My Blogging and Watching Habits

The ironic part about me writing this post is that I am writing this in a situation where I am slightly off my own schedule at the moment. This weekend was pretty busy due to me hanging out with some friends one day and then working the next day. The working part was the worst. With that statement in question, I decided that writing this simple post would allow me to make it back onto my schedule. I need to write more then my usual amount of post this week, so I need to do this or else I will just be writing all week and not resting. That is the complete meta behind this post. You all know what’s up so you may judge me now with a full and open mind.

Enough mental waxing. Let’s just jump into this post.

Watching Habits

I don’t know if this sounds like the most confusing thing ever, but at a minimum, I try to watch at least two episodes of anime every single day. Those two episodes come from two separate non-seasonal anime series before stacking seasonal series on top of them. Considering that seasonal shows usually come out in batches of two of three episodes each day most of the time, that means at least watching 4-5 episodes each day. With each episode going at the length of 22 to 24 minutes each, that means about an hour and half to two hours of anime watching each day which is easily doable honestly.

If there is a day when four or five seasonal shows air, which happens on Thursdays this season, then things get more complicated kind of. I either break apart my watching pattern even more by either not watching any non seasonal anime that day or break up how much I watching in question. Maybe I will watch the non seasonals with some seasonal anime in the morning then watch two or three series before going to bed. The decision for one pattern over another depends on how busy I am that day. If I have enough time to watch everything, then I will. If I don’t, then I Just do the best that I can and leave some for Friday if I have to. None of my seasonal series I am currently watching appear on Fridays so that’s a nice handicap to have.

To add some more complicated things here, I don’t watch the same non seasonal shows on weekdays and weekend days. I do this thing because my mind is very scatter brained and I need something to keep my mind distracted. So during the week recently, I’ve been watching Girls Und Panzer and Saint Seiya episodes while on weekends I am watching Tsuritama and Star Driver. Add in the episodes I watch for #AniTwitWatches and the three episodes a week of a random anime I watch with my dad each week and there you go. That’s my watching pattern. It’s Systematically strange which is perfect for me.

Blogging Patterns

My blogging patterns aren’t nearly as complicated as my watching patterns. I usually try to aim for writing my longer Wednesday and Friday posts on Sundays and Mondays. I don’t work on Mondays and Sunday is usually a day where I have enough free time to crank a post out which is why this schedule works right now. I usually spend about 3 to 4 hours drafting each of those posts out and I just let them sit in a folder for a little bit before editing them. I try to follow my many english teacher’s advice over the years and waiting to the point where the post is completely strange to me before I can objectively edit them. I know that I don’t find and fix every single error, but I try my best. It’s not like this is official work I’m being paid for, so I try to get enough flow and grammatical errors out that everything is at least readable at minimum. Each series review I write is a show that I “recently” finished. Could take up to a month for me to finally write a review sometimes, but you can be assured that I watched them recently and am not completely going off memory from along time ago. Plus, everything is scheduled two weeks in advanced or so.

My seasonal watching posts is slightly different. I write my seasonal posts as I watch each episode. After I am finished watching Chihayafuru, then I spend an hour or so writing my opinions about Chihayafuru episodes. A little simpler for other seasonal shows. I try to write enough to explain my perspectives on the seasonal shows that I watch and that’s it really. Enough is always subjective considering that sometimes I write four to five paragraphs on something one week then only one paragraph the next week. Episodes are weird like that. Ummmm, these posts are barely edited and always scheduled on Sundays to appear the following Monday so their production is faster. Chihayafuru posts are edited alongside the other posts that I write and scheduled for Sundays. This schedule allows me to get out an extra post for the weekend if I need to.

Then I suppose there is that random posts schedules that do appear or when other things happen. While I name Mecha March as my big blogging event for the year, it’s a month where I slow down my blogging considerably because it’s my break month. Did you guys ever notice how mecha anime posts sort of magically disappear during the later part of the year? Yeah, the reason why that happens is because I’m preparing for Mecha March. I am almost constantly watching Mecha shows because there is always one on tap with everything that I am watching and I just write my reviews when I am done with them and let them sit in a folder until February comes around. Then I start editing and scheduling these posts without having to put any other effort into them.

There you go, there is my blogging and writing schedule thing. Now you know most of my blogging secrets until I change them up again and this post becomes outdated. That doesn’t seem like a very likely thing at this moment though. Oh yes, this post was influenced by Irina and Karandi’s post from less then a month ago on 100 Word Anime. Please check that post out to see how two great daily bloggers work. It’s honestly astonishing and amazing how they both do what they do.


  1. That’s pretty cool mentioning your schedule. For me, it really depends on what I watch. Short films are easy and I can fly through several in less than an hour. For an anime series, I do watch 4-5 at a time just like when I had a big anime DVD collection in high school where each volume would typically had that much content.

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    1. I like taking my time because my mind likes taking in multiple stories at once instead of just one. I’m a massive scatter brain.

      That being said, I did do all that I said then watched three episodes of Giant Robo yesterday because the Blu-ray came in on Monday.

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      1. You should check what discotek has been up to 😁. They have just been pulling off some amazing releases recently. This is another one they’ve put a lot if effort into.

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      2. Sure thing. I saw Discotek relicensed it, so I edited my Giant Robo to reflect that. They’ve been putting in work to save so many licenses. If the Blu-ray visual quality is anything like them remastering Jungle Emperor Leo ’97, then I’d be super stoked. Funny enough, both of those anime projects were formally licensed by Anime Works and feature Dan Green (Yugi Mutoh and Knuckles in Sonic X, etc.) in the dub since he voiced Genya (one of his rare moments being a villain) and the adult version of Leo/Kimba.

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      3. I don’t know about Jungle Emperor Leo ’97, but the was one of Discotek’s pet projects because I follow a few of their creators on Twitter and every once in a while they post some crazy reactions on how like they are killing them just like Cyborg 009 did for another. I’m just glad to have it.

        Had no idea about the dub stuff besides it being pretty good. I just wonder what year it came out. Must have been the early 2000’s.

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  2. This is so cool. I tend to watch 2 to 6 episodes of the same anime a night and stack on seasonals as they air but I skip nights if I’m too exhausted. (Cause I work out while watching….it’s weird) you really have a nicely thought out ritual.
    And of course, thanks for then mention

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    1. I’ve worked out while watching anime 😁. At one point I was at the gym watching Rose of Versailles and I think I confused people I was next to. Whatever.

      Right? I feel like it’s a little too meticulous sometimes, but I am a big scatter brained person. Plus, I’ve broken this recently. I’ve watched more Star Driver episodes recently and watched Giant Robo yesterday because the Blu-ray came in and I was too excited not to watch it. Both are so fun 👍😁

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  3. 4-5 episodes a day? The attention span is strong with you! I’d like to be able to crack at least 5 episodes of anime a day but I always find myself feeling burnt out by the end of like, 2 episodes of seasonals or even an individual anime. I watch OreSuki, Kemono Michi, Beastars, and Cautious Hero on Wednesday so you can probably guess how those viewings go for my unattentive brain…Not fun I tell ya.

    But I suppose thats the reason why i’m so enamored with people who can hold steady, consistent episodic reviews all whilst juggling everything else they have on Life’s platter. If it was me, my episodic reviews would be all over the place in quality and publication. Bloggers are so admirable and flexible that way.

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    1. If it was the same series, I wouldn’t be able to do multiple episodes at the same time. Having multiple to watch allows my scatter brain-ness to watch more things.

      Yeah, daily and episodic bloggers are crazy. So much respect for them.

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  4. Might’ve mentioned it in the past, but there are times where I just can’t watch anything and there are others where I can finish an entire series in one shot (sometimes at the expense of sleep…momentum is a powerful factor for me). For the past few seasons, the seasonals have clumped at the ends of the week – because I only pick 6, I end up falling into a habit of watching the same seasonal on the same day each week for some shows and others I can’t really tell you the set day I watch them on. I think the average is 3 episodes a day, seasonal or not, if I take my time.

    I’ve tried watching anime in public but I’m the sort of person who gets worried about people “shoulder surfing” even at home, so I don’t think I’d ever be capable of watching anything longer than Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou under such circumstances.

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    1. I do admit that I am insane and don’t always keep towards this sort of schedule thing. Like when Giant Robot appeared….I had to watch it…

      That’s ok, watching anime in public isn’t for everyone. I’ve done crazy things but haven’t in a while now. I did watch fruits basket at an anime convention this year on my phone, but it’s an anime convention.


  5. I try to watch one episode of anime per day. During the weekend I can sometimes manage more. Sounds like you put a lot of time into your blog. Keep up the good work. Going back to a draft after a break is a good idea. I find it is easier to spot errors and polish a post when you take a rest from writing.

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    1. It’s not like I try to refine everything to perfection because I know I miss errors. I’ve read things after they appeared and there are still errors. Just needs to be good enough to be readable.

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