Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2019 Anime Week 9

It’s December already? How did that happen? Where did this year and decade go? It’s completely nuts. I feel so old despite the fact that I’m really not. Anyway, anime talk now!

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 8

Please read my review from yesterday right here.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 9

I’m kind of amazed at all of the things that this school’s basket ball club is getting away from. This week, Kite or Natsume became an active member of the club despite his near expulsion from school. So what happened was a large variety of circumstantial things. The first one was Natsume turning over a new leaf by sticking to his dream of making it to nationals and meeting with his sister. He quickly became an aimless person to someone who has a minimal sort of goal now. He’s been randomly throwing his anger everywhere and now he’s not. Like I said, a quick turn around.

The second thing was the bathroom scene. Sora spent a lot of time groveling for Natsume’s sake and it all lead to the bathroom seen when everyone was there at the right moment. Like, the principal was in a bathroom stall which is something that nobody expected. That push for the basket ball team making the nationals was what allowed Natsume to not be expelled by now. All of this was solidly put into place at the end where the team saw the final round of a game and thought their abilities were not as good as they could be. Now they have a visual of where they should go. So yeah, this episode was alright just like the rest of them. Still, I’m feeling like possibly dropping this show if the anime airing next season is better then this week.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 9

Another in between episode. If anything, this felt like the beginning of a new season because of how everything turned out last week. In the beginning of this episode, Rin is now a criminal on a wanted posted with Mr. Manji after the events with Shira (I got the name wrong last time, sorry) in the last episode. She’s now looked at from a different light from how she used to be which is why she wants to leave that area. That and she wants to still chase Anotsu who left the area for revenge. Whatever she needs to do, it’s clear she need to leave the area.

So with no Mr. Manji appearance in this episode for some reason, that’s what this episode is about. It’s her bid to get past the gate to a new area through the help of people whose last attempt ended in failure who own an inn. Of course, Rin was able to get their help and Rin got tons and tons of advice and help from the inn owners wife. All from the knife marks that she gave Rin along with the background knowledge to pass the gate. All things that the owner didn’t even know about when going to the gate itself, so a big win for the woman here against the dumb men guarding the gate. A slow episode, but a fun one for sure. If anything, it’s easier to write about then usual.

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Episode 9

A very fun, yet simple episode once again. I say that, but that’s what has been working for this show right now. Our villagers are busy working on their festival and while that is happening, the Build Divers prepare to head out for their water mission. Hiroto has a talk with his friend where his opinion is that people who know how to do things should do things. An argument that is proven wrong when Hiroto tries to take on the water being himself, gets owned, and actually starts using his team member’s help to take it on by getting it out of the water.

A simple premise for an episode, but one that feels honest and earnest enough to work. May helping out Hiroto is how it starts out and he at least feels better about himself. We also get a quick glimpse about what May is about. She’s been hiding more about herself through her then her ambitions. The villain shows up to attack them after the end credits and May turns out to be an El-Diver when fighting him. Her real self is revealed here and I wonder what it means for the rest of the series. I know what it means for Hiroto, but what about the show itself? This episode was wonderful and exploratory for sure with well animated and creative mecha fights along side them. What else can I say?

No Guns Life Episode 8

A simple episode focused on a singular and location. It’s a match between Armed and Juzo while also being a war of ideals. Armed pushed Juzo’s form as far as it could go and broke him leading to Juzo going completely berserk and destroying Armed almost single handedly before breaking down. Then Olivier, whose backstory involved her father dying from taking part in a secret mission before Olivier could make it to the director of EMS, and Tetsuro show up with cigarettes. Armed pushed his heroism in an attempt for Extended rights, so basically what Beruhren is doing but in reverse. After Olivier saved Juzo leading to Armed’s defeat and capture. Then Olivier and Armed’s fates are left behind up in the air now due to the other Juzo time wandering around.

All I am going to say is that I enjoyed this episode with a lot of it’s material and all, but I was completely bored by what Armed was trying to do. Mostly because it sort of came out of nowhere. There was some lead in like Gondry being controlled by Armed’s friends and such through the use of Harmony, but this episode really isn’t as strong as it could be here. Still alright because it meant things for our characters. The visuals of the fight must have blown the budget for this episode, despite it looking ok, because the other EMS extended that appeared were cg. Then again, they weren’t important so why spend money on them? That’s all we got.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Reboot S2 Episode 10

While the fall of the noble’s rebellion was inevitable and that just kind of happened in this episode. They sent their fleet outside of their huge death star looking battle station stupidly, lost, and that was that honestly. The more important part here was the split between Reinhard and Kircheis. The bombing of the Westerlands and the morality behind them is what did it. Kircheis was also the person who kept Reinhard in check and since he was gone, bad things happened. Now, Kircheis is only a soldier in line and not Reinhard’s friend. I know what happens and it’s tragic, but this episode did all of that justice along and I can’t wait to see how this show handles the power and sad moment that follows.

Psycho Pass S3 Episode 6

Well, a lot happened in this episode. I know this episode is 45 minutes long like all of these episodes, but I don’t think there was enough time in this episode for this to feel organic. In fact, this episode was made out of plot points that didn’t have any natural transitions to one another. The first part involved Kei and Mao in disguise getting information on a religious sect by spying on them at Heaven’s Leap. This happens for a while, including parties and such, until the bad guys figure out what was going on and capture Mao and Kei and abused them for their own purposes. Plus, BiFrost is doing evil things like putting money into the metal industry and building trains. The terror!

On the other end, Arata and others are following the trail of the three other bombers and the female priest that ran away. They also investigate what the bad guys have been up to including how they’ve been smuggling weapons and people into areas using the under sides of taxis. Then another bomber shows up and tries to destroy them leading to them finding more information left behind by the female priest. That helps with their theory that she is helping them. Finally, there was the ending moment when Kei’s wife who had eye surgery is taken in by the bad guys unbeknownst to her and is probably going to have a bomb planted in here too for Kei’s horror. Very Psycho Pass in some ways, but also very mean. I suppose there is Shimotsuki who has problems with the foreign affairs department? Kind of pointless.

So because of those plot points just happening, I guess this is the set up episode to get the final episode in motion. Why do all these episodes have to just be so cobbled together and questionable just to get everything aligned in the way it wants it to be. I know there are eight episodes, but they are double lengthed which means that this should feel more natural in some way. Plus, the production behind each episode have really been down since episode 4. Are they saving a lot of that for later? It’s like these last few episodes are trying too hard and skipping out on a lot of things that made the first half strong. I hope it pulls back but I don’t know if it can. It’s still good, but not great anymore.

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 7

Not an exciting episode this week until the ending, but one that I consider very important. Until the last few minutes, this is a waiting episode. That means putting our characters in places where they are stressful with the rest of 1-A supporting them. Even for something as slow as this season has been so far, I think that getting the characters right in their moods and motives is important to think about here. My Hero Academia’s cast is getting larger all the time, so the show still needs to do right by the rest of them and give 1-A their due to be themselves. That’s what this episode is in a way. Like saying goodbye to a cast of characters while the action happens somewhere else.

The main focus is on Deku here while being extremely stressed out and worried about his experiences moving onward and what he messed up by not picking up Eri. Well him and Mirio while the other students involved in this Chie Hassaiki raid are the only knows who know. So it’s really nice to see Iida and Todoroki supporting Deku in his time of stress and Bakugou just randomly yelling just because. I also like how this arc is still treated as teaching the kids something. The kids are learning about how adult operations work and how heroes work with detectives and law enforcement for things like warrants. It’s honestly good world building stuff.

And lastly, the action really started to happen in the last few minutes with the hero and police raid and everything. Looks like there is going to be a lot to get passed in the near future and a lot of fighting. Here we go! I’m kind of excited now.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 8

Not much to say about this episode besides it being action spectacle and the human spirit vs monsters as it’s peak so far. I mean really, seeing Ushiwaka running up Tiamat (Gorgon’s) many snake heads, cutting them apart, and such was really cool. Same with Leonidas’ heroic last stand using his noble phantasm. All of this motivated by protecting Uruk and Ritsuka Fujiwara himself. I also think that Merlin’s reveal of being part Incubus was interesting too until it was completely negated and he returned to useless. Humanities spirit was put to test here against over whelming odds and lost, but human still lives. They can rebuild and live. Also, Enkidu tricked Tiamat into leaving humanity for 10 days. Uh oh. Usually sorts of scary hero things.

Vinland Saga Episode 20

Hmmmm, maybe this season is ending a little too fast because it’s definitely going at break neck speed for some reason. Do they not have enough time to adapt everything they wanted to do for this part? I’m not saying that Canute’s transition didn’t make sense and last episode movements weren’t founded pretty well, but maybe it’s a little too early for Canute to encounter King Sweyn and plotting against him? You know, make vague plots and say aggressive things against your father this quickly is kind of bad honestly.

Then again, the narrative sort of knows that too. In a narratively terrifying scene where King Sweyn has twenty men surrounding Canute, Askeladd, and Thorfinn where Canute is making these threats, Askeladd makes a lot of brave statement about why Canute should be commended instead of outright killed. Askeladd is the grown up in the run with tons of world experience, so it only makes sense on how he can read the situation as he did. Even if King Sweyn did mock Askeladd’s upbringing, he kept his cool in the situation regardless. Mind games and war are in full bore here. What a beautiful scene in emotion direction, and animation.

With all of that good stuff, I feel like this is the episode which showed that Vinland Saga is a master of it’s own tone. Well, as far as when action doesn’t come about and over take the themes sometimes, but it’s gotten better at that too. It doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, but it’s pushed it’s playful tone to other characters like Thorkell while leaving the drama to the other characters. Considering that Thorkell is a larger then life character, it works because Vinland Saga. Thorkell plays drinking games with buddies to create some good sense of morale and it’s wonderful. So I did have some qualms, but this show is definitely well crafted in it’s 20 episode run.


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