Eva Dub Talk and 5 Shows That I Would Rather Not Be Redubbed (Unranked)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is just going to always cause controversy, isn’t it? It’s very being has just caused it ever since episode 25 and 26 in it’s original run and it just won’t stop because it can’t stop. End of Evangelion and the rebuild films continued this tradition, so why wouldn’t the re-release of the original Netflix be any different? What happens when the fourth rebuild film comes out or even something bigger and newer later on? I was expecting a lot of newer fans to be upset about this anime’s very existence, but seeing older anime fans complain about the release instead was kind of shocking. Not completely unpredictable, but shocking. My Twitter feed was completely insufferable to get through until I muted a lot of EVA related words?

So what was the controversy about this point? About how literal the new dub was compared to the original dub they’ve watched before along with the changed voice actors AND some subtitle changes around episode 23 featuring Kaworu that hurt some meaning behind his words. Fair enough about that last part. The former though? That’s just pure nostalgia talking. Maybe that’s just my lack of nostalgia talking because I have absolutely no attachment to the older dub at all. When I was originally watching the series, I just watched it to watch it without thinking about how I was watching it. In fact, I constantly flipped back and forth between the sub and dub for no reason at all. For me, this dub is fine. How strange is that?

After thinking about Evangelion and it’s new dub for a little bit, I began thinking about dubs in general. Mostly about whether or not there were dubs from my early days of my anime watching career that I like a lot and wouldn’t change. The first answer that immediately came to my head was no. If people changed and/or redubbed something from my younger days to newer audiences, then that was no business of mine to judge because my bias would be too strong. After that, I thought of how Netflix is going to have a live action adaptation of something I love and how I was going to be disappointed with the casting choices no matter what. Also, there is the fact that I still watch shows on Toonami where I can still appreciate the dubs of my youth. That first answer wasn’t correct, was it? No, no it’s not.

I would never go the offensive or attack people who changed the dubs that I am nostalgic for, but there would be a small hole in my heart from them being changed. Or at least sink my heart. Here is the dubs that would forever cause that pain in me if all of this was bound to happen. If anything, that means I will have to get used to the new dub. That’s it.

->(Once again, this list is completely unranked) <-

Dragon Ball Z

DBZ Energy Blasts and Power Ups

With all the posts that I’ve made about super and how I watch the dub because I prefer the dub cast, I don’t think that anyone would be shocked by this. While some lines of dialogue were changed in the dub for Z that appeared on Toonami to make Goku more heroic then he actually is, I really like the dub cast. The actors feel like they fit the character’s voices perfectly. That could be nostalgia talking, but they are all irreplacable. I worry about the day that Dragon Ball goes on for so long that the dub actors need to be changed.


With the appearance of Trigun: Badlands Rumble, you can say that this happened already to some degree. Johnny Yong Bosch was the only original member of the dub cast to return to his original role because I don’t think that the others are voice acting anymore. How sad is that? The new dub cast were decent I suppose, but they didn’t have the sort of personality and charm that the original cast members had. Once again, that’s probably nostalgia talking. Still, I can’t help but admit but say that Trigun’s dub is so underrated. No seriously, it is. Maybe not at the level of Bebop, but it’s still more then solid.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop’s dub is the quintessential anime dub. Everything about it is as perfect as a dub can get. From the dub voices, to how they all are great actors, to how the actors balance the goofy AND serious nature of the show and characters themselves, there is not a single error in this dub. This isn’t nostalgia talking, it’s fact. Literal fact. That’s it, done.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This is another case where this sort of happened with Ghost in the Shell: Arise’s dub. Mary Elizabeth McGlyn did appear in some form in a sort of handing off jester to the new major’s voice actor. Once again, the new dub cast was fine and maybe warranted more because the characters are younger then their stand alone complex selves, but I still greatly miss the old cast because Stand Alone Complex’s dub was a cast of all stars whose power levels are hard to match. It feels like the late 90’s to early 2000’s had the best dubs. That was before some of these actors got to big, they split up to their own corners of the dubbing sphere.


Another dub that is almost flawless in it’s execution. All the voices match the characters in question, are able to portray the mood of the show and how the characters feel consistently through the show, and the accents. I love the sub version too, but the show takes place around New York so those are absolutely pivotal to making this dub sound authentic as it does.

I keep thinking about other dubs that I think are great from way back then and while there are others that I am nostalgic for, I don’t think they hit me as strong. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I’ve watched both the sub and dub versions of some of the shows in question and don’t have a definitive “this is my so and so character” thing? Yeah, that must be it. There is no other explanation probably.

So what about all of you? Do you have any dubs that you couldn’t live without?


  1. I didn’t even know they redubbed EVA. Granted, I didn’t see it on Netflix, so this is news to me.

    I definitely agree with Cowboy Bebop and how it should never be redubbed. Even the creators liked the dub better than their own Japanese VAs. Thank about THAT for a minute.

    Some anime series that no one should ever redub would be (even though it’s going to be predictable if people know about my tastes in anime).

    Yugo the Negotiator
    Haibane Renmei (Okay, I like both versions of the voice acting)
    Sailor Victory (there’s bias because there’s 3 Shinesman dub VAs and the voice director worked on that other OVA)

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    1. Well, Eva appeared a few weeks ago so I’m kind of shocked that you haven’t seen it on there.

      Oh,I need to hear those dubs then. I know Haibane Renmei and Gankotsuou’s dubs are pretty great.

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      1. I haven’t had time to stream anything on Netflix recently, so that’s why I didn’t check out Eva again.

        I’m glad you know about the dubs from those shows. The now defunct Geneon USA actually put effort in a bunch of their dubs. Trigun would also be a part of that list if you think about it. The other dubs are great and Shinesman’s dub is way funnier than the original Japanese version for the right reasons.

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  2. I dunno, I never really paid that much attention to dub acting, even though I only watch dubs. However, it is an interesting read and interesting conversation to have. I don’t remember noticing a big difference between Trigun and the movie, but i was never a big Trigun fan.

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  3. I’m with you on Dragonball Z and Cowboy Bebop.

    I can’t think of any other dubs that I’m particularly beholden to, maybe Fullmetal Alchemist, Psychopass and Devil is a Part-Timer, but that could just be because I’ve only ever listened to the dubbed versions of those shows (and I really love those shows), but other than that I can normally get used to new voices after an episode or two.

    The only times I can remember struggling where with the Food Wars dub, because I wasn’t that fond of the way the VA chose to perform Erina, and the Cardcaptors Sakura Clear Card dub, but that one is only because my brain kept screaming ‘these are not the voices of my childhood!’. I adjusted eventually, it just took a few more episodes than normal.

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  4. I love the Stand Alone Complex dub so much that it even retroactively spoiled the original movie’s dub for me. Mimi Woods is perfectly fine in the film, but she ain’t no McGlynn. The only other show where I have so much attachment to the dub cast that I can’t even consider the idea of replacements is Haruhi.

    “It feels like the late 90’s to early 2000’s had the best dubs.”

    Wow, that’s a bold statement. I mean there were some classic dubs from back then, but some of the most godawfully horrendous dubs I’ve ever heard came out in that era too. Maybe it’s fair to say the highs were higher and the lows were lower, since the anime dubbing industry was still in its infancy and standards were looser. I mean I’m not aware of any recent dubs in this simuldubbing era that seem destined for Bebop levels of esteem, but I haven’t heard any dub in years that was anywhere near as bad as the worst of the 90s either.

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    1. Your statement is probably much more correct, but today’s dubs are good and very safe. At least from what I’ve listened to. Maybe there are stand out actors, but still.


      1. Yeah, I do think the baseline production standards tend to be higher overall these days. The old dubs occasionally had some rank amateurs who really had no business being behind a mic, like there were literally stories of ADR directors who’d fill minor parts by bringing in their next door neighbor or even the building’s janitor to read a line or two. I don’t think that sort of thing happens anymore. OTOH, for various reasons (cost, oversight) there was probably more willingness to experiment back then too. I don’t think you’d ever see something like the Ghost Stories dub getting made nowadays, for instance.

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  5. Tough question to answer for me, as the last few years I have only watched anime in the original language. The only dub that I thought was better than the original was way back when I started watching anime: Orguss 02. It was a six part OVA series, that I had watched in English. Year’s later I came across the original version and I was shocked. Even the music in the original wasn’t very good (and was apparantly replaced in the dubbed version😊
    Other than that though…can’t really say. Sorry 😅😅

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  6. Still haven’t watched the Netflix release, but even so I think most of the controversy was blown out of proportion. I prefer subtitles that incorporate more of the context, of course, but as long as I’m listening, I know enough to pick up on (auditory) context with subs that are too literal. So I think I’d be perfectly ok with watching the new subtitles.

    I never saw the old dub of NGE and I don’t really plan to, because I’m so attached to the Japanese voices and the images of the characters that those give me. So I don’t really care if there’s a new dub or not lol. Anyway thank you for this post and your thoughts. : )

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      1. Well, I have *some* self-confidence; since I miss sooo much visually, in life and in media, the least I can do to make up for it is become more attuned to words and tones of voice. But also, Google is my best friend if there’s a word or phrase that confuses me or seems out of place. xD

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  7. Like anything else, I think the way you see it originally is the way you end up feeling it should be. When I watch something in Japanese originally, no matter how good the dub is I usually end up feeling it isn’t right. When I’ve watched the dub first, I’m usually fine with it.
    The new Evangelion dub bothered me in the way some characters were voiced, but I realised that if I hadn’t had years of nostalgia attached to their original performance the new voices wouldn’t bother me. So ultimately if they re-dub stuff I think I’ll just watch the original version if I have it available or just get over it.
    Still, I think I’d probably be a bit put out if Soul Eater got redubbed. I really like the English dub of that for some reason.

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    1. I think that ends up being true a lot of the time. You could also extend that observation to different versions of favorite songs (studio vs. live vs. remix vs. cover), different cuts of movies (theatrical vs. extended edition vs. “George Lucas remaster,” etc.), and obviously different versions of subtitles (or different translations, on the manga side). As fans, once we’ve imprinted on a certain version of something that we like, we don’t want it to change – change is jarring and takes us out of our comfort zone, so our first instinctive reaction is almost always to dislike the other version and treat it as “wrong” or “bad” compared to our preferred one.

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  8. You give some good examples, especially Bebop. I think the fact that a lot of us (at least the older ones like me) grew up watching the dub on Adult Swim made a difference. It was my second “serious” anime after Eva, which I watched subbed in awful quality video that I got online.

    One anime series that’s made a lot better by its dub is Ghost Stories. The story goes that the original series was pretty dull and a complete flop in Japan, so the English-language voice actors chosen to work on the dub decided to rewrite most of the scenes to include a lot of bizarre and offensive jokes and even change some characters completely while still working within the framework of the plot. I still don’t know how they got away with it, but both the sub and dub versions are on Crunchyroll, and they provide two completely different experiences.

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    1. Well, Ghost Stories didn’t sell will in Japan, so the studio have the major anime distributor to do whatever they wanted with it from a voice acting perspective. That’s about it really.

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  9. If at all possible I think it’s best to keep the original dub when re-releasing an old show, People who like a series generally want to experience the same version they enjoyed years ago. All that said, I’m not too fussed about dubs. In the past I would defend dubs, but these days I tend to stick to subs. I got tired about US companies changing content with the dub version and the news has revealed that some English voice actors aren’t the nicest people.

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  10. Yu-Gi-Oh GX is definitely the big one for me. The dub script definitely had a little fun with the dialogue so it wasn’t exactly a 1-1 with the sub, but it was handled brilliantly. The new ost and the character voices just really sell every part of this series. GX wouldn’t be the same with a re-dub

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  11. Mary Elizabeth’s performance in GitS really is a timeless one. After meeting her in person, she’s not only best Major, but one of the only ones capable of taking on the maturity, sincerity, and coolness of SAC’s legendary lead. Glad to see the series on such a list as this!

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