Clue Collab: Fan-Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

Hello all readers everywhere. This post is apart of Kawaii Paper Panda’s Clue Collab. If you are reading this post first, you should really start reading right here. I’m just saiyan that this post would make a lot more sense with some extra context.

Also, here is the post from yesterday for some more continuity. Thank you everyone. Hope you have fun.

After asking Frau some questions, I started walking toward the student dorms to question my next susected, Kumiko Oumae. In my mind, I’m still thinking about what Frau told me during his interview. I’m not sure why a Ghost would be here. Especially a handsome, Ghost Priest at that. Why would he kill an aspiring hero in the first place? Was it to get another victim. Especially someone like Froppy who was part frog super hero to be? Was it to get another victim closer to god? There had to be something else at play here if it was him.

Then again, Kumiko, my next interviewee, is just a normal, high school student. Well, that’s what everything I’ve read in her file says. Who knows what else she is bringing to the table? Maybe that normal high school aspect is what she uses for her cover as a serial killer? With no other evidence from the crime scene revealed to me yet, my questioning of suspects must continue. I hope our crime scene investigation is during a thorough job to take this long.

Finally at the U.A. Student dorms, I open the door to see a nervous, floofy haired brunette high school girl sitting in the student lounge. It seems like all the other students are at home for now. I can’t help but feel sorry for her being attached to this murder case, but she’s still a suspect.

I sit opposite to her in the lounge. “So, Kumiko Oumae.”

“Gah, yess?”She was shaking a little bit.

“We looked at your file and something is fishy. We know that you are a euphonium player for the Kitauji High School Music Club, yet we have a Tuba in our possession right now. Care to explain?”

The uneasy school girl looked at me. “One of my friends, Hazuki, plays the Tuba and she’s been having some trouble recently. I thought maybe I could help her.”

“So you picked up Tuba alongside your Euphonium? That sounds difficult.”

“It issss, but it isn’t. I might have also wanted to try something different after playing Euphonium for years.” Her nervous shaking seemd to have slown down.

“And how are you doing on Euphonium in your band right now?”

“Great. Somehow, we found ourselves heading to nationals.”

“I couldn’t imagine the hard work that took.” I smile at her. “Let’s get this interview to brass tacks now.” I pull out a folder from the work bag I was carrying.

Great, she’s nervous again and making some strange noises. Not sure if that is an act or how she’s actually feeling right now. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

I Gently put my folder facing her direction on the coffee table and opening it for her to see some pictures. “So, we’ve seen some records of you practicing at UA campus at least twice a week for the past month or so. Why is that?”

“It…it’s just a an open area near my house. Sometimes the students would class 1-A would come out and listen.”

“Is that right?”


“Have you become friends with any of them since your practicing.”

“Only the heroes that came out to listen all the time like Uraraka, Jiro, and the like.”

“What about Froppy?”

“I…I suppose.” She shifted in her seat a little bit. There is something there she isn’t telling me.

“Did you have some problems when to making friends with Froppy?”

“She and I didn’t seem to be able to look to eye for some reason.”

I write that down in my notebook.

“We have looked into your coming and going for a while now and your story does connect with what you are saying.”

She looked up with some sort of positive look in her eyes.

“But we also looked into the incident that happened last night. For some reason, U.A. security cameras were down last night. Why were you in All Might’s office with the others?”

“I wanted to meet him and hopefully see about running an official concert for 1-A and him”

“Is that right?”

“It’s the truth. All Might is the greatest and being able to meet him is more then a dream come true. It’s the least I can do to help our heroes. I mean, I’m just a normal human after all”

With that determined look on her face, it’s hard to tell whether or not she was lying. “Right.”

“I’m…I’m not lying. Why would I ever lie about this?” Kumiko’s determination showed her face again. A front? It’s hard to tell.

“Well, that will be figured out later on, Kumiko. For now, just stay here until the evidence has been compiled.”

She nodded.

“Oh btw, who do you think committed this crime.”

“N..nora. She seemed like the most suspicious of the group. From what I’ve seen of her, I think Nora is hiding more then she’s letting on. All of them were strange, but Nora had a much more evil presence somehow. It’s hard to explain.” She hid her head in her hands in shame.

“Interesting. She’s next on my list to visit so I’ll keep that in mind.”

I casually walk out of U.A.’s dorm and work towards Nora’s location. I do still feel bad about Kumiko being involved with a situation beyond her control, but there is still a chance she did it. Why? I don’t know. Just something is off.


  1. She was under Aizen’s zanpakto power I tell you!!!. Nah jokes aside, It’s a pretty interesting concept for group blogging event, especially with the premises of cluedo. Posts that does take a bit of planning and time. You seem to be enjoying it Scott!!!.

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  2. Well, it’s getting more and more difficult. So many people, so many suspects. But…she really was acting very suspicious, and I don’t really buy her nervous act completely 🤔🤔 That said…ugh…I just don’t know😅😅 This is so much fun! Great installment Scott! Loved this! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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