Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2019 Week 10

I’m looking at this post before I schedule it and I see that I’ve written a lot about these episodes this week. Originally that wasn’t apart of the plan, but just so many things happened that I can’t help but talk about all the things put before us. So much to decipher and read in each show and I couldn’t help myself this time. Sorry about this being too long. Ummm, just jump to your preferred show and read that section if you want. If this starts getting longer, maybe I should split this style of post up into two parts?

Anyway, no Vinland Saga due to typhoons and O Maidens was amazing and thoughtful this week. That’s all I have to say for now.

Astra Lost In Space Episode 10

If there was going to be a huge reveal to shake up an entire anime’s universe, episode 10 might be the perfect time to do it I think. It’s not like the world of Astra has been that detailed really considering that not a lot of the show has had any dedicated time spent to it considering that the show has spent a lot more time on different planets and space in general, but it’s something added that pushes more and more things onto the conspiracy side of things. So I guess not everything had the weight it should have had on us the audience, but it did have a huge effect on the characters so that is enough to consider and make everything powerful.

So what are the reveals you may ask? Let’s check out the first reveal in the first episode. Last episode, Polina exclaimed about how the Astra is going in the wrong direction and/or traveling to the wrong planet right? Astra is the destination instead of Earth. Today, we lean more in the direction of understanding why that is. While not much history is explained to us because not many people seem to be interested in their world history or because the societies thoughts are “think about the future”. Still, Aries found it interesting enough to at least learn about.

The current Astra society lives under the idea that the world came back together again after World War 3 started because of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Polina talks about how the Earth she has known survived the Cuban Missile Crisis and planned an escape from Earth to an unknown planet at that time called Astra because an asteroid they had no way of stopping was about to hit Earth. This comes into the story because of the wormhole devices that allowed Earth people to escape to Astra in the first place.

Also, that means the first planet the crew was above was Earth. Not sure if necessary. I’m not sure this sort of Earth Shattering kind of talk needed to be brought along this anime, because it just represents a bad end for me. When the Astra makes it home with it’s crew, a realistic thing that can happen is the entire crew locked up in jail for Polina’s existence because of how their society is formed and won’t accept an alternate history.

Lastly, Charce has been revealed as the the enemy in the group. After landing on the planet Golem, Kanata and the others round up Charce in a scheme and find his wormhole device with Aries’ help. Yeah, not that mind bending considering that Charce’s backstory was pretty suspect in the first place AND the entire first half of this episode that literally shook the foundations of the entire anime. Still, seeing Areis Springs crying at the whole situation was so saddening. Man, what a powerful episode.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 23

While Tohru was a focus of half this show’s plot, I think Kyo was the star of the show here in his own rough and loving way. The guy tries to pretend he doesn’t care about things, but we all see it Kyo. You can’t hide your actual feelings from us. But anyway, the first half of this episode centered it’s plot on Tohru failing one of her exams so she needs to take a make up. She gets sick, feels like she betrayed her mom, and just wasn’t herself. While Yuki and others tried to cheer her up, it was Kyo that pushed Tohru forward and motivated her. You know, in that sort of tsundere way that Fruits Basket likes giving him. It worked too and Tohru returned to being herself and passed her make up exam.

Then Kagura shows up at Shigure’s house afterwards and just wants to see Kyo. She noticed how Kyo has changed to be a kind hearted person, something he himself refuses to see. Kagura also beats up Kyo a little bit and forces him to go out with her in public, where their personalities clash with public viewing eyes seeing him. Yuki and Tohru kind of go on one before the rain hits, but that puts it to a stop. Also, Shishio, I’m assuming Kyo’s master, showed up at the end of the episode too. I wonder why. But anyway, absolutely solid episode to return to our main cast with. I’m so glad.

Fire Force Episode 9

Fire Force appears continues with the fight started in the cliff hanger last episode. The first half of the episode is pure visual spectacle between Shinra and Rekka. It’s also a battle of fire hands vs fire feet which also hads some food for thought. Using an old DBZ addage, Shinra’s power level is slightly lower then Rekka’s, but he has mobility so he uses that aspect to put the stomp on Rekka as hard as he can. There are also fanservice moments with Tamaki like some her clothes being burnt off or Shinra grabbing her skirt and then tossing it to the side. Short moments that put some necessary breathing room in the fight itself, but I wish it was something else besides Tamaki focused fanservice. I feel sorry for her character right now.

Then the second half was much more interesting. The two other company 1’s Lt’s show up to stop Rekka too and they are able to freeze them. Of course, this is where the intrigue shows up. Rekka keeps mentioning the Evangelist, but he’s murdered by a sniper group before they could ever question him. They try to take out more but fail. What does that mean? Unit 8 is getting closer and closer to accomplishing their mission of finding how is causing human combustion. I mean, that’s when things usually gets dangerous, right? There are also questions about the boy who survived combustion? A lot of things to think about. Besides Tamaki appearing at Unit 8, there are a lot of interesting things going on here. I really can’t wait for more of this show even if it doesn’t always excite me as much as it could. Eh.

Granbelm Episode 10

Like a lot of show’s this week, Granbelm continued the fight that started in Last Week’s episode. Shishou and Kuon are still fighting, but there is some sidetracking elements like Mangetsu learning she isn’t even a person. I say side tracking, but that is possibly the most unsettling thing possible in this show. She is something created by the Shingetsu’s grief and something the world in question created for her. With that side thing out of the way, Kuon is able to serve deserved justice against Shishou until Shishou pulls the “I’m not a human card” and takes out Kuon herself. With that, we return to the human world.

Kuon’s existence was completely extinguished because of losing her life in the magic realm and Mangetsu is now becoming no more then a memory that only mages know about. Her family doesn’t recognize her and someone she bumped into in the middle of the street didn’t even notice her. While Nene tell her what is going on, she can’t help but question her feelings despite the fact that she is fake.
It’s that age old question of “do robots have feelings?”

A lot of questions to be answered here including “is that Kuon’s sister that showed up for Mangetsu at the end of the latest episode” questions. I guess I have to admit that this episode was very thematically strong and solid. Also, just as beautiful visually as ever. The plot twist was a twist that made sense, so good work show. Another example that shows how watching and writing about shows on an episodic nature can be dubious sometimes.

Demon Slayer Episode 23

I’m pretty happy with this episode. Not only did it do a decent job of finally showing some of the after effects of the fight with Zenitsu and Inosuke and Nezuko did prove she wasn’t interested in human blood, but we’ve dug deeper into the world of Demon Slayer to at least get an understanding of it. Plus, there were some good return to the old Tanjiro that we once knew now with more focus then ever for Nezuko to turn back into a human. So yeah, a lot of good context and everything that we’ve been missing for a while. I suppose we needed to see the world of Demon Slayer in full before doing that I suppose? Definitely a classic shonen sort of thing really.

But anyway, the contents of everything that happened were interesting. Now, Tanjiro and Nezuko at their trial with Hashira and Master wasn’t the most interesting thing to explore here. But, there were a couple things. The Master has a burned face and has a voice that seems to have a great effect on Tanjiro. Is it possible that the Master is Tanjiro’s father? Something to think about I suppose. I did also like the people that took Nezuko and Tanjiro away from the Hashira meeting because they showed anguish at being given this role, but Tanjiro really did over stay his welcome.

Then the most interesting things happened. Tanjiro finally met up with Zenitsu, who is currently smaller then he should be and is yelling about the medicine because of course he would be. Also, Inosuke apparently had his throat crushed, so it’s nice to see him be a little more self reflective and such. Plus, the interaction with Kanae in the garden was just strange. She couldn’t just be ignoring them, there has to be a reason behind it all after all. Then lastly, the Hashira meeting about how far behind they are on recruitment and against Muzen. Lots of complicated things in motion. I guess we need to see how this arc and season ends. I’m guessing there isn’t going to be another demon fighting arc.

Lord El Melloi 2 Case Files Episode 10

With Waver down for the count last episode, we not only see Waver return with his unyielding strength appearing again, but we also see him backed into a corner yet again. Miss Adashino, who I suspect is Trish’s killer and master of Hephaestion, has the entire murder case under her thumb at the moment. Why? Because all of her accusations are technically correct and hard to argue with at the moment. Plus, since Karabo does have the eyes that can allow this sort of incident to occur. This sort of situation happened seven years ago, so it’s interesting to see the survivors dealing with all of it. It’s nice seeing Waver about to take the case in hand and work on it. Oh, the scene where Karabo had his eyes taken was pretty horrifying.

Still, the most interesting thing in this episode was Gray and Hephaestion’s talk about true warriors, how Hephaestion said neither of them should never question their masters, then Gray calling Hephaestion out on being a hippocrit because she did argue with Alexander The Great. I suppose Hephaestion loves Alexander more then everybody and that’s why she judged Waver so harshly. I suppose there is more to be seen from all of this for the future and maybe Waver will win her over in the future. Not that it matters, because Waver won’t even be apart of the coming Holy Grail War anyway so he won’t even summon Alexander. Oh, and Gray riding on her shield back to the moving train was an amazing scene. That needs to be talked about.

But in general with all of this, very solid episode. Some great Waver moments with him finding his motivation again and him being in a corner again harder then usual. That’s the place where he does his best work so of course he would be there. As long as that happens, this will always be a good show.

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