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I am not going to call myself a contrarian, but there have been plenty of times recently when I just couldn’t enjoy what is popular in main stream media. I always call it a question of tastes though. A lot of popular things that come out on television or movies just don’t work for me for one reason or another and I think that’s ok. When something does click for me, then it’s something special. That’s why I didn’t check this show out until a few weeks after it came out. One of my friend’s, siblings talked about how great it was and I had to at least try it out. What was the result? Well, I’m reading the book now so that should say quite a bit. There is something special about this tiny mini series that just captured my imagination. I only wish I knew about this Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett collab along time ago. It’s almost the stuff of dreams.

So what happens when an apocalypse happens in modern day? What happens when a demon is sentenced with given the task of setting off the biblical apocalypse and also hangs out with an angel and both don’t want the apocalypse to happen? Or if witch hunting is met with modern day society and thought processes? Well, you get Good Omens. Crowley, our demon in question has lived on Earth for thousands of years and was suddenly given the task of transplanting the antichrist out of nowhere and that sets the apocalypse into motion a decade and some change later. It’s up to him and his so called enemy, the angel Aziraphale, and some strange people they’ve met along to put the apocalypse to an end finally.

Demon and Angel!

While this short series is based around harrowing events of the apocalypse, I still absolutely love that dry, British humor that prevailed in all of it. I know that one of the authors is Terry Pratchett, so that is just naturally going to happen, but it had that sort of spot left wide open by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python. I don’t know what it is, but there is something to be said about apocalyptic events happening and yet having some sense of formality and regularity to it. Would you ever expect to see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride motorcycles and asking around for directions? Or if all the Horsemen getting their equipment from the post office? What about a quick commentary on the state of witches and witch hunters in Modern U.K.? There are just so many brilliant ideas in this short television series that it’s a shame it’s left to six episodes. You know, unless a second season happens which I don’t know how it happens.

With that short amount of time, the characters are the best they can be. It’s interesting seeing, even after thousands or so years wandering the Earth together, Aziraphale and Crowley need to still look passed their allegiances to their side of the conflict to save the Earth from falling apart. That final push finally allowed them to unite together and create their own more gray in color side between the conflicts of heaven and hell to add along with their non formed genders. That’s the driving force of this series and it’s pretty great material. The rest of it, like Adam coming into his hellish powers and deciding to stop the apocalypse he started or the modern witch and witch hunter becoming boyfriend and girlfriend was funny, but it was a little cheap for me even if was all prophesized a long time ago from an actual witch. You know, the other thing that was driving the series forward. I can call that ok then.

You probably know who these people are.

One thing that intrigues me is Heaven wanting to go to war with Hell. I understand why hell wants to go to war with angels, they are demons. They live in causing chaos and dare I say, hell, to all of humanity and whoever is attached to them. The angels are a little different though, because they are white in purity compared to black for demons. There is some praise toward Aziraphale for attempting to stop the anti christ and the apocalypse/war itself, but they seem really motivated to do it. I guess it’s to show how demons are just angels who don’t pretend to be holier then though, which would make sense. It still didn’t help but confused by it when watching it at first.

It’s a little hard to talk about a six episode television series because there is a lot of material that I don’t want to talk about because of how much there isn’t, but I can’t help but say that I really liked Good Omens. Yeah, I already said that originally didn’t I? Will, I don’t mind reaffirming my opinion again just because I can. For it’s six episode run, it’s beautifully acted, has some great production values behind it, and just flows by with barely any dead or still moments in it. Yet, it also isn’t too fast because it gives plenty of moments for our cast to breathe in the world they are building. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. I guess my next step is reading the book all the way through and seeing if there were any major changes. I’m actually looking forward to this a lot. Maybe I will report on my findings later on?


  1. I have heard about this show, and just for the two actors involved alone I would check this one out. But considering it’s yet another subscription service that I would have to get, I’m going to give this a pass…for now that is😊
    Glad you enjoyed this one so much, lol, and you are right there is nothing wrong with reaffirming your opinion! 😊

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      1. With Crunchyroll, it’s possible just to be a week in seasonals and use the free route. It does mean ads though, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about recently.

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  2. I definitely hear you on the contrarian bit. I tend to not like quite a few mainstream titles as well and I think after a while it just comes down to your tastes. A lot of time similar titles are what will become mainstream because they’re hitting a lot of the right notes that resonate with a lot of people. If you don’t care for that particular recipe then you’re not going to like a lot of those big titles. Personally I don’t care for vampires so during that Twilight boom where everyone was making vampire movies and comics I didn’t like almost any of them. (Blade was the only vampire title I liked) Fortunately what’s “in” seems to change every few years and right now we’re in a nostalgia/comic book wave which I’m a bigger fan of. It’s nice to see older titles like Orphen and Index making a comeback

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    1. I’m pretty much like that too, though I’ve been questioning even that super hero and Star thing side of my mind recently. There just has been too much of all of that recently.

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  3. Oh, I love Good Omens. The book has been one of my favourites for years now. Truth be, I was a little bit worried when they announced that there was gonna be a tv series but thankfully it did really good. Crowley and Aziraphael are just spot on. Well, frankly, they all are. Except, Death’s bike is wrong. But yeah, it’s at least Terry’s death. It’s a shame Terry didn’t live to see the show, he would have loved it.

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    1. Good Omens really does seem like something special. I’m glad it was a solid adaptation then. I did notice they changed the order of some pieces of material, but the book definitely matches the series.

      And I’m glad that terry’s death was still Terry’s death.

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  4. Dang it. You’ve just convinced me I have to watch this. Where am I going to get the time?

    Seriously, thanks for sharing your perspective. It really did incline me to make time for this, and between Neil Gaiman’s and David Tennant’s talents, I should have watched it before now!

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