Weekly Seasonal Watches: 6/17/19

A lot of decent plot reveals and crazy things this week. I also feel a lot better about some anime then I did last week as well. Amazing how one episode can change everything. Almost like these seasonal things could change over time and doing this doesn’t add much to the experience. Mmm, nah.

Dororo Episode 22

A lot of powerful stuff happened in this episode because this one is another set up. That isn’t a complaint, because there is nothing wrong with building more and more personal stakes and that’s what happened. Everything in this episode was focused on Hyakkimaru even if he barely had a minute or two of screen time in this episode itself. Also, the endless battles between Daigo’s territory and Asakura are still in effect as well. Dororo was captured last episode and allowed to escaped by Hyakkimaru’s mother Nui. With Dororo and Nui both escaping from Daigo’s lands, we see how difficult of a situation Hyakkimaru has created and also how the homeless people of this war are trying to their best to just survive in abandoned towns. It’s a lot to process and is very meaningful in itself. Also, should mention that Dororo finds a little, white orphan pony that represents him/herself. A pony that could survive without it’s mother. How could it be somone else?

The other powerful side of this episode was centered Tahoromaru and his two bodyguards. Remember last week how both his bodyguards last an arm? Well, they are still recovering this week. And it’s horrible this week since the female body guard is also suffering from a disease. After a little bit of time hopping, she wants to sacrifice herself for Tahoromaru’s success, but the demon shrine will only accept Hyakkimaru’s body. Of course, this results in the two body guards gaining Hyakkimaru’s arms and Tahoromaru gaining both of Hyakkimaru’s eyes. All things that Hyakkimaru cut away himself. That’s kind of horrible, don’t you think? Hyakkimaru, who caused destruction through Daigo’s land up to this point, and meets up with the three again and sees that they have his limbs. I guess it’s time for round three and the results of this fight are going to stick.

Sarazanmai Episode 10

This episode was dedicated to saving Enta and the Ottercop’s problems? And you know what, I get it. I feel like I understand what the show was going for with them. Mabu and Reo (Leo) had tons of tragedy centered on them from being brain washed away from their Kappa nature to working for the enemy. You know, that whole Otter and Kappa war that was quickly commented on in episode 6 in a sentence or two. Well, here is the pay off. Both Reo and Mabu trying their best to stay with their partner by sacrificing something important to them. The Kappa transformation sequence was there and felt less formulaic since that hasn’t been seen in this show in a while. I’m sad about their fates. They both died and that was just horrifying. So yeah, this show completely got me with them. Finally. Good job, show!

The otter/kappa cop drama took up the main focus of this episode and was solid, but the Enta death drama and otter doing evil things for everyone was just as meaningful. Maybe even more so considering that we’ve these have been the focus characters for the majority of the show. Kazuku finally achieving his gaining of all five wish plates was held up drama considering that Toi showed up last minute with a good to get them for his deceased brother. So the trio is still alive but separated from each other emotionally due to what just took place AND the otter’s evil instrumentality plot. I guess we will hopefully see all the boys somehow join together in the end for some combat. Then again, this Sarazanmai and who knows what kind of ending this show goes for. As for right now, I think this is better then Yuri Kuma Arashi for me and I liked that one a lot.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 34

Wow, I wasn’t expecting a fun episode in the middle of all of this darkness. I kind of liked it though and I wish we just had more fun like this. After the turn of events and wild stand from last episode, everyone woke up in a different body then there own. Giorno, the smart one and Narancia, the dumb one traded bodies, which was fine. Then Mista and Trish traded places and all we can got was humiliation for both of them. Mist apparently smells really bad and Trish wears underwear more for over compensation of her assets then comfort. The biggest surprise was Polneroff taking the form of the turtle, his stand that went wild after being hit the arrow, and finding the arrow and stopping the stand was the only way to make all of this stop. I wish all this light heartedness could continue for a while, but it’s not going to is it?

Senryu Girl Episode 11

Just a fun episode with Eiji, Nanako, and their class president at the festival at night. A lot of fun and cute scenes with Eiji and Nanako then the class president as the third wheel. I think the last part of this episode, where Nanako was taken by her classmates to see the fireworks and Eiji tried his best to find her. Especially more impactful since Eiji found Nanako from the ring he gave her. Awww, that’s just extra adorable.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 11

Gah, Fruits Basket just keeps barrowing into my soul and it always does that way too easily. It doesn’t even have to try anymore. Gah. Just Gah. But besides that fact, this episode is absolutely solid. It centers itself on White Day, the day that guys give gifts back to girls for valentine’s day chocolate. Tohru did alright on her exams thanks to Yuki tutoring her, but she wasn’t able to pay for her school trip fee because she made all the chocolates she gave out herself and I suppose that would be expensive, wouldn’t it? Momiji was there for this episode and his tale of a dumb girl who gave people everything without thinking about it was a little too on the nose for Tohru, but I love that he thought that girl in the tale was so brave and kind. People look down on kindness too much I think.

And speaking of Momoji, he invited Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki to a Soma family water spring for White Day. So the crew hung out there and just relaxed. Everyone had a great scene together, though the most important one was between Yuki and Tohru. Apparently Yuki is able to laugh, who knew? Also, Yuki gave Tohru a ribbon and it was just a beautifully romantic scene. All while Momoji and Kyo had no idea what is going on. Just so much feelings in this episode. I just feel it all. Once again, I think it’s because Fruits Basket is just honest with itself and what it’s presenting. It’s more powerful when the feelings are pure instead of carrying cynicism with it.

Demon Slayer Episode 11

I loved this episode a lot. I loved Tanjiro’s interactions with the bumbling loser Zenitsu, I love the fact that Tanjiro can talk to Zenitsu’s sparrow, and I just think that the two of them just bounce off each other extremely well. Hmmm, I’m also starting to think that the birds and Nezuko are the best characters in this show so far. Especially the loud harrowing crow that yells at people. I’m still not over how funny that is to me. I wonder how Tanjiro’s smell and Zenitsu’s awesome hearing will balance each other in the end.

This episode’s mystery was fun as well. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say fun. It was intriguing. It started with two siblings cowering outside the mansion hoping to find their brother and now each of the siblings are lost in the mansion with one of the demon slayers. That sounds like a classic horror movie set up to me. Especially since the mansion is a puzzle box and keeps changing rooms around randomly. What fascinates me the most is the fact that the demons in the mansion are completely ignoring these two groups of slayers and siblings. Some much to read here.

A massive complaint is do bones break differently in this world then in ours? By all rights, Tanjiro shouldn’t be walking right now and yet he’s walked a decent amount with this Zenitsu guy and that guy didn’t even notice. I wish they just left that comment about Tanjiro’s bone being broken alone because that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 8

Following the stinger from last week, we get the explanation stuff. This week’s focus is all about Grisha, Eren’s father’s backstory. We learn that the Eldian people are victims of hatred from 1,700 years ago. During that time period, the Eldian people used their titan forms to attack and destroy the people from Marley. After the opposing country was able to control the seven main Titans out of nine, so the Eldians have lived in Ghetto systems ever since. Since Grisha and his sister escaped the gate to see the airship, they were either completely beaten up from that event or, like Grisha’s sister, were killed. Mistreated just because they were Eldians that have a horrible backstory.

The rest of the episode is Grisha starting a movement with his friends against the tyranny they were facing. An underground movement to find the founding titan for the Eldian kind to face justice. They even raised their son Zeke to know what the good and evil things about the world are while telling him to go with the Marley’s education so he could be the spy for the Eldian resistance. Of course, that doesn’t work, Zeke sells his parents and friends out, and we see how titans make it their in the first place. The titan area that we’ve known for so long is just an island that the Marley people exile the Eldians too by turning some into titans and some not into titans. I think the most horrifying thing was that Zeke’s mother was turned into the titan that ate Eren’s mother. That’s horrible. Gah, I can’t think of any words about that.

So the biggest thing here, in the end, is that Grisha was let go into the world without any titans to torture him and is the guiding light for some change. I hope the territory we know, because we know who the leader is and everything, would understand all this knowledge and work to free their comrades in the ghettos. I hope so, but something tells me nothing is going to solved that way. It’s an anime thing after all with a lot more complicated things going on.

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  1. Knowing that you make Titans by injecting spinal fluid from another Titan is really important. Knowing that the technology for flying machines and tanks existed is really important too. Knowing that something is possible is the hardest part of actually doing it.

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