Me vs Doctor Who

If there is a one science fiction series that I have a complicated relationship with, it’s Doctor Who. To let you know, my preferred English science fiction series is definitely Red Dwarf. I love the cast, characters, and the comedy. It’s all just perfect in how it’s executed until maybe the last seasons. The most interesting part is that in a lot of ways, their premises are somewhat the same in some respect. A select few adventurers travel to different words and time periods on Earth to have adventures. The tone of what the story is and everything that each story is going for is different, but that is still the main idea between each series. I just have a lot of confused feelings towards Doctor Who because it’s never consistent.

What is the perfect Doctor Who experience like for me? The first season of the newer Doctor Who series with the Ninth Doctor. Yeah, I haven’t watched any of the older Doctor Who series and haven’t the pull to take me in that direction, because I usually do that with my favorite series. Doctor Who has never been there for me and my relationship with it can only grow slowly. It hasn’t been consistently entertaining or thoughtful enough to make me want to do anything special with it. Here is the oldest science fiction television franchise in the entire world with a lot of history and lore, and yet not much of the latest offerings have even tried to make me want to dig into it further. I do live as a contrarian most of the time and this is one of those times.

Before anyone says anything, yes I do have a major bias towards Star Trek and Star Trek is the second oldest and long running science fiction television series there is. They even have similar concepts with having episodic adventures with the same crew every week and such. I think it’s that I know there is a lot of good in Star Trek and how each show has a long lasting crew behind them that makes them strong in my mind. Even the later and questionable Star Trek series have developed characters that I find very interesting and can witness more of their journey. Doctor Who never had that chance with me, so this post is 100% biased. I don’t think that makes anything that I say invalid though. An opinion of a new comer is just as valid as a person who stuck around with something for a very long time. Remember that.

Everything between Eccelson to Jodie Whitaker didn’t match up to me in the same way for some reason. I am not going to say anything bad about David Tennant, because I think that’s physically impossible. He’s a fantastic actor that carried the doctor role without even trying. It’s just that some of the episodes I watched went a little too far in the time travel shenanigans direction or played around with things in ways that I didn’t like. The cast carried the show more then well enough for me to continue. When it comes to Matt Smith’s and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, I honestly hated their guts from the first episode onward. Matt Smith was too goofy, the time travel stuff didn’t make any sense, and he was the most important person in that universe for some reason when he should have just been a well educated traveler. Same with Peter, except his stories were darker. What happened to the Doctor just being a traveler or the point of view character to tell different sorts of stories each week? Apparently they were completely thrown out after Stephen Moffat took the controls. Each doctor’s actor was fine, it was probably the bad writing that ruined everything for me.

So what about Jodie Whitaker you may ask? It was closer to what I was looking for, even if her first season was more above average then anything else. I loved her performance as the Doctor and the human stories presented in each of her episodes. Her companions aren’t the most interesting people in the world, but they each had some trauma they were trying to resolve which made them feel believable. Each episode gave them the chance to interact with more episodic cast members that could help these companions in some way. Them meeting and talking fleshed those characters out at the same time, so it’s a good way to go about things. Jodie Whitaker herself was wonderful by being the perfect balance of being believable human while also having this alien quality to her that you could never put a finger on. The problems were the stories. Each episode played it a little too safe because their stories were a little too grounded for something that is science fiction/time travel/both. I feel like next season is going to be a little bigger, with more impactful stories. At least I hope so. At worst, it will be the same so it will at least be watchable.

So what did you learn about me today? That I’m incredibly picky about how I want my science fiction. I like science fiction stories, but adding time travel is always tricky for me. So there is my issues with Doctor Who in one sentence. The Ninth Doctor’s season was that perfect match or goldilocks feel of good time travel, character drama, out there stories, and such that just caught me in the right way. I still think about that season now. I am a science fiction fan, but I will never call myself a Doctor Who fan since I am not in love with it as some people are. Hmmm, maybe I should share some time travel tv shows that I do like. Perhaps next time, perhaps not. Do you guys have any clues in what it might be? I have a feeling this one is going to be a little more then obscure.

(The Godzilla: King of Monsters Review is Delayed by a week. I was planning on reviewing it for next week, but I didn’t see it this weekend. I will definitely try to see it next weekend, though.)

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  1. Don’t feel bad about it. I was never really into Doctor Who either. I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. There are ways that I’m similar to you like being a fan of certain genres or aesthetics, but I’m not into the most popular offerings all the time. For example, I like history, but I can’t stand the History Channel or most academic historians. I am an animation fan, but I utterly abhor most things related to Disney and Dreamworks. I like independent music, but I don’t like most of the things that Pitchfork or Vice hype up.

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    1. Yes, definitely with you on a lot of things. YouTube is probably the best place to watch anything history related things there days. Also, it takes a lot for me to go out and see animated films recently. I do have to support things like Spiderverse and Zootopia when they appear, but after that it’s a completely different story most of the time. I also have the problem of constantly being a follower of live action tv shows that are doomed to fail because nobody likes anything unique or challenging these days or only do when it’s mainly focused on mainstream stuff.

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      1. Is that so? Thanks. That’s true about YouTube when I’m not reading books. Granted, you still have to vet your sources, but there are legit videos on there. Same here. It’s no wonder I have a huge biased towards Japanese animation compared to Western animation. The only Western animated thing that got a 10/10 from me was the Spanish film Wrinkles. I have the same problem with American live action TV. So much of it is formulaic and no one is even trying when it comes to storytelling and characterization in that medium.

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  2. We all have our favorite doctors. 😀

    Does that mean you are not a fan? Probably not a hard-core fan, as you said, but your appreciation of ear-boy doctor Eccleston is well noted.

    I like the Matt Smith doctor, as well as the Capaldi doctor, and as you said, the faults probably lie more with the writers than with the actors.

    I once saw a video of an old doctor (was it the second one) who was said to have been criticized for being a terrible version of doctor who, read a Matt Smith doctor script. It was that long-winded one at Stonehenge. It was brilliant.

    I have not watched much of the current doctor who series episodes, but I do intend to watch them soonest. Your post was probably a hint that I should take. I should get back to watching Doctor Who.

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      1. I watched a few episodes (until the giant spiders) and it sort of fell from my radar while I was waiting for new episodes.

        Like I said, your post reminded me that I need to catch up. 😀

        Yeah, ear boy – you know how his doctor was obsessed with his giant ears. hahahaha…

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  3. I’m a massive Doctor Who fan, but then the show caught me early in my childhood. When I was a kid there was this channel that repeated classic episodes of Doctor Who as an omnibus every Saturday and Sunday morning. (this was during the wilderness years between the cancellation and the 2005 revival). It played stories out of order and you hardly ever had the same Doctor one day after another, but I was completely captivated. Just the idea that you can go anywhere, anywhen and all the variety of adventures you can go on.
    I suppose the thing I love most now about the show is that each era has its own feel to it, Doctor Who is a constantly changing, evolving creation and if I don’t like a direction the story is going in, usually I can just wait a bit and it’ll change into something else (though there’s normally at least a couple of stories I love from each era).
    I would suggest looking up some of the best of each era, see if there’s something more to your taste, but then Classic Who is a really different viewing experience and you’ve got to be able to look past some really dodgy effects.
    But if not, that’s fine. I’m also a big Red Dwarf fan, have you seen any of the newer series they produced?

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      1. I do recommend classic Who, there’s some great stories, as well as some terrible ones, so I suppose Doctor Who hasn’t changed all that much across the years. Classic Who is a completely different viewing experience to New Who though so just be prepared for that if you ever do get a chance to watch any.


  4. Dr. Who is pretty cool. Been watching it since the mid 80s and caught up on most of the episodes all the way back to William Hartnell (B&W, 1963). For me, the best of the lot was Tom Baker. He’s not a nice guy. If anything he reminds me a bit of House. No patience for self-delusion, lies or incompetence and not an overload of empathy.

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