Scott and Karandi Discuss Attack on Titan: Part 1

Karandi and I have been trying to do a collab with each other for a long time, but it wasn’t able to happen until recently. Join us as we discuss our feelings on Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 and how we feel about Attack on Titan in general. Karandi will be in red/bold for this post and I will be blue and unbolded.

Hey Scott, guess what? We finally actually got around to collaborating. We’ve only been talking about it forever. And I’m really excited that we’re going to be discussing Attack on Titan particularly after the last couple of episodes.

I know, how weird is that? I feel like we are always busy around the same time for some reason. Sometimes, it feels like fate has been against this from happening. And oh man, we have some eventful things to talk about when it comes to this show.

But the important thing is we finally did get here.

As to Attack on Titan, I don’t even know where to start. I mean it has been a really long road to get to where we are right now in the series. Maybe people who read the manga haven’t felt that it has been as drawn out but as an anime only viewer I’ve had to go back and rewatch previous seasons just to remind myself of who some of the less obvious characters even are. How about you?

Well, I haven’t looked at all the previous seasons in a while, but my memory seems to be strong enough to at least remember most of went down. I was surprised when Marco got a moment to shine because we haven’t seen him in forever.

That actually took me by surprise. I had a moment of ‘Marco who?’ and then it clicked.

Yes, definitely the same along with Annie. I used to complain about this show’s characters be unmemorable, but maybe this is proof that isn’t as true as it used to be.

I’d agree with that. I remember after season one, even though I owned the discs and had watched it more than once, I still couldn’t remember Sasha’s name. She was legitimately just ‘Potato Girl’ in my head. It wasn’t until that episode in season two where she fought the titan without her gear that I really felt enough of a connection with her character to remember her name (that was season two, right?).

It was and that episode was probably the best one in season two. There are still some characters that I feel like aren’t there yet though, but I really like a lot of the people in this show. A lot of these cast members have great chemistry with each other. Of course, that means that the unknowns are probably going to die faster.

Yeah, speaking of the death of characters, that last episode left us with a few concerns. I’m still wondering if Erwin actually is dead given he looked severely wounded but we haven’t seen him again since he got blown off his horse. For all we know he’s just slowly bleeding to death in the field waiting for Levi to come pick him up.

Knowing how much of a strategist Erwin seems to be, that’s probably the case. Then we have Armin who is a little more well done, unfortunately. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be using jokes like that….

No, that made me genuinely laugh (okay, my sense of humour has proven to be broken on multiple occasions, but I found it funny). Poor Armin. But he did really lay it on thick before hand so I was just kind of waiting for it to happen. Then again, even strongly suspecting he was about to die I don’t think I was ready for how brutal that was. What about you?

I feel the same way. He’s come so far from just hiding behind Eren all the time and this arc really has given him some moments to shine. Even if it was a little thicker then it should probably be, I felt so sad seeing that happen to him. Dang it show, how could you?

It really did throw me right back to that first episode. The absolute inhuman cruelty on display. I remember getting the exact same feeling as I watched that titan bite into Eren’s mother. It’s been a long time since Attack on Titan managed to give me a moment where I felt it that strongly but they succeeded with this one. Then they went and showed us what was left of him. Was that to convince us he was definitely dead or do you think they are setting something else up?

I have some strange suspicions that it might be setting something else up. Levi mentioned having a syringe of titan juice before this incident happened last episode, so maybe using it on someone is going to happen sometime in the future. Then again, it’s really hard to tell what this show is trying to do because it’s been keeping us unevenly keeled lately.

When in doubt, I always assume Attack on Titan will take the path that will hurt the most. I did think about the syringe but then looking at Armin’s body it kind of seemed like he’d be too far gone for that to help. As we don’t know what state Erwin’s in I’m not sure if that’s an option and none of the other scouts that we know the name of are in a dire enough state to need it.

I think your rule for Attack on Titan is probably the only way the watcher can survive viewing this show. And yeah, you might be right about Armin’s body and how the syringe turns someone into a Titan. I guess there is a possibility that no one will get it and we will have the worst end of this arc. Dang, that’s going to happen now isn’t it?

At least Hange isn’t dead from the explosion. That’s one bit of good news even if she looks like she was just caught up in a massive explosion. I wonder if any of the other scouts with her survived or did she just have plot armour because she was a known character.

That’s a fantastic question. I guess that important moment taking down Reiner didn’t give enough time for the other scouts to be given some screen time. Dang, there is a lot of characters in limbo right now isn’t there?

Absolutely and while I’m not attached to most of them part of me wants to know because they’ve pretty much wiped out the scouts as a fighting force after that last charge and while a lot of those scouts were new recruits and not that great, you can hardly fight all the titans with just Levi.

The insanely high mortality rate doesn’t help with any of this either. I guess the word is going to come back that humanity won this battle by a little bit, so I hope that helps with future recruitment a little bit. Still, I’m wondering how many people are out there for them to join this conflict? Maybe that’s thinking a little too far, but it’s something that’s been on my mind recently.

Yes, given the entire human race (apparently) is inside the walls. Though that makes me wonder about the world of Attack on Titan and whether or not there are other cities on other continents not effected or even cities elsewhere on this continent. I mean, it would be kind of depressing to think all of humanity was reduced to one tiny little settlement and then they lost a large chunk of that.

So true. Attack on Titan has been focusing on that little patch of humanity stuck in the walls for so long that we know as much as the characters do about what is outside the walls. I’m hoping that there are other civilizations out there. Would make this show go in some interesting directions maybe. Depends on what that outside country is like if they exist.

People who’ve read the manga are probably just laughing at our speculations at this point.

Oh, I wouldn’t even be surprised. That’s ok, we will hopefully find out in our own time.

Please click here for Part 2 of this Collab a couple hours from now. The fun more then continues from this point onward.


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