“Space is the Place” Blog Tour Announcement (All Reservations Closed)

First thing I would like to declare is that this is far from an original idea. Anitubers are releasing an space anthology thing this coming weekend. You can find that announcement here. Also, this blog tour’s title is copied from something. What is it from you may ask? Well….

Yes, I do constantly go back to my roots for some things. I can’t help it. Besides, it’s not a copyrighted qoute so I can use it too.

But anyway, I would like to have a tour focused on space and anime if anyone is interested. As DerekL pointed out in a tweet, the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. That date is July 20th and I’m aiming for starting the week after. So, the 22nd of July.

I know that some people are already interested in this (looking at you Irina and Will Sirius), but would anyone else be interested? Would a month be enough time? Please comment down below. I would like to create a twitter chat this weekend to get it started.

Why a blog tour? For the love and fun of it. I love space, anime with space, and so on. Do I need a larger reason then that?

For rules, I am going to keep this one as simple as possible. I try not to be too much of a stickler for rules to allow people to be as creative as possible.

Posts just need to be about anime and space. It can be as simple as characters looking up to the stars to guidance to the sailor stars to whatever space anime that you can think of. Trigun is another good example here because it doesn’t take place in space at all, but spaceships still effect the plot quite a bit. I guess it works for price of smiles too now that I think about it.

Even shorter:

Space just needs to be apart of an anime that you want to write about somehow. How you write your post is completely up to you.

Please let me know if you are interested. The more the merrier and the more stops the better. Hoping to make this tour intergalacticly fun. (Edit: apparently I didn’t make this word to. Thanks to Aria for pointing this out.)


  1. I’m certainly interested. At first I spent a while pondering what space anime I’ve seen. Then I remembered that Godzilla had an anime trilogy and it was set in space, at least for a time. I have made the system my own! Anyways I’m definitely interested in this.

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  2. I’m not sure if I can pull this one off… I’m terribly in writing these more interesting posts xD But, count me in! (Just need to go and look up some good Anime where has Space in it lolol)

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  3. I’m not a big “I can talk about space Anime confidently” guy, so I won’t put myself forward for this (as much as it’d be cool to take part).

    That being said, I look forward to seeing what comes out of this blog tour!

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  4. I believe the word is “intergalactically”, so you haven’t made a word up there. Plus, I only really learnt of the phrase “space is the place” through a Cruchyroll News article, so I had no idea it was from Toonami (or maybe even before that).

    Anyways, I’d be up for it – haven’t decided what I’ll write about yet, but depending on how fast I go with rewatching (haven’t started rewatching yet, but I plan to soon), it might be Planet With or Tsuritama.

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  5. I’ve never written a critical post about space and anime (at least not yet!), but I would totally be interested. I can already think of one or two shows for this. So, sign me up! šŸ™‚

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    1. Oh yeah, definitely. I would be interested in Bodacious Space Pirates myself, because I haven’t found the time to watch that one yet and would be interested in what it’s about.

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  6. Oh fantastic, I’m glad you decided to go through with it. I’d be interested in taking part if I’m not too late, it sounds like lots of fun.

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    1. :D. Excellent.

      The cut off is by this weekend so that you are in.

      I’m working on some documents to make the whole thing easier right now and I will release my full plan this weekend.

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