Anno August Starts Tomorrow

Hello everyone. Remember a little while ago when I announced that I was aiming to have an Hideaki Anno focused month of content in which I discuss some of their series and maybe even look at Studio Gainax a little bit? You know, this post? Yeah, that’s starting tomorrow. While I’ve been wrapped up in advertising and posting about my Space is the Place Blog Tour and helping it become some kind of success, I’ve also been working pretty hard at writing posts for this little thing. A lot of them that I could honestly just switch with what I posted yesterday and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Almost everything for this is written already, I just haven’t touched Neon Genesis Evangelion yet. I was saving that for last and honestly not completely sure how I want to approach or how many posts I want to write for it. I’ll figure that out next week or something. Until then, I hope you guys have as much fun reading those posts as I’ve had writing them.

See you then!


    1. Yay, I hope so!

      It doesn’t start with Gunbuster (though I couldn’t help myself from using all the images everywhere), but I think it starts off in a pretty fun place. It’s all very chronicle.

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