Space is the Place Tour: Week 1 Post Summary

It’s only been one week and I’m already blown away by the six posts that have came in so far. I gave each person a very vague prompt and idea and seeing everyone take the prompt in whatever direction they feel like. Some very interesting variations on what I thought possible with some ways that I kind of predicted, but I’m happy by the effort everyone has put into this so far.

Here is what we have so far for people that haven’t seen these posts yet.

1) K’s Post: Expelled From Paradise (Review) [Space is the Place]

In this post, K does a phenomenal job at exploring about every aspect about Gen Urobuchi’s kindest movie, Expelled From Paradise. Please give it a look, everyone. It’s absolutely wonderful.

2)YumDeku’s Post: Cowboy Bebop finding Your Way Home [Space is the Place]

Cowboy Bebop is a lot of things, but a major theme that goes through out it, but freedom and choice are highly prevalent in it. Here is YumDeku’s take on this.

3) Will Sirius’s Post: Starship Operators Anime Review | Space Is The Place

Here, Will Sirius covers an anime that I really need to watch, Starship Operators. It sounds like something that I would really dig, so I hope it’s available somewhere.

4) Crimson’s Post: Space is the Place: Exploring the Symbolism of the Moons in Bahamut

In this post, Crimson discusses the interesting aspects of how our Earth looks at lunar eclipses and moon alignment while also look at how it’s treated in fantasy anime. Very interesting concept.

5) Neha’s Post: Planetes & the Human Condition [Space is the Place Blog Tour]

Neha does a phenomenal job of exploring Planetes’ world, it’s characters in the Space Debris Department or Half Section, and the effects of space and the open void on the human mind. Man, I need to rewatch this show.

6) Aria’s Post: Space is the Place: Space, Tradition and Starlight Promises

In this post, Aria talk about what the vastness of space means in a metaphorical sense, the Tanabata ceremonies many meanings and backgrounds, and a little talk about romance in the anime film, Starlight Promises.

With that, I hope that all of you continue to watch our tour as it travels from blog to blog, planet to planet, and covers tons and tons of series and concepts.

Oh crap, my post is on Wednesday. I need to make sure it’s up to snuff!


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