Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2019 Week 3

No comments on the previous week because there was just too many horrible things to count. The Kyoto Animation arson incident was the worst thing could have ever happened to anyone. So many people were killed and hurt and I couldn’t imagine how those people’s families are feeling too. Lose of human life is never ok. I can’t believe people can do such horrible things.

I feel like even mentioning that my dog also passed away this week would be so selfish compared to this.

Astra Lost in Space Episode 3

What a phenomenal episode this week. Not only in building a great mystery department in it’s first half with great characters between Kanata and everyone else while he’s walking around the ship. Also, this poor leader boy is trying his best. Plus, the reveal of the broken communicator to the group with an included mystery of this group of kids being scum that a conspiracy group behind this school trip that wanted to get rid of these good kids. There couldn’t possibly be a more crazy sort of scenario then that. Knowing one crew member is out there to kill you and doesn’t mind being killed themselves says a lot.

And to make this even more crazy, an asteroid hits the Astra and all hell breaks loose. Lack of ship energy and the ship making it’s way through the atmosphere of the planet by itself couldn’t of happened in a better or worse time. Working together to get energy from the backup generator to the bridge, the show gave us a lot more character introspection then we thought possible. Ulgar using Luca’s glue gun to nail down a creature saved the day, but if Aries Spring, a seemingly ditzy girl, didn’t tell everyone about the generator, everyone would be dead. Aries mentioned that she transferred from gifted classes and I’m beginning to see that here. Plus, Ulgar with his gun? Ummmm…uh oh.

Doctor Stone Episode 3

I think I’m officially going to drop this show. It’s just getting more and more frustrating about how the show doesn’t care about it’s characters at all or even good world building. You know, despite the fact that the show is based on world building? These characters are just one dimension people that have the assigned roles of “smart guy”, “dumb brute”, “girl”, with the antagonist being whatever the plots needs him to be. With the appearance of Yuzuriha, there is only a second or two of a humane moment where she realized her world was gone and that was it. Otherwise, we get more science brought out by the smart guy and so on. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care about these characters or what they are trying to do because the show doesn’t seem interested in doing it. Maybe later down the road, but so what?

Fruits Basket Episode 16

After Tohru showed up to the pool in her school swimsuit and Arisa can’t help but cry from Tohru being adorable in it, the gang goes out to a swimsuit shop to buy Tohru a new swimsuit. What follows for the rest of the episode is an emotionally touching story about Arisa’s backstory. Her biker gang days where she was in complete delinquent mode. About how Arisa idolized Tohru’s mother for being such a bad ass and then being completely disappointed it in what she saw in the former Flying Butterfly. These were her days of angst I see. Since this is only part one, I wonder how Arisa is going to turn her life around in the next part. Nothing to do but wait and see I suppose.

Can I just say that I really liked the attempted girl biker gang members in the background of this episode? They tried so hard to even practice being menacing into a wall, but couldn’t even do it when confronted with Momiji. Ah, I can’t help but laugh at their antics.

O Maidens In Your Savage Season Episode 3

I honestly feel like I am out of my depth with this show, so I don’t think I can talk about this one as well as I could. Still, can’t help but admit that I find their relationships fascinating. Kazusa and Izumi’s back and forth awkwardness between each other regarding Izumi’s porn down stairs and her wanting to take a look at it is pretty funny, but incredibly real. I also admit that I found the fact that Izumi landing on top of Kazusa as they fell down the stairs and nothing happening from that situation kind of enlighting. Izumi really is kind of asexual isn’t he? Pretty sure he is or just train sexual.

Hitoha’s subplot of having her book on bookshelves and then having the person she met in a role play chat be one of her teachers then the black mail of having them being the club advisor was kind of funny, but completely awkward. Approaching sexuality and sexual awakening from a completely different angle then what I know has been an interesting learning experience in some ways because there isn’t a lot of media that approaches this from a female angle.

Granbelm Episode 3

I think this episode should be the great “competitor showcase” episode. Why? Because we learned more about Shingetsu then got quick summaries on what is motivating the other mages involved in this competition. Shingetsu’s plot takes up the first half of this episode and leaks into the second half during combat and it’s a pretty standard backstory I think. She was adopted by a family, the younger sister and mother loved her but the sister her age felt over shadowed so Shingetsu ran away. Ok, maybe not standard but it does have some classic elements to also characterize another competitor but in a very efficient and wonderful manner. It also greatly establishes her wish of deleting all magic and mages from the world if she wins because of her truama. What a poor girl. I’m lucky she ran into someone like Mangetsu.

Then awesome action sequences took place in the magical makes in the second half. I can’t help but love the mecha action scenes even if the designs are the best. It works fine in context with the series after all. Oh, I should also talk about the other competitors too. Each other person involved with this conflict had a quick scene to at least establish their motivations. The paino player, the hikkomori, and so on. Very efficient yet effective. I am curious to see how it all boils over to the next episode because this is a part one. So far, I can’t help but like this show even if it’s lacking something. I just don’t know what.

Demon Slayer Episode 16

I’m getting to the point where the demons and animals are so much more interesting then the humans in this show. Maybe I am getting a little too far ahead of myself right now, but that’s just how I feel about it. With our characters, Tanjiro and Inosuke, still in the forest trying to help their fellow demon hunters and even having some good bit of team work together, and Zenitsu being in the forest for some reason. Something about Nezuko. I do like how Tanjiro and Inosuke work together and defeat demon and each of them respect each other, but Inosuke’s “I can do the same thing you can childish antics” are incredibly frustrating and lessens them quite a bit.

Then there is Zenitsu with the creators seem to dislike in this episode too because he had the worst bit of CG that I’ve seen in this show so far. I mean seriously, it was pretty half assed just to remind that he is there kind of. Every time the camera cut to him, he just took more and more camera time from the more interesting stuff. Apparently Ufotable just used the least amount of resources they can for him. I feel like they should have cut him off completely and nothing would have been lost.

And now we are back to the Demon characters. The female demon leading attack and destroying the demon hunters seemed to be having such a tough time. Her being the victim of abuse from her husband and then forced to have children that also looked down upon her was absolutely the worse. I can see why she saw Tanjiro killing her as a get away. She honestly has no way out. I am glad that Tanjiro switched attacks and made her death more peaceful. She deserves so much else. Most interesting part of this episode for me, but it wasn’t all bad.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 3

Oh what another delightful episode. Another mystery to solve and more establishing of Waver’s group of crime solving high school students that we saw in episode 0. All because some electricity was leaking from his favorite coffee shop so a zoology mage with outdated ideals and concepts of technology who was up for taking a master mage’s post, was using his magic for some reason. And Waver was having a bad day because he couldn’t eat and work at his favorite café. Amazing stuff.

I know it’s a very simple sort of msytery and resolve with an older mage’s work ruined by modern technology and magic, but it’s so good and everyone in the cast is so likeable. The only problem I have is how characters treat Grey sometimes. Like she isn’t even there when she is standing right next to them. It’s just so wrong.


  1. It’s a bit of a pity that you’re considering dropping Dr. Stone, but given that it’s been 3 episodes and that the show hasn’t quite hit it’s stride yet, I don’t really blame you. Most of the reason I’m so into it is because I’ve already read the Manga and have an idea of where it goes later on, but I’d be lying if I said the prologue arc wasn’t a bit on the dull side.

    Granbelm though, sounds really interesting. It’s one of the few shows I didn’t watch the premiere for, but it sounds like I should give it a look!

    As for the week itself, it’s been a really tragic week for the community and for yourself as well. Take care of yourself.

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  2. Last week really was a very tough and disheartening week. I would never call you selfish at all though Scott. Your loss is tragic too, and I really am sorry. I hope you will feel better, and as Leth said: take care of yourself as well.
    I am going to be watching Demon Slayer as well. Remember how I said I wouldn’t be watching Seasonal Anime this season…yeah…you can pretty much forget that lol 🤪

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      1. It’s important Scott. Trust me on that. There are times where I forgot that take care of myself thing, and it sometimes came back to haunt me. So really, take it from me good to do that 😊
        Haha…yeah I honestly knew that too…and I even joined in on Jon’s #Anitwitwatches. And yep I knew that would happen too 😂😂

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  3. Astra Lost In Space has been so much fun so far. I kind of agree with you on DrStone. I don’t dislike it but so far I haven’t really gotten into it. I’m curious as to where it will go though and that will probably keep me watching.

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