Weekly Seasonal Watches 7/1/19

This week is just a finale to a lot of shows that aired during the spring with a short transition to what shows are airing this summer. Usually there is a week of not much content happening before the next jump, but that didn’t happen. Some shows just lasted longer then I expected. That’s alright considering that I liked the, but I like that usual week break. That’s usually when I speed through older shows that I haven’t quite finished yet so I can start fresh with those as well. Oh well, at least there is plenty of good shows that I look forward to watching coming out in the summer.

Dororo Episode 24 (Finale)

I don’t think that I can spell out perfect of a finale this episode was from a story level and a thematic level. It’s really easy to describe as well too, which is what makes it even more perfect. Tahoromaru and Hyakkimaru fight for a while in a lot cool locations and awesome looking action scenes until they realize that they are very similar to each other and that they shouldn’t be fighting. Hyakkimaru finally gets his eyes back, because Tahoromaru wanted Hyakkimaru to get his eyes back, not anything else. The ending involving of Tahoromaru, Nui (their mom), and Hyakkimaru’s mother figure fully understanding their mistakes and allowing themselves to die for Hyakkimaru’s hard life with Hyakkimaru and Dororo escaping out the other way made a lot of sense.

The bigger part of Hyakkimaru discovering his humanity once again, not killing Daigo when he has a chance to and telling Daigo to be human instead, and Dororo starting a better civilization to answer to how she (yeah, I’m going to use she now considering then ending) and others lived was wonderful and built up since the entire series’ run. All questions have been answered and there is nothing to do now but bask in the story that has been presented to us. This really is my favorite show for 2019 so far. Let’s see what the second half of this has for me.

JoJo Part 5 Episode 36

I’m kind of amused that the end of the world is centered on a game of Werewolf, which is a game based on finding who has the evil boss’ personality inside of there because the boss killed Narancia last episode, and a game of keep away with the rogue stand that has the alien arrow from outer space with it. The arrow that is causing all life in the world to change for one reason or another. Yeah, that’s is what happens and it sounds nuts because it is, but I can’t help but find this entire episode enthralling. I’ve enjoyed part 5 a lot, but this is the most I’ve been invested in what’s going on for a while. Yeah, it’s all sorts of kiddy games going on in a larger context, yet it’s so fitting here.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 13

Following the drama from last episode with Tohru meeting up with Akito and that dramatic sequence where Akito oppressed his power over Yuki, Yuki’s brother Ayame shows up to comfort his brother. Unfortunately, nothing turns out as well as everyone hoped. Ayame is a snake that turns into a sname when its cold and he makes his appearance by finding his way up Tohru’s dress. Another thing that ticks off Yuki even more because they don’t have have a good relationship with each other. We also learn how completely horny the guy is with everyone and how he and Yuki have had a fractured relationship with each other. The episode ends with some progress made between the two, but only a microscopic amount. Still, that was an absolutely wonderful watch. Very strong and powerful.

Demon Slayer Episode 13

While there was a thing or two that I liked about this episode, I can’t help but admit that I hated this episode a lot. Hate isn’t a word that I use lightly, but I think that this singular episode warrants it. Why? I’ll talk about that next paragraph. First, I would like to at least point out some positives. One thing, this episode looked and moved absolutely stunningly like usual. Another thing, Zenitsu protected Nezuko with his life when Warthog guy tried to killed her while she was in the box. I always liked Zenitsu, but seeing that solidified him in the like category for me. He’s a great and heart warming guy I think. Invisible cat was great too. Lastly, Tanjiro complementing the demon that he killed on his art skills. Tanjiro is just a good, soft boy.

Ok, now to the main reason why this episode ticked me. The execution was absolutely horrible. Episode 12 ended with Tanjiro knowing how he was going to attack the demon he’s fighting. Then it turned out the entire first half of this episode was Tanjiro trying to find his footing again and then doing what he said and killing the demon in question. It’s like, what was the point of that? It’s so awkward and it seemed like there was zero thought to this episode at all. Same with what happened when Tanjiro finally made it outside? Did we need an entire flashback on why that situation was happening with Zenitsu protecting the box from warthog guy? NO. NO WE DIDN’T. WHY COULDN’T YOU RESOVE THIS ARC, SHOW? Is there a reason why the pacing suddenly starting hitting mud? Is there a reason why we suddenly got all the flash backs forever? Is there a reason why the arc couldn’t be finished this episode? I really hope so, because I couldn’t be more pissed off then I am now.

Attack on Titan S3 P2 Episode 10 (Finale)

I know that I already posted a final thoughts on Season 3 Part 2, but I feel like I missed some things when writing it. For example, I missed the main theme of this particular season of “circular hate and it’s effects”. Maybe I was thrown off a little by the imagery holocaust imagery in question, because I needed to refocus myself in order to get that all in my head. Especially since they were blatantly talking about this theme for the past three episodes. Everything this season brought that point home like the “humans” and titans killing each other off in the battle during the first part and backstory characters are talking about “we need to stop this cycle”. That’s not all that happened in this particular episode, but I wanted to bring this up regardless.

The biggest point of contention for me in this episode was the new scout member that survived the incident, the red headed Floche. Why are red headed characters in general always the most annoying ones? He just had to rile everyone up before the funeral/medal event. He did have some good points, but his own hatred infested self was uncomfortable. I guess that’s the point of his character though. No matter what happens, no one is going to be completely happy with the decisions that were made. It is a fact of life. So after that, the handing out of the medals by Historia went off without a hitch mostly.

Then the biggest event of this part happened, the scouts finally seeing the sea. It took how long to get this far? Damn. The scouts just enjoying it was so much fun to see. Then you see the cycle of hatred continuing. Eren looking out to sea and talking about how enemies are on the otherside of it. I can’t blame him for this because that’s the thought process he was raised with, but it doesn’t spell a lot of good tidings for the continued events of the season. A lot of hatred and killing are going to continue until a truce is reached. Maybe that wont happen following his season. Still, I am pretty excited about what happens with season 4 when this all ends. I’m hoping humanity will learn to understand each other, but maybe that isn’t the ending this story will get to. Either way, something meaningful will come from this.


  1. That ending for Dororo just felt so poetic to me on many levels. I actually binged episodes 16 through 24 in one sitting. I was only planning on watching a few and then going to bed, but that series completely suckered me back into it. If there’s a season 2, I look forward to it, but I also wonder how it will contribute to the narrative overall as everything felt really rounded out to me with the finale.

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  2. I agree Demon Slayer episode 13 execution and narrative felt… off. It didn’t make me angry this time though. I got suuuuper pissed off with the execution of episode 3, personally. Now that I’m over that, I’m trying to be very patient with this show. Because when it has good moments, they really shine.

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