Space Anime Blog Tour: Count Down To Launch

Hey everyone? Did you forget about the Space Anime Blog Tour I was inviting people in joining a while ago? Maybe? Yes? No? Well encase you have, it’s going to happen.

I’m so surprised by the amount of people that I found interested in taking part in this blog tour. There is enough bloggers involved with this tour that it will last a little more then two weeks. So much more response then I thought and I almost felt like delaying my like August Project, Anno August, for a least a week. That’s not happening though. Still, I am so thankful for everyone involved with this tour. If you are reading this post, thank you from all my heart and soul.

Now, let’s talk details. subject matters going from talking about specific anime series to how movies influenced anime. I’m not going to get into other details of this tour until Next Sunday. That’s when I will reveal who is apart of this tour, what day they are posting, and so on and so forth. Until then, stay cool everyone.

Countdown to Launch Space Anime Tour Launch Post: T Minus 7 Days


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