Top Five Non-Anime Films from 2019 So Far

I know that I am a very huge movie casual that only goes out to see mainly action and super hero stuff. Yeah, I am honestly surprised by how many movies I’ve watched from this year excluding anime and actually found a lot of enjoyment from them. Even movies from the DC Universe have been somewhat unique and actually pulled off what the film was trying to do. (I wasn’t a fan of Aquaman.) Before Godzilla: King of Monsters comes out next weekend, I wanted to let everyone know what I’ve liked so far. So yes, for once it’s an actual top list. I don’t ever do these, so be in shock (or say you are in the comments.)

And while I am in this space (ha),it’s crazy to think about how every movie that I want to see is mostly from the beginning part of this year. Other then these and Godzilla, I am only interested in Spiderman, The Elton John Film, and Star Wars Episode 9 to finish out this new trilogy. Hopefully it sticks the landing. I’m sure some others will pop out of the wood work maybe, but it’s highly unlikely at this point. But I really do like the movie theater experience, so the unknown is still there. Let’s get to that list, shall we?

I honestly don’t think there is a single bad movie on this list, but some affected me more then others. That’s the only criteria here. As it should be.

5) Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was an above average super hero origin film. I really like Brie Larson and while her performance was a little too soft for me, I really liked seeing her and Samuel L. Jackson together. Captain Marvel’s path to being herself was pretty solid. Also, all the space stuff is cool. At the same time, I think that this film was lacking in a lot of personal and visual prevalence until the last part third of the film.

4) Shazam

This film wasn’t only a super hero origin film, it was a film about a kid left behind by his parents trying to find a family. The villain being the victim of the worst family situations only drives that point home. There was that fun stuff with a kid suddenly looking like an adult and believable family drama to go along with some cool super hero stuff. Billy Batson is just a fantastically realized kid character and so is his adult form. I can’t help but really like this film. Honestly, this is probably the best thing that DC has put out recently.

3) How To Train Your Dragon 3

While I still think that How To Train Your Dragon 3 is the weakest film in this trilogy, there was still a lot of strong character moments and huge sense of finality behind it all that uplifted it. Hiccup and Toothless have always had great chemistry together, but seeing that all come to ahead when the two just can’t live with each other or have the rest of the dragons appear in their because of the endless threats to dragons. Seeing them say goodbye was just as powerful as seeing them say hello to each other. The main villain was rather awkward and sort of forced, but the themes he brought into the film were at least pretty interesting. Hiccup’s journey has been amazing and it’s sad seeing it come to an end.

2) Avenger’s: Endgame


Endgame is a major ending and transition point of 11 years and 22 MCU films. Not all the best quality films, but they were good enough to keep the whole thing going. All Endgame needed to be was a solid film to sell the end of the original Avengers. So what I am saying is that Endgame has a lot of weight and themes behind it that pushes it up more on the list considering that I think the film was pretty great and did what it needed to do.

Endgame is not a flawless movie. I would dare say that it’s pretty messy because it’s a three hour movie with each hour having their own sort of tone and three act structure. Also, the time travel stuff doesn’t make sense and the Thanos they are fighting isn’t the same Thanos that fought them in Infinity War, so he’s very emotionally distant from the cast. Still, the emotions are real. A lot of this film is focusing on who the first Avengers were back then and who they are now. Everyone has changed and it’s really sad to see all of their journeys come to an end. The guard has changed, now it’s time to see what the next plan is for these films.

1) Battle Angel Alita

Alita carries a very similar sort of baggage with it. There have been many live action adaptations of animated series over the years and it’s nice to see that there is hope. That good adaptations of things can exist. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this film itself and I think it’s rather clunky and had some horrible acting in it, but the pacing, the world building, the fun and bloody action, and the main characters themselves were more then good enough to carry the film. The worst part is that this film gave me hope that there could be other good adaptations and I need to watch out for them. Gah, curses.

So I cheated a little bit because I put Battle Angel Alita on this, but I don’t care. It’s still the most fun that I’ve had with a live action film in a while. (I’m not a John Wick film fan.) Well, at least this year. Last year had Mission Impossible: Fallout which was my favorite action film from last year. I guess I am a typical guy, aren’t I?

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  1. I look forward to seeing Endgame when it comes out on DVD. Three hours is too long for me to stomach, as I am not a fan of cinemas. Good to hear the Alita turned out well. One worry I have is that it apparently ends on a cliffhanger and there is no guarantee sequels will be made.

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    1. I didn’t see it as a cliffhanger… More of an epilogue/prologue kind of thing. Cliffhanger implies, to me, that the main action/plot of the film wasn’t complete – and that’s certainly not the case here.

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  2. I haven’t seen the How to Train Your Dragon series but I feel like I should. I seen the other movies in this list. My favorites would be Alita and Endgame. I like Shazam more than Captain Marvel.

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  3. Alita’s definitely a movie I still need to check out. The trailers looked like a lot of fun. As for the next film in theaters, I’m definitely looking forward to Godzilla a lot as well. It looks like the monsters are really going to appear a lot here and that’s what I’ve been waiting for!

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    1. Same for me. I like Kong Skull Island quite a bit and the 2014 Godzilla film was alright. I’m hoping for something like Skull Island when it comes to insanity though.

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