Continuum: Humanizing the Terminator

Since my Doctor Who piece was surprisingly a humongous hit for my blog, I wanted to talk in some small part about my favorite time travel series. It’s name is Continuum as you can tell from the title. Honestly, the two series couldn’t be farther from each other. Doctor Who revolves around traveling from one point in time and space per episode then exploring what that world is like and solving problems with a motley crew in 45 minutes. Continuum is a mostly one stop time travel series where characters travel to the past in order to change the future. So Terminator with some more relevant issues. Though Continuum has some even more complex situations later on because people traveling to the past is never easy and that’s not even what everyone wants to do. There is so many things going on in this show that I can’t help but find it so fascinating.

As you can guess, this television series takes place during the present. Continuum’s future is horrible and it’s worries me that the United States is headed in that direction that has been laid out here. Everything in the future is ruled under one nation whose governing body is called the Corporate Congress. As you would expect, corporations and franchises with the largest names control everything in it with an iron first. Probably should have been given the name “Corporate Dictatorship or Oligarchy” instead, but I guess that wouldn’t be subtle enough. No singular person is allowed to own media, including paper back books, outside of their control or else the traitors are thrown into jail. This is the future that terrorists are traveling back to past to change and the future our “terminator”, Kiera Cameron, wants to stay the same.

Kiera, the time device, and the future!

To talk a little about this post’s title, humanizing a terminator like character isn’t an original concept at all. We could talk about how Terminator itself started this process with Terminator 2 and went further in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles where the Terminator was Summer Glau and she and John Connor fall in love. Ultron in Age of Ultron was characterized by being similar to one of his builders, Tony Stark. Even lately, Villanelle in Killing Eve is a bisexual murder person who decides she wants to have more fun with her killing now instead of having it just being a job. It’s a popular trope that I’m happy and not happy to see at the same time. I wish they would stop having more and more entries to the Terminator franchise. They haven’t been good in a long time.

Kiera could be called a terminator because she traveled to the past to stop terrorists from changing it, but she’s only invincible because of the future armor she wears. Outside of that, she is a normal person that has a future she wants to go back too. She’s a mother and all she wants is the best for her child. If the timeline changes, her son just disappears and that’s horrifying thing for a parent to think about. Finding an answer that settles all problems of saving the future and her son are still there. It’s just not simple at all. I guess we wouldn’t have a show if that wasn’t the case.

Future Tech Glows!

There are so many moving parts in this show at all times. Hunting down terrorist is just the starting point. There are a large amount of tiny things that could change the time line besides them. The problem of terrorist deciding to “screw this” and form an instant get rich technology company in their free present time period is one of them. Why is that a problem? Introducing future technology changes everything. Finding the right leader for the supposed terrorist group is another issue because there is a future where society is barely existent due to nuclear fall out.

The first season is a very simple story that could be easily comparable to cop dramas on network tv with some sci fi tools on the side. Then each following season ramps up all the stakes in way you would and wouldn’t expect. The formula of Continuum is contually changed by adding more characters to care about and more time line problems. After setting some great ground work, everything is just let loose. I’m almost surprised this show lands as well as it did during the last season. It’s not as hard to follow as one would think because everything is always grounded by something. Continuum is a very well written show.

That gritty crime show look.

So would I say my favorite time travel is perfect? Oh no, far from it. A lot of the special effects are maybe average for a science fiction television series, so not much talk about there. I guess a lot of resources and talent in the background were saved because there isn’t a space ship in sight that needs to be focused on. Also, The acting was average to good. Keira’s actor’s most visible role was the Orion Girl that appeared in Lt. Uhura’s room in the first reboot Star Trek film. Then again, I haven’t been paying that much attention to western media that much recent, so take that comment like a grain of salt. Still, I think the writing and the concepts of this tv show easily outweigh everything else. Continuum is better then the sum of all it’s parts is all I’m saying.

If this series sounds interesting to you, it’s on Netflix. I’ve even saw it on there recently. That’s it, I’m done.

So this is my first entry into my “this is a somewhat obscure thing that exists” series. Yeah, that title is still under progress and needs some work shopping. Anyway, I said I wanted to highlight some series and things that need more attention. Believe me when I say that I have other tv series and some books to talk about still. Next week will be different, because I want to talk about the new Godzilla film. I just saw it a couple days ago after all.

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