(Anno August) Daicon III and IV Opening Animations – Pure Fandom Spirit

Holy crap, nothing I posted this week was supposed to be connected in anyway at first. Here I have two posts for two events in one week. Not only that, but they are thematically resonant as well. What is that theme you may ask? Passion. To be honest, I think this is the best way to start off this little Anno August thing because this is also a pseudo tour of Studio Gainax’s history form 1981 to 1995 as well. You know, besides Nadia because I already covered that series last year. In general, Hideaki Anno (Chief Animation Director of these openings) and the rest of the starting members of Studio Gainax made the Daicon opening films.

And what are these films that I mentioned in this post’s title and the ending of last paragraph you may ask? What can I say other then short, fan films that are full of pure otaku spirit and energy? These opening films were shown at annual science fiction conventions in Japan named Daicon 3 and 4. If you are interested in seeing them. Be prepared for what you are about to see. Especially with Daicon 4. Together they are only about 10 minutes in length together so they won’t take too much time I hope. If you don’t have the time, I left some very vague descriptions for you. Still, that won’t be enough at all.

A girl is given a task to give water to a dying diacon, is chased by a guy in an armored suit from Starship Troopers. After it’s dead, she fires missiles from her backpack to kill Godzilla references, Gamara, and Science fiction references.

Pure science fiction and animation fandom music video centered on the girl from the last opening flying around in a bunny costume with ears and beating up some references as well. Twilight by ELO plays throughout it.

So how do you feel after watching these? Energized? Excited? Bored? I want to know? Do you believe that these were fan made? No really, do you? It’s completely crazy, I know. Still these films are Gainax itself. Pure, unfiltered Gainax (this is a noun, right?) and you can see each openings influence and thought patterns their material from this point forward. I don’t’ just mean when Haruko flew around on a guitar in a bunny suit in FLCL. That’s obvious. I mean the strong female character with fanservice, the references, the love of science fiction, the heart, and so on. It’s all so fun and wonderful feeling.

Do you know what the major difference is between one Daicon opening compared to the other? Experience. The Daicon III version was made by college sophomores from Osaka University of the arts who had only a general idea what animated was like. After the three people worked on a little project called Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and gaining some friends, Hideaki Anno and the others who worked on the previous film had a more focused edge when creating something. The result is a better, and much more polished product that you can clearly see here. Not a single layer of heart was replaced though, it’s just as fan forward and awesome.

I can honestly say that I am still completely awed by these openings. I’ve almost watched them endlessly since starting this Anno August activity/thing. How well they are animated, what they represent, and everything. These aren’t perfect (though Daicon 4 is close) but it’s honestly stunning how these exist. I’m glad that I got an opportunity to share these two things with you, even if they are only Youtube videos instead of at a theater somewhere. I think they are an important piece of Anime history that need more affection in today’s newer anime spread because of how influential they are. These opening animations are completely unreviewable to me because of that.

Passion and love can only get you so far. Eventually, more notoriety and experience are needed to continue to do what you want. Hideaki Anno was still incredibly young and very fan motivated from his fan projects he worked on instead of paying and showing up for his studies. Still, it seems like Hideaki Anno had a wonderful round of luck when he found his way into working for another ground breaking anime figure, Hayao Miyazaki. Why? Because Anno worked the more complicated parts Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind. (Hint hint, look out for Wednesday.)

Let’s end this post with a question and story time. What is something that you were proud of creating when you were younger that helped move your career forward or you just did it for fun? Either is fine.


  1. Way way waaay back when , I used this site to host a dutch anime blog. Albeit a bit of an oddball one, talking about weird stuff like, how to survive the zombie apocalyps with weird Japanese gadgets, recpipes for black been noddles, the 14 april , spinster valentines day day of japan and ramblings on how to defeat Naruto with only an egg and stuf like that.

    It got me recruited into a bigger site, which changed my life, I met freinds for live and finallly I was able to be my true self after hding it for years. Without those silly ramblings, inspired by japanese randomness, I would have probably be dead of very unhappy

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  2. Those videos were fun. Otaku no Video makes so much more sense and not just because of the Misty May outfit in Daicon IV. I noticed the Toei logo in the background in one of the fight scenes. You’re right about the Haruko flying on a guitar scene being a reference of this and it was just too perfect.

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    1. Right? Gainax wanted to reference themselves in Otaku no Video and it makes sense considering who they are.

      Honestly, I can’t see why FLCL wouldn’t include Daicon film references in it.

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      1. Sure. More parts of that OVA make so much more sense like the opening animation and the scenes where the Otakings start animating their debut series. Also, King from Nadia makes multiple cameos.

        Yeah, I wondered about it. When I saw that character flying on the sword, that was the first thing I thought of since Haruko wore a bunny suit while doing the same thing.

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  3. I’m all about girls in bunny suits flying around on giant swords while fighting apocalypse monsters, so I really liked that Daicon video. Also like the ELO in there.

    As for something I created when I was younger that I’m proud of, I really don’t know. I tried writing some stories years ago, but they were a bunch of pretentious garbage, just horrible stuff. On the other hand, without writing that trash and then having actual life experiences that put me through the wringer and gave me perspective, I couldn’t have started writing the hopefully less bad fiction that I’m working on right now.

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    1. Honestly, I don’t see how people could be opposed to girls in bunny suits for any reason at all. Especially flying around on swords. Glad you liked it.

      Honestly, the second I thought up that question I didn’t have an answer either and still don’t really.

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  4. I had a late shift yesterday, so come home late. I saw this post and saved it for today, so I would able to watch/read it all properly! It was so much fun! I loved these. As you very well know I’m a huge lover of classic anime, and this just got me pumped. Seriously how much cool references can be put into one video? Star Wars, Alien, Macross….awesome! They did destroy the Yamato though…and my question isL WHY!?!?!? Lol…oh man, I could not have wished for a better start of this day! 😊
    Oh…speaking of classic anime, I have an idea for September. But I will contact you for that when I have detailed it out some more….🤔🤔
    So..in case it wasn’t already clear: I loved this post! 😊😊

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    1. Yay, I’m glad that you started your day off well and this helped in some way. That makes me feel so happy!

      Also, definitely interested in what kind of plan you are up to for September. 🙂

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  5. (re: the final image) Oh, that’s the Toho logo…(Toho are responsible for Detective Conan movies and much more anime aside from that.) I don’t think I remember spotting that when I was watching.

    As for stuff I did for fun, my answer would be “studying culture (mostly Asian culture, because I can)”. Not just through language classes, but also cultural studies classes about pop culture and contemporary Japan. The best thing about those classes is that you get to study things that don’t normally get studied in a context that allows you to call it “studying”, e.g. reading academic articles about justice in Death Note, watching videos about Twinkies as homework (when I’d never heard of Twinkies until then) and listening to Kanye West’s music in lectures (because he parodied a bunch of sci-fi works in one of his music videos and there were random katakana words in Godzilla-style font all over it…like the word for “onion”…). These classes might end up being useful for my career someday if I manage to finish the steps required for one of the niche jobs that might require the knowledge (such as “EN JP translator” or “scholar of contemporary stuff”), but for now, they don’t have any practical use aside from making me weirder than I already am (for better or for worse).

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  6. These are great videos, now a need a series of the world’s strongest middle schooler with her missile-launching jetpack backpack and it’s sequel series, Bunny Girl and her Surfing Sword vs. Sci-fi. Also I swear I saw Thunderbird 3 in Daicon 4, as well as Thunderbird 5 getting smashed.

    As for something I was proud of creating when I was younger, I’d have to go with my Doctor Who fanfics which I wrote when I was about 15/16. They featured my own Doctor, my own companions, new and old villains and it was writing them that I realised, ‘hey, I could actually make a go of this whole writing thing.’, not that any of them will ever see the light of day as my writing was atrocious when I started, but there’s still some characters/ideas/scenes that I really love. I once had a companion called Jupiter mouthing off to a anthropomorphised crocodile space pirate called Mango as well as stories were I messed around with flashbacks in reverse order running alongside the main story and stories within stories. They were my sandbox to play around in and work out what worked and what didn’t.

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  7. Cool little history factoid! One time when I was younger, I made “newspapers” for my siblings captioning the month’s activities, news, and things to come. It only lasted 3 issues, but I like to think it was my start to journalistic writing!

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