Weekly Seasonal Watches Fall 2019 Week 3

Not much to say here other then I was surprised by a lot of things airing this season.. Let’s just jump into the action.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 3

I don’t know what I was expecting with this episode, but it wasn’t this. Ok, mostly this. Was Sora able to get Mamoharu our head bully, interested in playing basket ball again for real this time? Yes, because Sora saw Mamoharu try to dunk a basketball and saw him fly. Even if Mamoharu missed, Sora was excited to see Mamoharu do that because it’s not something he could do. I didn’t expect a gang from another school want to play basket ball with them.

I also didn’t expect Sora having to do crazy things to get the other gang members into playing basketball like practicing naked in front of the girls team OR even getting into his club’s gang activity by breaking into the other school’s club, showing off his capability, then running away. Holy crap man, Sora is nuts in a very fun and creative sort of way. I kind of want to see what he does next.

With all that insanity that happened in this episode I feel like it would be a major disappointment if I didn’t watch this one. I really do like the unique approach to sports anime from a misunderstood and loveable delinquent side here. Not something that I’ve seen for a while. Also, the animation itself is pretty passable. Maybe average? I think this one is a for sure a keeper for at least this season.

Blade of the Immortal (2019) Episode 3

Well, this show with it’s beautiful direction and interesting action scenes are back and I’m glad for it honestly. Today we live the story of Makie, a prostitute who killed three men and was bought out of prostitution to be an assassin. Something interesting because the fights do have a lot of sexual feel to them in this episode. For one thing, Makie and Mr. Manji (our bodyguard) do start off as what could be sexual actions in allies that turns into fights. Maybe there is a connection between sexuality and killing sometimes. But anyway, Makie tries to kill Manji once, fails, then completely over powers Manji the second time where she is motivated by her buyer to kill them for her.

Rin protecting her body guard and Makie going back into being a prostitute because she sees more value there then killing. Society as a whole has a downward look on sexual workers, right? For a lot of reasons because a lot of us think of all the negative aspects of it. You know, the whole “it’s scandalous and wrong” sort of thing, right? It’s very rare that a series has a more positive look at it and Blade of the Immortal is one of them here and while I am not the proper person to talk about it, it’s pretty empowering for Makie to make that choice.

The best part of the episode was Rin for me. Even if she wasn’t on screen that long compared to Makie and Mr. Manji, every moment she was in was gold. Her throwing up at a restaurant in front of a guy that was hitting on her while Manji and Makie were fight was a short scene, but I really like it. Plus Rin pouts are good pouts. This show knows how to be fun, bloody, gory, and powerful at the same time and I’m here for that.

Gundam Build Divers re:RISE Episodes 2 and 3

I don’t know if it’s a hallucination or anything, but I am finding that I really like this show. Especially since it’s giving me these Log Horizon season one vibes that I really like. In these episodes, our unlikely heroes were given the task of protecting furry villagers from the one eyed attack. Episode 2 involved our group during simulations on different plans to take on the attackers and while one plan eventually lead to stopping the village BARELY, our protagonist HIroto didn’t think about that was enough so he came up with a new plan.

This leads to episode 3 where our protagonist has to convince the villagers to block off one road so all four group members could protect the other one? First the players needed to be convinced. HIroto seems to be the only one attached to the world of the game and he had to get his other three characters involved by talking about bonus points. After that, the villagers went for the plan, the awesome action happened, then Hiroto saved the village from the one eyed that survived the rock falls.

Yeah, I really like the direction that this show has taken and how it’s establishing it’s characters. Especially with Hiroto trying to find the ai lover for all the cg land, Rev learning not to be our noob, the hero character taking credit for things he doesn’t do, and unfortunately the capable female character that hasn’t been developed much yet. Still only episode three so there is time. I feel so much more positive about this show then I ever did for the original Build Divers.

No Guns Life episode 2

Another good character building episode this week for our gun headed Juuzo who continually shows that he tries to be hard on the outside and is just a big softy on the inside. Him turning down his pain receptors after punching the train and taking bullets to take back tetsuro, the boy who doesn’t know how to be a kid and is Beruhend’s science experiment, show this. Especially since he suffered greatly from it after ward just to look cool. Oh, a mechanical friend by the name of Mary has made an appearance I really like her. She was in the opening, so I am glad she has shown up and always has a one up over Juuzo. I guess Juuzo just has bottom energy.

If anything, this episode was Juuzo’s declaration of war against Berunhend. One of that companies workers came around to bribe Juuzo for Tetsuro with all the cigarettes that are Juuzo’s favorite from around the city citing that Juuzo needed them for his own control, but that was all a lie. OF course it was. With that lie and with Mary’s help, Juuzo was able to eliminate all of Berunhend’s units that went after him. I’m glad that Juuzo is a man of principal. Of course now, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go now that he’s being tracked down.

Stars Align Episode 3

I am feeling like I am loving the artistry and animation of this show a little more then the story. There are so many characterizing elements for background characters really gives the school a lot of life and makes me feel like I know those characters more then I actually do know them. What else is there to say here really. Oh, the content of the episode itself. I really should talk about those things shouldn’t I? Yeah. I’m sorry, I got caught up in my own thoughts for a moment or two.

This episode features Maki joining Shinjo’s soft tennis club. After the events of last episode where his drunk and bad dad stole money from his apartment, Maki is heavily invested in learning about how to play tennis. By Maki learning about tennis from shinjo and also going into some aspect of a rivalry with Shinjo, he’s all dragging the rest of the club to be better at Tennis. Especially since Maki is naturally athletic and a quick steady. From making the other members jealous, maybe they will return to being good again. Or just good in general. I do wonder if that is in Maki’s character to act that way sense we don’t know a lot about him yet, but oh well. I’m interested to see where this is going for next episode.

LOGH Reboot S2 Episode 4

With this episode, the empire has their final bet of set up and we have the beginning of the imperial civil war. The nobles have chosen their sides of the conflict which we find out by Hilda Mariendorf signing up for Reinhard’s side because she sees more promise in his side then the nobles forming their own alliance, the Lippstadt alliance to go against their government for their own gains. The lippstadt alliance’s want of having a fair fight instead of assassinating Reinhard is their downfall. Even when some Lippstadt generals and officers do try to assassinate Reinhard or try to speed up the end of the war in their own way by capturing Reinhard’s sister, nothing comes from it. Especially since the nobles are more interested in loyalty and standard rather then actually winning a war.

With that, Reinhard takes action immediately. He rounds up the remaining nobles and military offices on the imperial capital’s planet, Odin, quickly in order to do whatever he wants without being judged by it. Especially since he’s given the order to go after the Ippstadt rebelling who he called traitors. The last portion of the episode is the fleets of the Reinhard’s side going out to attack the Lippstadt rebellion. That’s it. I’m pretty excited to see more beautiful action scenes. Also, what happened to Hilda? She looked great already but her original character design but WOAH. WOAH. That is all that I will say here.

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 2

This was the first real episode of My Hero Academia for this season and it was…..ok. I would have liked to see more of class 1-A, but Midoriya did feel like Hinata from Haikyu in this one. (Yes, I’ve been reading it. Quiet.) Why? Because Midoriya wants to be the best, right? He wants to get involved in a work study program, though that isn’t necessary for first years, because he wants to jump ahead. Who does he want to work study with? Night Eye, All Might’s former partner. How does he do it? By All Might asking Mirio of the big three for Midoriya to join in for him. That does give off the impression of Night Eye being a scary hero, but then All Might is scared of a lot of nice and good people.

So Midoriya enters night eye, who has set up a tickling machine for his current side kick bubble girl, because she didn’t present her report in an amusing enough tone to make him laugh. Ok, that’s creepy. Midoriya entering the scene and ending the episode with an All Might impression really did give off a questionable sort of cliff hanger. Will Night Eye laugh or not? Who knows. Yeah, not a fan of that really.

Still, the most interesting part of this episode was the beginning when Shigaraki and his league of villains met with the Yakuza. Why? Because there is a lot of tension in the air here. Especially when the Yakuza leader, who I forget his name, completely criticized Shigaraki’s plan less villainy. That and he kill one of Shigaraki’s men and Shigaraki killed one member of the Yakuza. Not a good start for this union in villainy. I wonder where that dynamic will go from here.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylon Episode 2

There was just a lot of minimal character building and world building in this episode. A lot of that from a hero we meet up with by the name of Merlin and his little companion named Anna. All of it comes from the perspective of “let me teach you, the protagonists, about this world” which makes sense considering that Fujiwara and Mash are visitors, but I can’t help but be really annoyed in some way considering that everyone else knows about the world. It just irritates me a little bit and I just don’t know why.

Anyway, the major things we learn are that the Eniku we meet here is a false hero somehow. That lead to an action scene against our heroes, Anna, and Merlin in which we were shown Anna’s quick assassin abilities and Merlin’s awesome perspective bending capabilities. Besides our certain doctor Romani commenting on Merlin being in Babylon in general, not much other then that really besides exploring the interesting relationship between Merlin and Anna. Something I would like to see more of.

The last segment of this episode was my favorite part. Anna acted like a real kid when giving a treat by the guard before entering the city, Uruk itself felt like a thriving city which amazing, and lastly we get to see Gilgamesh being a kind. An older Gilgamesh to be sure, but seeing him make decisions that effects people is pretty good considering all we see him do is be a loud mouth in Zero and UBW. The quick fight that Gilgamesh wanted to do against Fujiwara. Wow, talk about a cliff hanger.

So in the end, this felt like a much stronger episode then the first episode from a visual perspective and world building perspective. I like it and hope this build up continues.

Vinland Saga Episode 15

It’s hard to stop something like last week’s biblical tale, so Vinland Saga decided to do something else this week. Moving on to explain more about Prince Canute and the situation he is in on the royal court. The episode opens with Danish King Sweyn getting a report on Canute from everything the Vikings know and how he was supposedly lost in England while we as a viewer know where he is. What happens? Sweyn shows his complete and utter disdain for Canute, just like how he left Canute with troops in London and didn’t even think about returning, and just accosted Canute for not being his other prodigal son. A lot of father issues with this show. Almost reminds me of a famous anime from 1995.

That’s when we cut back to our Vikings in England. After spending ten days in the village they slaughtered, everything is getting more stale and boring for our vikings and Thorkell’s group too. Winter sucks for those who fight. Those are the set up pieces, not the plot itself. Though, Thorkell wanting to chase after Askeladd’s group when figuring out where the other vikings are is going to be an important think moving forward. I’m almost certain of that aspect. It would be completely boring if our characters go to where they wanted to go without conflict and threat of death, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve been very distracted when writing this excerpt. The main focus of this episode was Canute. We see him refusing to have his faith challenged by a struggling priest and we learn about how Canute likes to cook which is something King Sweyn hates. A real sense of his situation appears when the English show up to attack. Why? Because Askeladd uses that situation to kill Ragnar to push in the direction of what he thinks the king should be. Holy crap. Of course the comes with a lot of provisions. Askeladd learns about all small Danish civil war happening between Canute and Harald along with the fact that he might as well go into hiding. Askeladd’s luck seems to be shrinking all the time. Well, I wonder what is going to happen moving forward.

Gah, I would hate to be a Viking in 11th century England right now. Then again, it would suck for everyone. If you are wondering about the visuals, there wasn’t anything profound or special about this show’s visual presentation because good sense of direction. This was another one of those limited animation episodes that was more story and character focused then anything with fighting in the background. Just going to say that this episode was just nice and consistent. I’m sure we will get to more action in the future which is good. Not always necessary to provide tension though.


  1. Fate Babylonia really does feel like a mobile game adaptation considering how many “meet this character, then have a fight” scenes there are. It is interesting to see Gil finally doing actual king stuff after talking endlessly about how great he is in previous Fate works.

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  2. I couldn’t have agreed with you more on Blade of the Immortal! Blade Of the Immortal really knows how to wield my emotions with ease without feeling unnatural or choppy. I love forward to future episodes!

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