Space is the Place Tour: Week 2.22 Summary – This tour is (not) over?

Yes, the title is an Evangelion reference. I can’t help it though. I’ve written about 4.5K words on Eva recently and I can’t get it out of my mind for some reason. (Those posts will come out at the end of this month.) Plus there are only two posts attached to this blog summary, so I can’t exactly go with week 3, can I? Probably, but it’s not as interesting or as unique.

So yes, this is Week 2.22. You can look at the Week 1 summary here and Week 2 Summary here. Please give these links and the posts attached to these links a good look at. A lot of people have put a great amount of effort into posting good stuff from my insane idea. Thank you so much, everyone.

And here are the posts that came out this week.

14) Joe’s Post: Let’s Talk About The Anime King Ghidorah – Space is the Place Tour

Joe takes a look at King Ghidorah, my favorite Godzilla monster, from the Netflix anime movie trilogy and why he likes it. It’s a solid analysis of the new form, which has opened my eyes quite a bit.

15) Arthifis’ Post: Kanata No Astra Is Similar to the Anime Blogging Community – Space is The Place

A great post on how bloggers are similar to the Astra crew with how we all have different styles, how much content we put out, how large the content is, and so on. Also has some good advice for good blogger too.

With, we come to a conclusion. Maybe. There may be a Lita post later on this month that will surprise all of us. That would be a lot of fun :).

But anyway, I would like to thank all the blog readers for checking out all these posts and all the writers for adding this tour. You all made this a great success so I can’t thank you enough honestly. It’s been a fun two weeks and some change. Maybe I should look into doing something similar next year. Just not sure what yet. I suppose there is at least a year to decide that now.


  1. This was an amazing tour Scott. It was a blast to be a part of and I cannot wait for your next amazing tour. I’m really glad you liked my Ghidorah post, and to hear its opened your eyes really makes me smile, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for the great tour man. 🙂

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  2. I had a lot of fun reading all of these and visiting all your planets.
    Saw some very interesting blogs and got to follow some amazing new people! As I started WordPress only a little over three weeks ago this tour had been a great introduction to the community! Thanks for hosting it!

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  3. This entire tour has been a joy from start to finish! Every post was different and unique, and not to mention very well written😊 Hopefully next year a new idea will pop up: look forward to joining in then 😊

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