Jon’s Creator Showcase (May 2019 Edition)

Hello everyone and welcome the May 2019 Jon’s Showcase Event. You can find April’s Showcase here!

Encase you guys didn’t know, Jon’s Creator Showcase is something that happens every month where bloggers or youtubers created the month before the event takes place. It’s hosted by different bloggers each month.

Next month is Infinite Zenith’s turn and you can find his announcement post here .

Encase you wanted to know the history of Jon’s Creator’s Showcase, it was created by Jon at Jon Spencer Reviews at first and Raistlin came up with the idea for other bloggers to spread it around at time toes on.

With all of this talk about posts and such, let’s get into that shall we? I’m a little sad we didn’t get as much posts this time.

Anime/Manga Series Reviews

Yomu does a fantastic break down of Pastel Memories, an anime that I have never watched before, and why it does and doesn’t work. The concept does sound interesting despite it’s averageness, so maybe I should check it out in the future anyway.

I love Lynn’s review for the letter G. Perfectly captures everything about one of my favorite isekai anime. You know, if it is one. I have no disagreements here.

Jon takes a look at a show that has looked down upon by an anime on Netflix that has been looked down upon by a lot of people and looked at it’s strengths. I will admit that I stayed away from the show myself because of what people have said, but maybe I will check it out in the near future. Definitely on my to be watched list.

It does seem like stories about not being able to overcome and what life means are far from being short supply today. I want to eat your Pancreas is far from being an original story, but Infinite Zenith takes his time to share with us about how this story brings something unique to the table.

Animated Andy gives a fantastic and respectful review on what I would call a harem anime. Apparently a harem anime that goes a lot farther then it’s wackiness then a lot of others do and while this anime doesn’t sound like my thing, I enjoyed this reviewed a lot.

Nesha takes a look at one of Miyazaki’s first anime movies he’s ever produced and gives an awesome thorough look at it. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to do a better job then this.

Do you remember Gangsta? A manga that had a solid anime adaption to it? Apparently it had a fun spin off manga about Luca and Marco’s backstories. Mel does a fantastic job reviewing it. Sounds like it can be quite interesting. I always wondered more about these characters. The anime left some things vague.

Live Action Reviews

Joe talks about the failure of a live action adaptation that is Dragon Ball Evolution and how something so bad inspired the existence of more Dragon Ball Media. I honestly think that his theory is more then correct.

Media Critiques

After the mess called Game of Throne’s final season, Alex talks about how nothing in it was in his tastes and what he looks for in media that makes it more interesting and appealing to him. Honestly, I can do nothing but agree.

Aria gives a lot at the manga called Ne0;lation and how since the inception of death note, there has been a huge question on what the shonen jump protagonist actually means. A very fun and good analysis.

As the title says, tfwanime looks at five mal scores that they disagree with, talks about why mal scores don’t mean what many people think they mean or how people approach them wrong, and gives scores to the 5 series in question.

Examinations of Societal Concepts (Both of these posts win the most valuable post award from me.)

I love Mulan, don’t you? All the action, good character stuff, and the songs? Mulan is a story about a woman named Mulan challenging societies conventions and becoming a warrior. Here is an examination of one of the songs from this movie and how Lyn sees it go along with these themes.

Crimson takes a thorough examination of herself and tells us how she figured out who she truly is. It’s such an amazing post that I find very relatable.


Ah, some fiction. Makhail wrote a story about a Journalist named Joe who is actually seems to be a detective. He talks with a murderer/assaulter named George and gets George to stop his actions by blackmailing him. Very interesting approach with this material with some great suspense.


Emiko attacks my nerdy little heart by listing five songs she sings karaoke too. Man, I love all these songs and would love to here her sing one day. Also, she has a picture from Macross in this post, so that’s an automatic win for me.

(So that’s it for this little tour. I guess April wasn’t that productive of a month blog wise. Look forward to Infinite Zenith’s hosting of this tour next.)


  1. Did Jon Spencer promote the Showcase this month (in his own words)? I don’t seem to remember him doing so, which might be why you didn’t get so many…or maybe April is just a time where people start to slip when it comes to doing regular things. (Who knows, really.)

    Anyways, thanks for taking the May JCS spot even though you don’t normally host this sort of thing. (I noticed it was empty until you announced you’d do it a few months back, which is why I say that.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He did, but there weren’t that many responses for some reason. I guess I’m not the best at advertising either, but I did try to share my tweet about it as much as I could.


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