(Animanga Festival) First Time Anime Recommendation!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first entry to Auri’s event, the Animanga Festival. I’m pretty excited about taking part in this even if my offerings are small and limited. Auri is the best and she has the greatest ideas, so keep an eye out for her future ideas to come. Also, keep an eye out for more people posting during this event. I’m hoping for this to be become with a lot of people sharing their points of view! On to the post!

I’ve been thinking about this one for a little while. Usually when I think of recommending an anime series for people to watch for the first time, I would ask the person in question what kind of media they enjoy watching and suggesting an anime somewhere in that department. That anime of choice that appears might not hit the right mark for people either, but the chance for success is higher then otherwise I think. Need more test subjects. But yeah, this question is hard though, because nothing you say or recommend will be perfect for the hopefully incoming watcher.

Full Metal Panic!

That doesn’t answer this prompt though. With that, I’ve thought long and hard and came up with a couple answers. The first one is Full Metal Panic! This was one of Arakada from Glass Reflection’s thoughts, but I agree with it. Why? Because it covers a lot of bases when it comes to what people will expect in anime. Girls with colored hair, powers beyond understanding, romance, mecha, comedy, and so on. It’s that perfect entry into anime that just exists for some reason.

Hunter X Hunter

The second one is Hunter X Hunter. Which version? Either works fine in my eyes honestly. The only difference between the 1999 and 2011 versions are the different art styles from the different decades they are from and the amount of filler or character moments in them. (I might favor the 1999 version a little more myself). Hunter X Hunter is a decently long running shonen series, but it has great characters, every single battle is well thought out, and each arc can be defined by a very different genre. And I mean different. There are sports, video games, crime arcs, political dramas, and others. All of those are pretty well done. It’s an almost perfect shonen battle series too.

Yes, those are my general recommendations that I think would have a higher chance of success then some others. What anime would you recommend for people looking into jumping into this pool?


    1. Yes. And then watch Fumoffu and Second Raid and Invisible Victory. Really just watch it all. It may be the best things that Gonzo or KyoAni has done.

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  1. Great recommendations! I haven’t thought about Full Metal Panic covering all the bases before, but now that I think about it, that is probably why I have fond memories of it. hahahaha…

    I also agree that the difference between the two Hunter X Hunter versions would be in the art style. If they don’t like the old art style, they should check out the newer version if that is more of their cup of tea – or anime.

    Have a nice day.

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