Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2019 Week 1 (Some First Impressions Inside)

Very light week in seasonal anime watching this week. This partially because not all the shows I’m interested in watching have started appearing yet and it’s also partly because of Funimation itself. The new Fate anime appeared on Funimation and I already pay for too many subscription services to watch anime. I was hoping it would appear on Hulu because a lot of shows from Funimation usually do. Not the case with Fate. I guess I will be a peasant and wait a week for it. Sigh.

So yes, only three shows this week. I know there will be more next time because more things are appearing in the coming week. Keep an eye out for it.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 1

Found on Crunchyroll

That was a solid, but not exceptional first episode. A basketball anime where the male club is made of delinquents and our boy is a short, soft boy who gets ganged up on by bullies in the beginning. He also never gives up when ganged up on and has his mom’s basketball shoes from when she was a pro. The premise seems to be that Sora, our protagonist, is going to win over the gangly basketball club into playing games and he started that by taking all of them on in 5-1 basketball and winning. We also got a decent feel for the cast including the cowardly Chiaki, the wonderful Madoka, and such. Definitely going to keep watching for now because it’s pretty easy and solid entertainment.

LOGH Reboot S2 Episode 2

Found on Crunchyroll

Well, that was a chess piece placing episode if I’ve ever seen one. The emperor of the empire died leaving behind no marked or distinguished heirs to take the throne, so let the Game of Thrones begin. No one grieved the emperor’s passing which is sad, but everybody is getting ready to line their pieces before total war occurs. It’s interesting to see the innocence in the two, young girls who have a claim to the throne as empresses tossing whatever at each other and then the reality hits for other people and full out war is about to break out. Those kids really have no idea what is going on, do they? It’s interesting to think about. Then again, that’s probably the major point of this episode isn’t it?

But anyway, the major thing our Reinhard does with his group is side with the third choice. The young grandson of the former emperor who the prime minister of the central government is still aligned with. Then there is some small movements made by Reinhard’s assistant Oberstein who is going to make some movements against Kircheis. So nothing good is happening. Can’t wait to see how this little civil war looks like in this anime because I already know how it’s going to end up. All the chess moves I see. It’s nuts. I’m glad that there was a Yang and Julian scene to top this episode off, because I really like that relationship and Julian’s theme of not understanding the implications of war either. Broken innocence really needs to be the episode title. Fantastic episode, wonderful episode.

Vinland Saga Episode 13

Found on Amazon Prime

It seems like I was completely wrong about who the forces were that surrounded the Vikings last time. Instead of a forward unit by Thorkell, It was the Welsh again. Pretty crazy to think about considering that the Vikings were being lead by the Welsh general and now this situation happens. But anyway, I really do like how character focused this episode was. It’s not just a trek for our characters, there is plenty of time for character exploration. Askeladd making a deal with the Welsh forces to continue through their country, while looking like they are prisoners, was pretty interesting.

Especially since we learn more about the mysterious Askeladd. About how he’s half Welsh because of his mother, how he hates the Danish (maybe), and wants to use Canute to push forward treaties so the Danish don’t attack the Welsh in the future. The blood of King Arthur inside of him is pretty interesting to think about too. Just shows that there is much more about Askeladd then meets the eye and I doubt we will found out all there is. How boring would a character be if there aren’t any mysteries? Especially since the Vikings are now going into enemy territory and are starting to have some doubts about Askeladd.

Yet, the most interesting aspects was the connection between Canute and Thorfinn that appeared. Canute was given the chance to forcefully speak to scare the Welsh out of the way, but he couldn’t do it. Too quiet of a character, yet Thorfinn was able to get a huge rise out of Canute by being incredibly off putting like he usually is. I really like seeing these two characters together. I hope there is more moments to come as we go on. Some fun chemistry there.


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