Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2019 Week 5

Not much to talk about here besides how solid I feel every episode of this week’s seasonal anime was. Even the weakest shows had at least something more to offer then just average episodes, so I am pretty happy with this season. I don’t know which series I would rank above others completely at this point, which is a good problem to have.

ASTRA Lost in Space Episode 5

So many strong elements to this episode. Even one that kind of fixed the problem from last episode with Yunhua’s contributions in the finale but not really. Her song woke up the spirits of the crew in question when they were at their worst, but I can’t help but think that was sort of a cop out. It’s not an invalid thing, but not an completely valid thing either. The poor daughter of a professional singer. I do like how she asked Luca to cut her hair as a reminder to not be afraid to express who she really is. With that and a sad goodbye to the groupies from Planet Shummoor, they travel to space to a paradise planet or planet Arispade which was a beach planet with one island. A planet that everyone can just wade around in bathing suits or swim trunks and hunt for food. Or, like be like Quitterie and have food brought to you while you are sun bathing. Jealous honestly.

There was also touchings of relationship drama in this episode. I wish that the girls getting together wouldn’t automatically lead them to either talking about boys and breasts sizes, but at least those attributes were more organic and lead to the girls earning some sort of repetiore with each other over who they like. A huge thing considering that they didn’t like each other in the beginning. Plus, it was just girls looking at each other while wearing bikinis, not hot spring stuff so a restraint here. Poor Aries trying to confess to Kanata though. That guy is just a big, loveable doofus.

Then there are all the drama elements to talk about. I know this isn’t a surprise considering some character’s backstories, but only Aries mom seems to even care about their missing child. At least, care about them in the normal way. During that parental group meeting, I was wondering why Aries’ mother didn’t bring up that she has been receiving messages from Aries, but considering how each parent acted I wouldn’t have told them either. Her subtle hints were nice though. On the flip side, Ulgar holding Luca at gun point because of Luca’s dad was an absolutely shocking ending after this nice episode. Holy crap, nicely done show.

Fruits Basket 2019 Episode 18

In this episode, another member of the Souma family is introduced. Kisa Souma, the tiger zodiac member, who ran away from home in her tiger form and was found by Haru. She’s just a cute little girl who quit talking and ran away from home because she was bullied at school for her different colored hair. Apparently Yuki suffered the same thing and still has no sense of confidence in himself either. Kisa meeting Tohru at least allowed her to turn back into human form again and eventually started talking. I really do love the fact that she and Yuki are trying their best not to be saddened by their situation. A good lesson how finding a path forward despite hating yourself and finding a way forward despite how weak they are. Yeah, I cried during this episode too.

Granbelm Episode 5

After last episodes building, we finally see Kuon, Sangetsu, and Mangetsu take their battle with Nene finally. Well, at least at first. The game of find and seek eventually broke apart when Anna showed up to fight against Shingetsu, Shishou decided to finally get involved and fight against Kuon, leaving Mangetsu to fight against Nene by herself. All very character motivated moments in some ways because of Anna’s angriness at Shingetsu, Shishou completely teasing Kuon about Kuon’s sister and who caused that situation, and Nene finding her strength against to fight against Nene. It’s completely sad that Shingetsu and Mangetsu took control over their situations while Shishou and Kuon’s are at a dead lock. Absolutely wonderful balance of character moments and action this week with all of it being beautifully animated and colored.

One question that I have is about the moment when Mangetsu was taken into the castle for a little bit. Was Mangetsu created by the castle or given magic by the castle to end this conflict or something else nefarious? There is something going on with her presence, because it’s obvious that she doesn’t belong with the other mages from lines and lines of magic history. That moment could have been “you are about to lose, quit holding back” thing or any number of things this is my thought process to it now though. Mangetsu’s moment of “this is what a Granbelm is like, huh” was a little perplexing because she’s been in a few of them now, but maybe this is her true moment of understanding it? It’s pretty nuts.

I can’t help but admit how Universal Century gundam like the entire episode was. I don’t mean just in a power’s sort of way (though it helps a lot), but the way the fight felt and all the screen cut aways to give us a glimpse of character interactions combined with the hand drawn mecha really gave it that Universal Century sort of feel and I just can’t over state how happy that makes me feel. Also, I have to admit that the mecha in this show have completely grown on me. I really do like their designs and how they how off their abilities. Maybe that’s another reason why I really liked this episode.

Fire Force Episode 4

After last week’s questionable episode (will, only in terms of some pacing and some questionable Tamaki fanservice), I’m glad that an absolutely solid episode decided to make it’s appearance today. An episode that not only set up how the world things of the Fire Force by how one of it’s mascots was treated by the public (lifted to a tree branch they can’t get off of) and some appearance of the devious section 5 to establish some sort of rivalry and also shake apart of the system. Today’s argument over an thinking infernal, who was a former fire force member and killer, was quite interesting. It called into question what a fire force member would do if they come up to a living and breathing one and shook the foundations of this show’s thought process already apart.

With the introduction of Section 5 came more characters. Princess Hibana, who is the captain of Section 5 was introduced as blatantly of a dominatrix as she could be with men forming her chair she sits on and how she stepped on men (that really enjoyed it) in her first appearance. Her attempt to dominate Shinra by telling him to kiss her heel and then his response from him looking up which would lead him to looking at her panties. I’m shocked they cut that out, but some of thankful for the implication. Seeing her blush from that either revealed that her dominatrix thing was a façade and she chose to be that way or that never happened to her before. Either way shows some sort of weakness in how she presents herself because she does care?

So in general, very good episode. Very thoughtful world building, good character stuff, great directional choices in how shots are presented, and the action was great.

O Maidens In Your Savage Season Episode 5

I honestly feel like I’m just going to stop talking about this one, because it’s so far out of my depth in terms of a lot of it’s content. I will admit that I really like watching it because it’s pretty solid all around for what it’s delivering and how it’s delivering it. So yeah, just thumbs up. I’ll let you guys know if I quit watching it, ok? Does that work for everyone?

Demon Slayer Episode 18

I feel like this latest episode is either a transition episode or an episode dedicated to establishing what powers are available for people in the future? Why? Because it’s pretty clearly established that all three of our boys are skilled in their specific ways, but completely over powered in this challenge. Inosuke was able to get spider dad to transform to his second form, but he was completely over powered when his swords were broken. Tanjiro ended his duel attempt with him and Inosuke taking down spider dad when he was launched somewhere else in the forest and barely holding on against spider brother until his swords broke too. And finally, Zenitsu is still barely holding onto his humanity as he was turning into a spider.

The cavalry have arrived to save them all in the form of the person Tanjiro first ran into when his sister turned and I think one of the competitors who joined Tanjiro in the demon slayer entry training thing. Apparently she can fly? Wow, didn’t expect to see her so soon. I suppose it’s going to be time to our three kids will survive this trip into the horrible spider forest. Once again, I don’t see how this can be anything but a transition episode because it’s obviously shifting the guys into a different position or show them a higher level of power they haven’t received yet. This is a shonen series, so does that mean a training arc is coming soon? That’s my guess. I suppose there is only one way to find out.

Lord El-Melloi ii Case Files Episode 5

In this episode, the whodunnit for the closed room case of the house on the leyline is figured out and it turns out the real murderer is both the invisible fairy we discovered and the house itself. Why? Because the house was designed as a magical mechanism. So of course, this leads to the house trying to kill people with lightning demons and Shishigou, Gray, Wills, and Waver fighting back against them. Of course this leads to Gray having to use her second form to defeat the house’s demons and Waver discovering something about the Rail Zeplin organization that is in the title. I guess this plot is going somewhere anyway. But anyway, with Wills’ sacrifice to disappear into another life with his fairy waifu, all the problems are solved. What an interesting episode.

A very Fate sort of episode with Waver pushing back and forth from the normal old practices of mages again with his new ways and Grey just being adorable and bad ass. Plus King Arthur lore made it’s appearance again with Grey’s second form. All sorts of good character interactions too with Waver trying to be a professional and then slipping back into the Waver we all know from F/Z when he left the grail war. All sorts of craziness, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see how everything moves forward as time goes on here.

Vinland Saga Episode 5

I was pretty correct about my predictions from last week. You know, the whole “Thorfinn gets recruited into Askaladd’s viking group” thing. It happened this week. Yet, I was astounded by how much thought was put into this transition. Thorfinn challenges Askaladd to two duels and in between those moments are tons of “how did this kid survive not eating and drinking anything for days on end while on a boat” or the amount of hard work he put into learning how to throw a dagger and hunt for himself. I guess that impressed Askaladd in some way, because most kids would die out in the forest and Thorfinn isn’t just any kid.

Also, the quick cut back to Thors’ village and how his daughter is coping with Thors’ death and Thorfinn being MIA was heart breaking. Ylva is a strong character emotionally and physically, but she’s only working hard to hide her grief and the moment she let herself cry was so sad. Such a beautiful episode artistically and emotionally.


  1. I love how Fire Force keeps us on our edge when it comes to trusting/ not trusting characters. There are so many shades of grey her, that you start to wonder who is evil and who is not: case in point being of course section 5. So far this has just been an enjoyable ride that I look forward to each week! 😊

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