Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 9- The Struggle Bus Part 2

Here we are with another episode Chihayafuru. Hooray. This episode had the kind of drama pay off that I wanted from the set up from. Especially when a lot these results and answers came from different yet similar directions then I was expecting. Also, some extra character stuff was put into here too. Holy crap, how was is this show so good at balancing five different story arcs at once? I realize that the answer might because it doesn’t unload everything at one time and lets one point in an episode connect to another one in a later episode. All of this while establishing good side characters too. Even that sounds like a hard thing to do when writing fiction and Chihayafuru is just owning at doing all of this.

So this is the episode that had some resolutions and some not along with some building of expectations and such. Chihaya’s arc itself was resolved pretty quickly and early. Michiru got tired of seeing Chihaya in her slump and checking her phone all the time in the museum of 100 hundred poems, so she finally took action to take away Chihaya’s phone and getting Chihaya’s mind in the here and now. An absolutely good reminder to Chihaya herself that she wanted to be a teacher alongside playing Karuta and shouldn’t have her head stuck in the Karuta world while other things are going on. She’s still discovering herself which is alright. Plus, a good history lesson came from Kana in this episode. All good stuff.

Chihaya finally has fun!
Poor, Depressed Taichi

Then in that same camp, Taichi and Harada’s parts are interconnected in this episode. Kind of in the same way that Taichi and Harada are going after the same thing in different time frames. That’s also represented by their places in the medicine business too. Taichi wants to go to medical school and Harada has been a doctor for years. It all starts with Taichi facing off against an opponent named Kosaku. An opponent, despite doing double faults and gets called Goofsaku, wins a lot of game in skill. Taichi was put on the ropes and was able to get his game into another one for one draw. This time, Taichi loses and becomes depressed about his gaming style. Hanano wanting to chase after him, but Tsukube held her from doing that

With that, we go to Doctor Harada. A man whose body continues to suffering from playing at the level he wants to play. Despite that, he persists much to the happiness of older players who root for him. It’s nice to see him get so much support because he really does deserve it. He’s a good character who has changed everyone’s lives. But anyway, his and Taichi’s arc meets when Harada and Kosaku are at the one for one card draw where Harada takes the card and will meet Sudo in the East part of the Meijin/Master qualifiers. Murao and self doubting Arata from Suo’s words meet for Western Japan title of Meijin/Master. Yeah, sorry. Going to skip over Arata’s bit this week because it’s the same as last weeks just with more edge.

Dr. Harada struggles, but wins
Old Guy Support
Poor Shinobu 😦

The most interesting information or tidbit this week comes from our Meijin/Master and Queen of Karuta. Why? Because this episode showed how vulnerable they are yet again. Suo is a fantastic player, but the fact that he’s quiet and hides his motivations from even Shinobu really does makes him vulnerable and unsure of himself. Shinobu is vulnerable in her loneliness in another way. Her grandfather is worried about her not making friends and her temple master wants her to show up, but she doesn’t want to crush anybody because of her vast power. That line from Chihaya must have caught her in a different sorts of way or light. I really do feel sorry for both of these people.

There wasn’t as much to talk about this episode, but that’s ok because it was mostly a resolution type of episode. Sure, Arata and Harada are making their way to the finales of this qualifying tournament which continues their arcs for these stories, but Chihaya and Taichi’s arc for this segment have met an end. I think the writers knew that too because they put in some good Shinobu and Suo content too. All good though. Plus, I can see more in the future happening considering that Harada and Sudo are two opponents that will have some interesting personalities bouncing off of each other. I suppose there will be drama on the Murao and Arata side too with Arata finding his motivations again, but not as interesting as the East side of this event. I would love to be proven wrong. With that said, this episode’s rating is Absolutely Great/Nearly Perfect.

Thank you for reading, everyone. Until tomorrow when the next post appears.


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