[May 2019 OWLS Tour] My Anime Collection is like My Story

Hello new and older readers a like. Welcome to another edition of my OWLS tour posts and the last post for OWLS in the month of May. You can find all the other OWLS post by linking on Lyn’s post from Wednesday and going backwards from there. Or you can look at this list of people who contributed to this anime tour here and find posts that way. There is no wrong answer for this. I just hope that I end this blog tour on an end note. I’m kind of nervous about this because everyone has been putting in some great work again this month and here I am just to show up with final note. Gah, everyone who ever posts for OWLS is amazing and this just proves it.

For those of you who haven’t heard of what OWLS is may be asking me and other people what that is. Well, that’s an easy question to answer. OWLS, also known as Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect, is a group of otaku bloggers who promote the acceptance of all individuals. There will be no judgement of people based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or disability here. All of this is about humanity for humanities sake and hopeful betterment. Each month, our members are given a topic to write about and each of us approaches that topic in our own way. If you want to know more, please click here to go to our OWLS Blog Page. Find us here and maybe you can join us! We are always looking for more people.

Our Month’s Topic

This month’s topic brought to you by our chief creative officer LynLyn is Happiness. In a more manner, it’s:
Happiness is subjective. We all have different definitions of what happiness means to us and we also feel happiness in varying degrees. This month we will be exploring several questions describing our happiness in our fandoms, communities, and hobbies. Why do we find enjoyment watching anime or reading manga? Why did we decide to join the anime or pop culture communities? Why do we blog about our hobbies or cosplay as our favorite characters? This topic is all about the passions we have for our interests and why they are important to us.

-Anime blogging community
-Massive otaku collections
-Fanfiction junkie

About Collecting Anything

As you can tell by the title of this post, I am using my anime collection as my source for happiness. The usual response to seeing an anime collection is “wow, that person is rich”. That’s usually wrong because almost nobody starts off by buying lots of things at once. A person usually starts with something that one can store in a shoe box and they expand from there. I’ve been working on my collection for about 14 years now because it started with the Gundam Wing collection I got from my late brother. Those thing are the vintage mid 2000’s Bandai Legendary collections and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Everything else came after through cheap box sets, pre order deals, conventions, and anime sales that appear now and then. That is how my collection has grown over the years and you can tell that by the number of older releases I have. I know that everything I have here is becoming more and more unmanageable at time goes on, but I love collecting anyway. I like having the capability to watch something when they are taken off streaming services. It means I can take my favorite series with me as long at their discs and players works and I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

Gundam Part Of Collection

So if you ever wondered how bad (or good) my Gundam obsession is, here is everything that I have so far. Yeah, look at it, that’s pretty nuts isn’t? And the worse/best part is that this isn’t even all of Gundam. It keeps going and I am probably destined to buy all of it at some point in the future.

Each selection here has their own story. Some are very boring and were just bought during online sales or conventions. I already told you about Gundam Wing right? Endless Waltz was bought at Anime Fest Wichita a few years back. A lot of other editions were also bought at conventions and I love every part of this Gundam collection that I’ve got here. Also, I want you all to give a luck at my Gundam Unicorn dvd sets. By looking at that, you can tell when Bandai stopped selling anime dvds and when Rightstuf/Nozomi took over Gundam distribution rights. I know there are Blu-rays that I can buy of Unicorn now, but these dvds are very high quality and I like keeping that bit of history.

The Rest of the Collection

Just like my Gundam collection, I think my latest purchases reflect how my buying habits and anime tastes have changed slightly. Yes, the appearance of Mecha, Science Fiction, and Cyberpunk stuff shouldn’t be shocking to everybody. That good stuff is going to consistently be there. At the same time, what I buy changes. I don’t mean focusing on one series and watching another. I mean who I buy from. Business models and companies going out of business changes quite a bit.

Back in the day I only used to buy from Funimation and Bandai because they had the best selection of anime for the cheapest prices. That’s not true anymore. Bandai stopped selling dvds which meant their selections eventually went to Nozomi and other places. And Funimation has been either seemingly over charging (maybe not in comparison to Japan, but blah) and I don’t buy from as often. Crest and Banner of the Stars was the latest thing I bought from them and for those releases being as minimal as possible, they cost like $60 for each set. That’s ridiculous. And don’t get me started on what they did to Dragon Ball Z. I think I’m going to have to write about that soon because it just pisses me off.

And without dealing with releases, what I aim for has changed too. Lately, I have been trying to get older series and anime movies that I haven’t been able to see in a theater because those are the shows that don’t usually appear on streaming services. Even then, I’ve been watching newer films on amazon prime because I don’t have enough room for their discs. It is a good feeling to catch up with everyone else though.

Me As A Collector

I may not be the most avid and largest anime collector out there, but I really being a collector. I like anime and I’m not a figure or poster collector, so buying anime discs is my way that I show my affection for anime. Especially since I can have these anime with me as long as these discs are OK and I have a working player and TV to connect everything to. What I am saying is that my love is ever lasting. I may not have watched everything in my collection yet, but I have a feeling that I am going to love them based on what I’ve seen of them. Not completely blind buys anymore. Just things that I can love and enjoy. This collection is very much the picture of who I am as a person. A lot like the books that I own on paper back and digitally.


    1. Yes and I need to rewatch Texhnolyze at some point. Probably to reanalyze my thoughts on it, because it’s been a while and I didn’t watch it under the best mental state.

      Astro Boy was pretty cheap and at Walmart of all places. How strange is that?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously, you should totally rewatch and review it. Don’t watch it if you’re depressed or angry much like Grave of the Fireflies although for slightly different reasons.

        WOW! I wouldn’t have expected that to be found there. It’s one thing if it’s the questionable American/Hong Kong CGI remake, but not the original!

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  1. You have a beautiful collection. I related a lot to what you said about your collection being your story. Most, if not all, of the things I’ve added to my anime and manga collection over the year were done so through a lot of struggle. I don’t have/make a lot of money at all, so each purchase is one I have to think about and it becomes that much more special to me. My collection took me about a decade to amass and I have a story for whatever is pulled off my shelf. As a collector, there is this sentimentality to my manga/anime collection that even my regular book library doesn’t have. Wonderful post. I loved reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s hard to be a collector when you already get the short end of the stick – for one, I don’t buy Blu-Rays, so the big companies’ decision to package BD/DVDs together or sell BD-only has only been trouble for me…that’s only the beginning of my troubles, considering I started collecting relatively late in the age of the DVD (2013) and I’m not one to purchase online (don’t want my personal details floating out there…).

    Well, I could keep complaining about why my collection is small, but won’t complain too much more – /because/ my collection is small, I can divert my time to streaming and raiding libraries for the shows I want. If not, I can divert that money to beefing up other aspects of my collection.

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    1. I don’t know why you say you started late, because there is no do date or date that you should have started set for this, right?

      Nothing wrong with a small collection. It just means you love those series the most. Especially when you have other sources to watch things as you said.


      1. As much as I hate to admit you would be right if the statement were referring to collections in general, I said “relatively late in the age of the DVD” since people are trying to either pair DVDs with BDs these days or phase out DVD-only sets. (Maybe my wording wad a bit vague.)

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