating for sure. I grew up with the original Fruits Basket, so I am ready to defend it to the death.
    new viewers won’t realize it though, but the very first seconds of the anime’s OP ( tohru staring at something while holding her laundry) is a callback to the old anime, a sort of wink and nudge for the people that loved the old series from the creator of the new one.

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    1. Yeah, I definitely think that growing up around certain things gives the a huge since of nostalgia around that makes you favor certain things over others. I mean, I grew up around the original series on vhs and seeing special editions at the movie theater. I feel the same way about the Dean Stay/Night.

      I had no idea about that part in the original series.

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