Space is the Place Tour: Week 2 Summary

Hello everyone, welcome to another weekly summary to our blog tour. Next week is going to be a lot shorter with that post coming out on Thursday hopefully. I have some relatives showing up today and they’ll stay until Friday, so it might come later then planned. With that, let’s just say, the final post will appear sometime next Saturday at the latest.

Here is Week 1’s summary if you haven’t looked at it already.

But anyway, we’ve got a lot of good posts for you this week. Remember what I said about the amazing quality of posts last week? I can definitely say the same thing for this week. Everyone put in their a game and the results are pretty great. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

7) Irina’s Post: Space is the Place Blog Tour – Wherever you Go, There You Are with Gurren Lagann

Irina talks about breaking limits. Her limits, how characters in Gurren Lagann’s limits, and the vastness of space where hope and dreams lie.

8) AJ’s Post: Space is the Place: Studio Trigger and the Wonders of Outer Space!!

In this post, AJ talks about Studio Trigger’s works that involve space and how awesome it is. Can’t argue with that.

9) Me: (Space is the Place Tour) The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: Getting To Know Insanity and Passion

I basically talk about Captain Tylor and my love for space and anime.

10) Lynn: Shelter (Space is the Place Blog Tour)

Lynn talks about Shelter, a Short AMV collaboration between A-1 Pictures and Porter Robinson. The ultimate package of feels you can get in a short amount of time.

11) Karandi: Politics in Space

Karandi takes a look at how politics work in space and asked the very important of why are space princesses a thing?

12) Crow: Space Is The Place: Space And The Sense Of Dangerous Adventure

Crow looks at how modern science fiction media can be fun, but sometimes forgets about how overly advanced science fiction media forget the basics of human survival.

13) Zainou: 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Anime Influence

With this post, Zainou discusses how Kubrick’s 20001: A Space Oddysey influenced Tomino and Hideaki’s Works plus anime in general. Very educational read.

Thank you for reading everyone. I’m glad for everyone reading these posts. Also, a massive thank you to everyone writing these posts and making thir function in such a way it becomes a huge success. I may need to look into doing another tour next year, just don’t know what it would be about.


  1. I loved this entire series Scott! It was really great, and every post I read was amazing. Thanks for organising this, and if there is a tour next year, whatever it is about: count me in (well that is if you will have me that is😅😅).

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