(Animanga Festival) Set Sailing: Gundam 0079

Welcome to another prompt in Animanga Festival, everyone. This one is going to be an interesting entry.

I’m not sure if this is the biggest surprise or not, but I do actually have my own set of ships that for different sets of anime. Yeah, the modern anime culture has taken hold of me. I’m going to blame it completely on fate though. That fun otaku bin of madness completely absorbed all of my life force into it resulting in me loving it. That has definitely resulted in me using the term waifu a lot more then I thought I would, so this would same natural right? Yeah, I think it would actually. But anyway, this post is about gundam characters. Nailed that transition.

So let’s talk about Gundam 0079’s characters. I know that this is a bias and everything, but I think it’s characters are some of the most iconic there is in anime. We can easily say that due to how many Char Clones there are, but Amuro Ray clones have been made their appearance too from points on. Maybe they are mostly in Tomino anime, but they are still present. Before anyone asks, I’m not shipping Amuro Ray and Char Aznable. Though, that would be a valid one considering all the drama that they’ve been through. I’m actually talking about Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass, Char’s Sister. So close there, but no cigar.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve always felt that Amuro and Sayla had some great chemistry together. Sayla Mass is the tough, hard working, and take no crap kind of person that kept going on the White Base. Why? She was motivated by a personal mission to stop her brother. Amuro Ray is the gundam pilot, but he’s always been the complete opposite of Sayla. He’s whiny, doesn’t want to fight, and saw no reason to keep going for a while. There was that turning point when he manned up after Captain Bright slapped him, but I think that Amuro’s friendship with Sayla pushed him to be the person he would be later on in the Gundam universe. It’s unfortunate that Sayla didn’t appear as much in the UC after 0079 as Amuro because she’s just an amazing character that needed more love. But anyway…

There is even some text to this ship too. In the anime, Sayla and Amuro didn’t have that relationship, they did in the novels. They were the first new types to appear on the White Base and because of that, they instantaneously had a relationship. Why? Because they instantly understood each other. No one else could understand them that well, so there was that distinct isolation from the rest of the crew that made the relationship stronger. It didn’t last too long though, but it being there was the point.

We could also add some mechanical aspects to this shipping. Not only did Sayla pilot the Gundam when Amuro was angsty, even if she didn’t do it that well, she also piloted the G Armor that connected with the Gundam and made it fly faster. So basically, it was shipping the Gundam in some ways. What else do I need to say here? Sayla and Amuro should have been canon in the anime series. Everything would have been slightly better in the story for me. Plus, it would add some extra drama into the series itself. I suppose there is enough already, but this situation would have been more then warranted.

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