December 2019: Jon’s Creator Showcase Start

Before I start this post and get into the specifics, let’s all give Infinite Zenith another round of applause for doing a fantastic job in putting his Showcase together. You can find that here. He spent a large amount of time reading our posts and covering his thoughts on each of them in detail. That takes a lot of dedication and work and I am not going to get anywhere close to writing about each posts that in depth. I’m just going to try my best and doing it my way. Just not going to try and beat a standard that is way too high. About all I can do. Really.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business here. Unlike last time in May, I volunteered to take December much farther in advanced. So let’s being Jon’s Creator December Showcase out in style and some though.

If you are interested in the history of Jon’s Creator Showcase, this is something that Jon originally created for his own blog, then Raistlin came around before Jon could quit and suggested that other blogs could host it instead. If you want to vote to do this in the future, here is where you can do that. Please don’t be shy, jump into this when you can for 2020. It’s first come, first serve here so jump here when you can.

That’s not where this blog tour volunteering ends, but this time its much easier. I do all the leg work myself. All you have to do is find your best post from November, no restrictions on that, and either submit it here in the comments or on my twitter thread down below to get involved. If you are on twitter, please tag three more people to continue the spreading of posts AND use the hashtag #TheJCS to make sure I am able to find it.

You don’t have to be tagged or anything to do it, all you have to do is submit and follow the instructions I gave you. We always aim for posts people have made in the previous month because that month is completed and it’s easier to choose a post when you know what you posted down in one sitting. No December posts or posts from October and below will be accepted UNLESS there are special circumstances. Thank you so much for reading and hopefully participating.

Like I said before, you don’t have to be @ed to just in the fun. Just post, tag, and have fun.


  1. I hope your December run will be a great one; remember, it is the last JCS of the decade! In the future, I probably should make it clear that posts will only be accepted from the previous month, since last time, I got a few November submissions. I’ll be tossing a submission your way pretty soon, too. Cheers!

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  2. Thanks for the shout out Scott, and sorry for the very late reply. As you might have noticed I have been away for quite a while. It’s been a truly rough year for me, and it’s taken it’s toll. I’m trying to play catch up to all the links, and comments I have missed since I have been away:) Hope the event went well: but knowing you hosted it, it must have been a succes:)

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