(Animanga Festival) Science Fiction Crossover

Welcome to another post on my blog for Auri’s Animanga Festival. I wasn’t originally going to do this prompt, but I recently got a decent idea for it. This is an idea that merely came to my head because of what I’ve been reading recently. You know, manga and light novels. Yes, I am reading two science fiction things, the Crest of the Stars light novel and Astra Lost in Space manga at the same time. You know I watched both of these anime too, but I wanted to read their source material because I wanted to know what the changes are. Unfortunately, what my mind didn’t come with anything massively creative outside of my point of view. It’s just a classic science fiction cross over scenario.

Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space’s final scenes revolve around Kanata, Zach, and Charce traveling the galaxy finding places to put wormholes for human travel and immigration across the stars. What if Banner of the Stars happens in the future of Astra’s universe? What if Lafiel and Jinto’s ship, the Basriol, accidently made their way through wormhole that was meant for Astra’s time period. Wormholes are a lost technology in Astra at the moment, so maybe they didn’t know how to set the time and exact location for them yet and the Basriol’s visit was a result of that experimentation. Of course, this happens because only Kanata’s crew knew about the Basriol’s visit.

To keep the time line intact, the Basriol would have to be hidden from Astra’s politicians and people in general. It’s not the only time that the Astra has found someone out of their time line, because Polina was from a hundred years in the past, but the future is a different beast. There would be so many ways to use their future knowledge to the advantage of everyone on Astra. No one said that corruption left that universe. Lafiel herself would be hard to explain to anyone because of her elven ears. Basically, the story is while the Basriel spends time in the past learning how “ancient humans” live and the crew of the original Astra work together to hide them and figure out how to use the worm hole technology to send the Basriol back to the timeline.

Banner of the Stars

There are tons of ways for all of this to go wrong. The government could learn about the Basriel’s visit and send agents after the crew, some people from the Basriel could accidently let slip they are from the future while drinking and talk about future events, and so many other possibilities. The genetic experimentation and creation of the Abh race is also a major thing that shouldn’t make it out in the open in this universe because of some genetic laws. The Basriel itself is a patrol ship and while it may have future technology on it in terms of weaponry and such, it’s still a small ship that could eventually be over powered by Planet Astra’s fleets if they had weapons. So many complications to consider here.

I almost feel like writing a fanfiction for this, but I don’t know if I have the writing chops for it at all. Still, I think this would still be pretty entertaining and bring some intrigue to Crest of the Stars and Astra’s universe that would go beyond the character backstories of the Astra crew. What do you guys think? Also, what do you think would make a good cross over?


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