Five In-between Anime Characters (Not A Top Five List)

To me, the most relatable anime characters come from those who are always in between two different worlds. Why? Because that’s how I always consider myself in some ways. Are you a person whose mind is stuck in the world of anime while also having to find a way in the real world to support that? Do you live in the world of young people while sometimes listening to what older people have to say? (Ok, I am pushing it with that one.) What about hanging around with people from multiple generations and feeling like you can hang out with them while also feeling something disconnecting you from them? That’s the feeling I’m going for here and it sometimes makes different anime characters more relatable to me.

That’s also sort of what this anime list is about. Characters from that exist between places. This used to be what a lot of isekai anime were like. You know, when main characters were transported to an alternate world or dimension to live and survive in for a while at the same time having the pull of their actual world they belong in straining on them in some way? A lot of modern isekai don’t really care about this aspect anymore. Some of them are just fantasy anime now and that’s really the thing that made me lose interest in the genre these days. That’s a rant for another day probably.

Now, a character doesn’t have to be involved in an official isekai called anime to be a child of multiple worlds so to speak. That is just the real easy route to do it. There are so many other ways like the Superman and Goku method of a child from one world showing to another world under dubious circumstances or the main character in question is apart of one group all their life and then finds themselves in another for one reason or another. Then they have their pasts heavily weigh on them as they live their new life. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of action films when the main protagonist retired from fighting and then has to return doesn’t it? I guess it’s an easy way to create drama.

Anyway, let’s talk about some relatable anime characters. I’m proud that I was mostly able to stay on topics with these intro paragraphs this, but it’s time to talk about the real reason we are all here (or why I am writing this post.) So yay! Oh yeah, encase you skipped the title this isn’t any sort of top lists. Those are too hard to make when it comes to this specific sort of list.

Character: Hiyori Iki
Series: Noragami

Hiyori was a normal human, mostly, until she saw an unknown god named Yato in the middle of the street almost hit by a bus. By saving him, she becomes part phantom because her spirit self saved Yato while her real body was still in the middle of the street. After that, Hiyori struggles to maintain some sense of a normal school life while also finding her on the path of learning about the gods and spirits. Hiyori is such a soft, wonderful character that anchors the story of Yato and the series itself in a much more relatable way of seeing the problems of gods.

Character: Loran Cehak
Series: Turn A Gundam

I could have put a lot of Gundam protagonists on this list because there are a lot that fill this spot, but I’m going with Loran Cehak here. Why? Because he’s the most interesting character to talk about and explore. He was one of three scouts sent from the moon to investigate the habitability of people on it. So yes, he’s the one that called down the thunder and advanced technology of the people of the moon on a much more Victorian Era Earth Society. The series wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him.

So what happens to make him an in between character? After he finds a Gundam, Loran Cehak starts fighting for Earth. Why? Partially because the Earth would lose without him and partially because he still wants to find a way to look for peace between the two populations. He tries to use his understanding of both sides to find a middle ground and that doesn’t always work for him. I think the effort should be noted though.

Character: Jinto Linn
Series: Crest/Banner of the Stars

Jinto Linn is a person of two existences ever sense the Abh invaded his planet. He did start off as the son of the ruler of the planet Marine, but when Jinto’s father decided to give into Abh demands and surrender, Jinto was made a duke of this little piece of space. That got him sent into the Abh military where he me Lafiel and learned more about the going ons of Abh society. Still, Jinto always had the pull back of the people of Martine on him through his adventures. Something he confronts in an OVA after the series when he has a full understanding of all sides involved.

Character: Sousuke Sagara
Series: Fullmetal Panic!

Sousuke Sagara is the easiest person to explain on this list. He’s had an upbringing in war torn countries in the middle east and has been a mercenary ever since he was a kid. Eventually he joins Mithril for a more mission filled life until he’s asked to protect a high school girl in Japan named Kaname Chidori. It’s a normal sort of life that he has trouble adapting to leading to tons of comedy from the mismatch at first. After spending enough time with Kaname, he begins to fall in love with her and find some peace in that other wordly place for him. He’s also found a direction for his life, something he’s been searching for a long time. Too bad one side of his life likes to interrupt the peace.

Character: Hitomi Kanzaki
Series: Escaflowne

Hitomi was a normal high school girl who was apart of track and had a mysterious magical amulet until she was taken into the world of Gaea by an attractive lost prince by the name of Van. There she finds herself useless at the face of a war of invisible magical mecha destroying entire nations, though she eventually finds that she has the capability of fighting against them and controlling fate itself. Something that becomes a bigger and bigger plot line of the series itself and something Hitomi worries about because she is directly involved with the plot itself. I would want to go home if faced with that choice as well. In the end after Gaea is saved, Hitomi returns home safe and sound. Well she go on more adventures? Who knows.

I tried my hardest to make sure I didn’t go for the easiest choices. You know: Goku, Vegeta, other DB characters, Ichigo from Bleach, and so many others. I suppose there are some obvious characters on this list anyway, but sometimes it’s hard not to think of some of them. Now for the usual hard question that comes with a list like this, what character do you think of when it comes to this In between worlds sort of character? Do you go the obvious route or is there someone deeper in your mind that you’ve thought up? All answers are welcome here as long as you choose to answer.

Thank you for reading everyone. I’ll be going for slightly longer and more detailed posts next week. I’ll be back at it at full force. This week, I just needed a little bit of a slow down and a break. Anno August and the Space Tour thing really did a number on me. Yes, it took me a couple weeks to feel the burn out. I’m weird like that.


  1. That’s a great list. I liked how you mixed up the concept of an in-between character whether they are from another planet or not. Going by that logic, I’d say some good runners up would be…

    Sayuri from The Place Promised In Our Early Days
    Haruka from Noein
    Shu from Now and Then Here and There

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      1. Thanks, Scott. Now and Then Here and There is an underrated series that if it came out now, then people would hail it as a brutal deconstruction of the Isekai genre like it was the Madoka or EVA of that style of anime. However, I would not watch NTHT (or ImaBoku, as I’ve also seen it) if you’re depressed because this deals with a lot of brutal issues like child soldiers, colonization, the dark side of war, suicide, and those are some of the more tame things in that series.

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  2. Very thought-provoking post. I like Hiyori and Hitomi though I don’t really know the others. I guess whether or not I think anything very deep about their situations depends mostly on if the show highlights those issues/themes. Personally, I love characters who are traitors or have very wobbly loyalty. I’m noncommittal lol.

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