(Animanga Festival) M.A.R.’s Best Works Collection

Welcome back to another post for Auri’s Animanga Festival thing. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say something like that because it’s kind of disrespectful. Oops, hope you don’t mind my craziness and usual way I speak, Auri! This time, we were given the prompt of telling the audience about some of the best things we’ve written or made. Definitely a sort of biased list because it’s based on our perspectives. I guess that is the nature of lists anyway, right? Nothing can be done about that.

Anyway, here is some of my favorite posts that I’ve written on this blog.

Number 1: Of Mechs and Men

Still one of my favorite pieces of writing detailing why I love mecha anime and Gundam anime in general.

Number 2: Strengths of Science Fiction Media (and why I love it)

Same as the last one, but with science fiction instead of mecha and Gundam.

Number 3: (OWLS Post) Key:TMI and I: Of Humanity and Making Friends

One of my first personal posts that says a lot about me.

Number 4: How Iron Blooded Orphans is (different/the same as) other Gundam series

I got to talk about some fun gundam stuff regarding Iron Blooded Orphans.

Number 5: A Silent Voice: When Past Mistakes Comes to Haunt You

Another personal post for me that comes from my heart I think.

Number 6: [August 2019 OWLS Tour] Tsurune’s Quiet Expressions

My Kyoto Animation post for OWLS that I feel like hit a chord for me as I wrote it.

I’m sure people have some other works that they’ve liked from my blog writing, but these are the ones that spoke to me the most. These are here, because I feel like they speak more about me then a lot of my Q and A posts do which makes them very powerful for me. I know this is asking for a lot and a little egotistical, but what is your favorite post that I’ve written so far? Don’t be too shy ok, I just want to know for future reference.


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