(Animanga Festival) Blogger Inspiration: Irina!

I like the theme of this last blog week of the Animanga Festival. It’s about Blogger appreciation and that’s just perfect for how a fun blogging event like this should be concluded. Auri did a good job of making the Animanga Festival and put in tons of love and dedication into making it function. With that concept and today’s theme, I’m writing about one of my favorite bloggers to end this event. That blogger is Irina from Drunken Anime Reviews. I don’t think there is a bad blogger out there because everyone writes their own content in a unique way, but I have a slight lean in favoritism toward what Irina puts out. Let me list some reasons why.

Irina is a constant inspiration for my own blogging because of how hard she works at it. Not just because she posts everyday, but because she constantly posts well written and thoughtful posts everyday with her fun and intelligent personality all over them. As a blogger, I know how hard getting a post out everyday is sometimes and I know that Irina is constantly busy, but she puts in the effort anyway and that’s honestly one of the most commendable and amazing thing about her. Writing original content is incredibly hard, but Irina still works so hard at it anyway. That’s one of many reasons why her blog took our aniblogging community by storm and probably stolen a lot of our hearts. Do I need to say anything else about that?

Icon from Irina’s Blog

Let’s talk about reviews too. I’ve watched a lot of unique anime that I wouldn’t have otherwise watched because Irina wrote a review for them. Let’s talk Natsume’s Book of Friends, To Be Heroine, Promare, Arakawa, and quite a few series. I’m a big fan of mecha and science fiction anime that’s been try to break more and more out of watching only those two and action shows and Irina has been one of the major influences for that. For instance, Natsume completely blew my socks off when watching it. Not because it’s hard science fiction or has good action, but because it has a self experience that never failed to hit us over it’s six running seasons. An interesting, favorite show. Thank you Irina (And Karandi. Can’t forget about her because she’s be a force of Natsume goodness too.) For this. I’m glad I read your posts all the time.

Lastly, this paragraph is the most important bit. I can definitely call Irina one of the most positive forces in my life. I haven’t had the luxury of a lot of conversations with her. In fact, I don’t know much about her personal life besides the fact that Irina blogs, lives in certain French Focused areas in Canada, her job, and the fact that she drinks, but every conversation that I’ve had with her over instant messaging and sometimes voice chats, though it’s been a while, have always been positive and comforting for me. I can’t say that I’ve had the easiest life recently with constant failures in what I want to do career wise and too many bad family deaths over the past few years, but Irina has always been a positive force that propels me forward.

One of these days, I wish I could be as smart, thoughtful, hard working, and mentally mature as Irina. Life goals right there.


  1. Irina is super legit and she deserves that kind of recognition. She’s been supportive and I think it’s cool how we know some obscure anime series. We’ve had good email conversations and comment threads about anime and blogging. It all started when I found her Haibane Renmei review and how much we agreed on liking that series.

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  2. I agree with every single word you’ve said about Irina, she is indeed an inspiration to many and even myself. Reading her posts are always such fun, and never fails to motivate me to achieve such a standard of writing

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  3. Well now I’m crying… This is honestly one of the most touching things I have ever read and I mean it without exaggeration when I say that I will print this out and pin it on my fridge to make me happy every morning.

    Also I do hope you are feeling better Scott. You are one of the sweetest souls I know and you are one of the big elements that has made this community a home for me

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