Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2019 Week 2

I just wanted to tell you all that I tried watching Given, but it just wasn’t for me. Plenty of good material there, but it seemed a little too simple and boiler plate of a BL series for me to watch it out of intrigue. Also, frustrated at Vinland Saga not having an episode this week. All the sad because It’s such a wonderful thing. Maybe don’t have a premiere with three episodes in the future?

Astra Lost in Space Episode 2

This week, the team lands on their first stop, Vilavurus, and scavenges for twenty days worth of food. There is some fun exploration in a completely alien sort of environment, and character drama. Oh man am I loving the completely alien environments in this anime. The creatures and plants are very well thought out. Of course. Quitterie, the focused character on this episode, is still a spoiled sport and doesn’t join on her group’s fun. She also finds it hard to relate to anyone, including her adoptive sister, because of her parentless and rich background. What I’m saying is that she is a spoiled sport. With Kanata, shonen boy, saving her adoptive sister and her saving Kanata, helped her to find her avenue of team work again. What a wonderful episode that gave even the unfocused characters some great sense of personality.

Two mysteries to talk about though. The orb that sent this crew to outer space in the first place appeared. It stopped chasing them at some point, but it seemed read to send them into another portion of empty space. Then there is the fact that some of the equipment from the communicator was broken. Someone doesn’t want to communicate with their home planet for some reason. I have suspicions on who the anime was trying to make us think it was, but it has to be somebody else. It’s too obvious otherwise.

Fruits Basket Episode 15

I know that Fruits Basket has so far been full of set up episodes and everything, but I can’t help but feel that this episode was just filler. It was a recap episode without being a recap episode. Why? Because I don’t feel like anything was accomplished really. A lot of things that were mentioned previously were just reaffirmed. Two friend groups went on vacation with each other again. Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame had their friend time together to recap over their emotions again, Shigure’s assistant was still her concerned self, and Hatori’s emotions over her lost love with felt again. On the other side, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru just went to the lake and not much has changed really. Just characters establishing how they hate the other with Tohru in the middle. You can call me out on this if you think I’m wrong, but you can skip this episode and not miss anything important.

O Maidens in their Savage Season

I should have expected this show going into even more realistic topics when talking about the sexual awakening of teenagers. Not just females, but males have found their horniness as well. Sugawara wasn’t able to get a horny male away from her, so she had to use a script written from her theater days and Kazusa’s assistance to get him away from here. I’ve seen this happening in real life before and it’s insanely creepy. Ugh .

On the other end, Kazusa discovering her own love for her neighboring boy Izume while Izume not feeling love for anyone was rather interesting in itself. It seems like Everyone is having their own issues and emotions with exploring their sexuality in this series and it’s pretty interesting. I’ve never thought that I would be interested in a show like this or writing about it in some. I wish I had more to say about it other then “this is fascinating and I’m sorry.” Maybe next time.

Granbelm Episode 2

Ah here it is, all the character that was missing from the premiere episode alongside with the lore of this series finally hitting me. Mangetsu being average in everything and wanting to somehow tell people “I am here and I can do something special” really speaks to me. An excellent purpose to become the sole mage in the Granbelm robot fighting games. Even if she isn’t attached to any mage family, her finding out that she can control magic while being naturally gifted is pretty exciting. I think the best part of this Granbelm game is that it’s not a death game perse, unless that happens outside of the game. You just lose the chance to fight for the role of mage and that’s completely interesting to me.

Fire Force Episode 2

With the introduction of Arthur as another newbie alongside Shinra, this week’s episode was a two parter. (Of course King Arthur would appear in this anime somehow. It’s still very Soul Eater.) The first one showed off Maki’s character by showing how strong her abilities and how trained she is while defeating Shinra and Arthur in combat. Along side that, she also showed that she likes making cute fire beings which is so much fun. On the other side, we have Captain Obi’s focus episode. We learn how he carries himself through his training and how he refuses to allow Fire Fighters in his unit to show off their weapons in public. Why? Because they are not only fire fighters for fighting against combusted demons, but also have to care about the families involved with the conflict. What a touching guy. Hi respect, sir.

While this episode wasn’t as visually explosive, I real like the direction behind each scene. Yes, there was an awesome fight sequence, but that’s not all there is here. There wasn’t just normal flat shots during still frames, but shots with a lot of personality and mood behind the that give off the emotions of dispair and goofiness behind them. It’s quite exilerating really.

Doctor Stone Episode 2

After a two minute recap for some reason, I can’t help but admit that this episode was just kind of…eh. Under attack by lions, Senku and Taiju awaken Shishio to fight them off. Shishio, a guy that is insanely strong, can beat up lions with his bear hands. Now that he is here, he hunts for the group which leads to them having no shortage of food. At the same time, he asks Senku about maybe not waking up adults because of their inherent greediness. Yeah, I don’t know what to say there really. Plus some science about using Calcium Carbonate to help group crops and such. Yeah, I know this show is in it’s early stages and people are being assigned roles, but I can’t but just be bored by it. I’m just not that thrilled by it at all.

Demon Slayer Episode 15

Ok, I get the comedy thing now. I didn’t mind the dumb comedy last episode, but the insistent chasing each other in circles comedy that happened in the beginning of this episode made me so angry. It’s such a waste of time. I’m kind of glad that we didn’t get to see Tanjiro explaining Nezuko’s situation to Zenitsu because I would expect that would have been completely and horrifyingly bad. Also, I wish there was a little more explanation for the Wisteria house and how fast our Demon Slayers took to heal then an unspecified amount of time. This show isn’t that great at passing time, is it? Or medicine in general. Those last two are nitpicks, but I still feel that they are worth mentioning on some level. All in all though, the first little bit kind of frustrated me a bit.

All of that is made up for in the second portion in this episode. The mystery of why Demon Hunters went into the woods and tried to kill each other is quite interesting. Sure, the answer of Spider threads using the demon slayers as puppets was a little obvious to me, but the execution was so cool and so interesting to watch. Along with that, Inosuke and Tanjiro working together in a stressful moment was great as well. Especially with the use of each other’s powers. I’m interested in seeing more of this arc in the future. So, still a winner and a beautiful episode in general. Just going to score it a little lower to arc set ups because of that beginning portion I wasn’t a fan of.

Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files Episode 2

This episode was a rather simple one, except for the magic explanation of how studying the planets is connected to necromancy, but whatever. I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Killers locked in a setting is always intriguing despite it’s simple preimise, but I think a little bit of magical goes a long way as well. Especially when the answer is that the master who died in the house was doing necromancy and was killing people for his own selfish gains of acquiring immortality. Also, seeing Gray show her abilities finally along with her face and hair (uncanningly Saber like) was great as well. There is a complex, Fate like backstory waiting to us to understand it and I am sure her backstory will be interesting and frustrating.


  1. Well, Cactus Matt made me curious for Fire Force, so I’m going to see if I can watch that one soon😊 Other than that, seeing I’m way behind with anime, I think I will start watching seasonal anime again next season😊

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  2. I kind of liked Dr Stone this week as we introduce conflict between the few awake humans. That said, I’m not as in to it as some viewers seem to be and while I’m enjoying the show so far it won’t be topping my list for the season unless it really does something interesting with these characters. As for Demon Slayer, it just continues to be on a fast downward slide from something I was genuinely enjoying to something I’m kind of tolerating and hoping it gets better again. I’m with you on Fruits Basket this week. It felt very much like a skippable episode.
    I am really enjoying Astra Lost in Space though. It has so far been a really pleasant surprise. There’s a couple of other anime this season that have really made me interested early on and I guess I’ll see how the season progresses.

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    1. I have a thing with characters that I just don’t like them to be definited by only one trait because it limits then and Doctor Stone has done that from the start. Maybe Shishio will be the start of some sort of change in formula, but I have some doubts.

      And yeah, I’ve been on and off on Demon Slayer for a while. I didn’t mind last episode because it made me feel something, but can’t say the same for the comedy from this latest one.

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  3. Thanks for the recap. I’m not that familiar with most of the series. I looked up Dr. Stone and found out it’s from one of the co-creators of Eyeshield 21 of all people which surprised me. That was one series I watched some of the anime (TV series and the Jump Festa OVA) and read some of the manga.

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