Weekly Seasonal Watches 6/24/19

I suppose I don’t have much to say here. I feel like each series should explain itself I think. Mostly because there there is tons and tons of exposition and story building so a lot of things are explained. Yay jokes? Probably not.

Dororo Episode 23

I know that Dororo was never the must subtle thing in the universe because it’s blatant allegory for something. I’m a little upset that the themes were brought up through straight dialogue though. I’ll talk about that next paragraph. Most of the episode is the dramatic piece of action between brothers, because Tahoromaru’s sidekicks were eliminated early. So Hyakkimaru now has his arms in pursuit of his eyes currently held onto Tahoromaru’s face. It’s brilliant action with a lot of cool imagery, variety of settings and such. It’s a death battle plain and simple and someone needs to put a stop to it whiling the entire country is falling apart due to warfare. So that’s all the cool stuff and me loving it to death.

On the other hand, there is Dororo, Nui, the priest, and all the random villagers discussing all the particulars of the situation and how wrong both sides are. It’s pretty obvious that this is where the messages of this anime. The peace in Daigo’s lands was a cheap peace and prosperity bought through cheap measures and contracts. On the other end, Hyakkimaru’s been working hard to get his body back. Yes, thank you for explaining this to us, anime. It does feel a little more genuine because it comes from the dialogue of stupid villagers who don’t know anything, but I was still a little irritated by it. Still, the touching moment of Dororo realizing that they can take the place of Hyakkimaru’s body was still pretty powerful. It was a solid episode, but a little more blatant then what I would have wanted.

Sarazanmai Episode 11 (Finale)

As far as finale’s go, this one was pretty solid. It heavily stuck a lot of the emotional stuff that has been built up since episode 6. The thought pattern of Toi losing himself and disconnecting himself his friends and society itself, but Kazuki and Enta jumping into that pool of memory forgetfulness and not letting go of their friend was powerful stuff. The Kappa transformation was incredibly warranted here too because their fight against the otter had to be fought. Do you know what I really liked during that battle tough? Reo and Mabu coming out in some form into the battle and wishing the three onto their victory. Yeah, I did complain about them before, but that one singular moment made them completely worth it. The reveal of Keppi and Sara’s true forms of prince and princess was pretty cool too.

There was a lot of repeated imagery presented itself in the first half of this episode, but it makes sense in the context of what was happening because their memories were continually being erased. The theme of connecting how connecting with people is meaningful, even if they make you hurt sometimes, because some people are worth hurting for, is powerful and very much alive in this episode. I also really like how this episode ended happily with the three meeting together after Toi’s short imprisonment. Gah, this ending just feels so good.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 35

After last week’s fun episode, JoJo jumps back into the damp darkness this episode. The retrieval of the stand making arrow feels so horrible and traumatic now that people with stands who even reach towards the arrow have their own stands attacking them. At the same time, no one knows where the Diavolo, the main villain, is because of the body switching thing. A lot of unknown mysteries that nobody knows how to deal with, which causes some horrible things to happen. The biggest one being the death of Narancia. Damn. Just Damn, that came completely out of nowhere and that’s the point. In this sea of unknowns, it’s absolutely terrifying. I’m still in shock because a death that sudden never has happened in JoJo’s before.

At least the group has discovered a way to handle the arrow. Polernoff in turtle form is no longer stand user, because his is currently going berserk, so he is holding the arrow in his mouth. All while what is left of the group has to fight the berserk stand AND Diavolo at the same time. How will JoJo handle this without everyone being killed off? I guess we will find out.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 12

This episode opened up with another school year in progress. Two solidly important events happened. The first being Hatsuhara and Momiji making their school appearance was the first one. The two immediately felt some heavy scrutiny. Why? Because Momiji is wearing a female school uniform and Hatsuhara’s hair is unnatural colors. So basically, the school president is judging these people who are ruining the monotony and/or feeling about how everyone is supposed to look. You know, according to him. I’m glad that dark Hatsuhara showed up and defended himself and Momiji from this scrutiny because that was absolutely necessary and wonderful. Also kind of awkward with how Hatsuhara showed that his hair was natural. Umm, dang. That’s all I got to say on that.

Then the second part happened, which was Tohru and Akito meeting finally. Yeah, talk about as hard and dark of a meeting as one can be. It started off pretty nice, though Akito was probably only playing. When Yuki showed up, damn the drama went all over the place. Akito is a little too possessive here and I am glad that Tohru pushed Akito away from Yuki. Here is the central conflict of the show. Let’s see how it continues from here.

Senryu Girl Episode 12 (finale)

Dang, where did this amazing finale episode come from? It was amazingly powerful and adorable. Yes, it was just focused on how Nanko and Eiji met. It’s still a lot more powerful then you would expect it to be. Eiji and Nanako meeting at a public Senryu club then Nanako searching for Eiji forever until they finally meet together. Be still my heart. Just amazing and beautiful. Way to stop on the best episode, show.

Demon Slayer Episode 13

I can’t speak much for Demon Slayer’s pacing, because that aspect seems to be generally all over the place. Let’s admit it, Demon Slayer likes going somewhere and staying there until it goes to another place. Still, I have to admit that I love a lot of this show’s ideas. The unique demons, the unique shonen story telling, the strange abilities, and the even stranger characters are the main draw of this show to me and episode 13 had all of that. I guess you can say that this is my favorite episode so far, even if nothing has been resolved today. I mean, it was an in between episode of this story arc. Demon Slayer at it’s strongest.

Five major events happened in this episode. The most important one in my eye is that I want to focus on how Zenitsu got so scared that he passed out, instantly killed a demon Rurouni Kenshin style, and then thanked the boy who was there for killing the demon because he forgot about it. I think just saying that defends his character a lot so I am not going to say anything. No, I don’t take criticism. Another character event out of order that I consider important, Muzen showed up to degrade a demon on how they were failing. How busy is this guy? Does he keep track of all the demons he’s changed to do his bidding? I have so many questions.

Then the other important parts were more focused on pig head guy and Tanjiro. The fact that Pig Headed guy was tossed aside by Tanjiro a fair distance away and then interested in fighting Tanjiro instead of fighting the demon in question makes me curious about them. Of course, that didn’t last very long because this mansion is nuts and rooms keeps changing and spinning. Pig Guy’s Beast abilities were pretty cool when he did fight a demon though. Maybe Tanjiro has a frenemy now? Also, I’m glad that some answers were solved about Tanjiro’s injuries. That he’s been faking it this entire time and his master’s ointment heals wounds faster. Maybe I need to learn to be patient with this show or just admit that it’s writing isn’t the best? Possibly the later more then the former.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 9

After the craziest battle scenes and the backstory of Eren’s father Grisha detailing the horrible persecution, today’s episode was more exposition and backstory then a huge meeting with all of Attack on Titan’s leaders to see what comes next. The exposition we got in Grisha’s backstory was how the founding titans die every 13 years and they need to pass off their ability to someone else or else it gets transmitted to someone else completely random. The goal is to finding these titans now and hopefully stop the invasion. Grisha getting another family and transmitting his titan genes to the next person makes complete sense now.

And returning from background exposition land, we see how the perfect in question are affected by the information. Plus some fun times with Hange having fun with Eren and Mikasa stuck in prison, Levi having a joking moment allowing them to escape their sentence early, and Mikasa with bed head still? A lot of fun to unpack here plus strange to see that Levi actually has a sense of humor. Then we have the governing meeting and Historia possibly having titan powers through the letter Ymir sent her. It seems like the push towards Eldian freedom against the entire world is going to happen soon. I hope so at least.


  1. Fruits Basket has been a wild ride of an array of emotions. Each episode I’m laughing as much as I’m tearing up. But I love it. It’s easily my top three fave shōjo serials–manga and anime.

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