Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2019 Anime Week 10 (Now With Obsolete)

This week started very interestingly. A new mecha anime from youtube of all places appeared on Tuesday and I was pretty excited about it honestly. It’s a new mecha series from Gen Urobuchi of all people and I really like his work. I wasn’t sure what to do about this show or where to write about it at first, but I’m going to write about it here with the other things I watch. Hope that’s ok. I think I’m going to review it when it’s done too.

I also dropped another show this week. I’m done with sports anime for this season now. I will continue to try here, but both of them just have some serious flaws that I can’t get behind.

Obsolete Episode 1

This episode was only 13 minutes, which is what each episode is going to be, and also in cg at a slow frame rate but I feel like I understood everything that was going on and didn’t find myself minding the cg at all. The story set up was presented in the beginning of the episode of Peru and Chile going into conflict while this secret US unit stealthy drops mecha (work with me here) in the middle of a jungle. What happens is that the unit is clearly skilled, but runs into another unit from who knows where with some that skulls on their heads. It’s a pretty good tactical battle. Both sides were skilled, but it’s clear that the skull lead unit was slightly more so. An interesting way to bring in an antagonistic side for sure.

This episode was like what happens when you combine the Kummen/Jungle arc from Votoms with Gasaraki. Not just in concept, but in mecha design too. I don’t feel like I got some good character understanding in this episode besides one person is leader of other people, but that’s definitely military unit talk. The animation was pretty good honestly once you get to the mecha. People moving at a low frame rate is always going to be janky, but having mecha units move at that same frame rate works because they are mecha. Their actions are more machine like then anything. Solid first episode. I’m not getting youtube premium, so that means there is an episode next week.

Chihayafuru Episode 9

Please read my review from yesterday here.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 10

Yeah, I’m done with this show now. I suppose the team is now formed together that they have their manager Nao. The clumsy girl who worked at the sports shop to repair Sora’s shoes. So yeah, she just joined and the boys are going to play against the girls now. What stakes? Seeing Madoka naked. Yeah, that was the gross thing that through me off here. I realize this is a group of perverts, but that was enough. Each person felt like a different person and it’s the worst. Goodbye show, you won’t be missed. I was on that fence of dropping it sort in the first place and this was the push I needed to do it. I guess I’m done with watching sports anime this season.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 10

Well, that was a set up episode of anything. A lot of things happened here with one major focus on horribleness and the start of fantastic things to come in the future. Rin is the only one on the other side of wall right now and she just hunted a small sea creature to eat it while on her way after Anotsu. Otherwise, Mr. Manji is still on this side of the wall trying to get a pass across. All he has to do is work with Magatsu to kill Shira and he can get across. Easy peasy right? Talk about an alliance of conveniences.

The most important part was centered on Hyakurin of the Mugai-Ryu. After Shinriji and her had a short meeting with Shira, everything went down hill. Shinriji immediately died after confessing his love and Hyakurin was tortured almost to the point of rape from the Itto-Ryu. We do see her backstory with her dead husband killing their son during training and her killing him as a result. Eventually, Hyakurin was saved, but it took some time. It was kind of horrifying.

So yeah, very middling and setting up things here and there. Very visual creative and everything from time to time, but that’s about it. I didn’t like Hyakurin’s tortured at all and while the camera was mostly respectful, it was still gazing over her body for all the wounds she got from it. I suppose that’s realistic from this era and that’s the tone of the show, but gah. At least we won’t have to worry about her for a while. I’m more interested in the Shira stuff for next week.

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Episode 10

A very slow episode this week. At the end of last episode, May revealed herself and turned her mech into it’s El Diver form to take on the main opponent for this chapter, Seltsam. After May asked for his identity, he just left which means that the resistance have gained access to the space elevator where the final mission of this arc will take place. Before that, it’s festival time! The resistance celebrated the build divers’ achievements and Hiroto asks May if El Divers disappear they die. May finally knows what Hiroto’s deal is amongst things.

There were some good discoveries in this episode. We all knew that this mission wasn’t just an ordinary one right? Our characters mentions how these cut scenes were too long and heroic along with other things. The massive thing here is that there is more definitive proof here that the resistance is more then something special. Kazumi was able to touch the npcs because that’s something he hasn’t done before. I also think he has a crush on one of the. Of course, one of the major signs was that Hiroto received a wound in game that he still has after logging off. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Makes me wonder what is to come. You know, besides being up in space and such.

No Gun Life Episode 9

Pretty solid in between episode this week. What happens? Some meetings between Cunningham and his statue superiors at Beruhren who give him one more chance before they release him of duty. We also meet who I call the real Ed and Al of this series, our nun from a while ago (or a sibling) and the gun headed extended that works alongside her. At the home front, Mary and Tetsuaro move in with Juzo where she meets with her client who works too hard named Colt who goes in for his repairs. Tetsuaro chases after Colt because he stole something then they form a very tentative relationship. (This is also where we learn that Mary is making parts to find her brother Victor). It all wraps together when Juzo gets an assignment to go after the extended Colt is working for.

Very effective character episode with plot developments that happen towards the future. Little tidbits like Mary using most of Juzo’s money from Olivier and Olivier being still alive after her run in are pretty nice. No unnecessary visual flairs made their appearance here, but the character drama for the future has been well established sort of. I wonder what’s going to go on from here.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Reboot S2 Episode 11

If there is a major weakness with Reinhard’s episodes, it’s because they are sort of rail roaded and a little too fast. The major incident with Kircheis isn’t allowed to carry a weapon with him to his meetings eventually lead to Reinhard’s death at the hands of the person who brought the former baron’s body. I wish that happened at the end of the episode and let it linger into the next, because the rest of the episode is about getting Reinhard on his feet again.

This leads to his admirals conquering Odin for him and Reinhard losing his sister who doesn’t want to talk to him anymore until Reinhard is tired. With that, the only thing that Reinhard can do now is conqueror the universe to fill that empty hole in his heart. Yeah, I would feel better if we could have waited for a bit. Lingering emotional struggles are more powerful. Other then that, very well construed episode though with great direction and everything.

Psycho Pass Season 3 Episode 7

I’m in that weird place with this episode that while I think the episode length was enough to get everything across that it wanted to while also speeding too fast sort of? If that makes sense at all which it probably doesn’t. Everything that happened in episode was wonderful full of fun, but I’m still so confused by BiFrost and how all of what happened countered against the other member leading to her death? At the end? I know they are all constantly working against each other and yet not. I am also confused by how Arata was declared criminally asymptomatic from the Sybil system? I know that he was chosen by my waifu Akane for a reason, but that kind of came out of nowhere. Arata is too Mary Sue right now.

I was getting ahead of myself with all of that. I should probably talk about the plot first. Today’s episode was about Kei, Mao, and Kei’s wife Maika escaping from Heaven’s Leap. It first started with Kei somehow in a position to allow Mao to escape from Heaven’s Leap and have the Sybil system qualify a raid into Heaven’s Leap itself. That leads to Shimotsuki forcing her raid outside of the building and Ginonza and Kogami who were in disguise to allow Kei to save his wife from the wanted congressman in BiFrost. In a twist, Maika killed their aggressor and is now put into psychological care.

It turns out that aggressor was the son of they priestess they found in this episode, Shinogi, and her husband with cancer and the sixth bomber, O’Neill. A tragic couple in this episode. Shinogi talk about how this plan was hers because she didn’t follow through with it herself. Her reveal lead to her death by a sniper With that information, Arata figures out that Governor Karina is under bomb threat by O’Neill because of the new celebrated area for religious refuges and Arata switches places with Karina car wise and was able to not get O’Neill to explode himself and instead died of cancer. That’s where Arata was discovered to be criminally asymptomatic by his enforcers on the seen.

So yeah, that’s where my arguments come from here. I suppose I was tired from a night at the movies and watching this afterwards so I missed something, but those end of episode things kind of came out of nowhere in some ways. With that, this episode was rather beautiful visually. I’m glad that Ginonza and Kogami weren’t on screen too much. Time for Bifrost to go down next episode. Or not. Maybe there will be a cliff hanger for the future!

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 8

The adventures continue as our heroes enter into the villain’s compound. Our heroes meet road blocks like those three who work together as a thug group and a wall that wasn’t there in the first place until Kirishim and Deku break it down themselves. Plus, that quirk which allowed the entire compound to be twisted around in such interesting ways was exciting and well animated as well. It’s all cool stuff here and I really did enjoy it. Still, that’s not why we are here right? We are here for Sun Eater.

Today was Sun Eater’s episode. The mopey child finally gets his moment in the sun when he finds his resolve to take it. He did take some set backs because the people he fought can turn hard, take things from him, and just eat his attacks, but found his way in defeating him. I really like how this episode turned the usual hero and villainy thing around because Sun Eater was fighting street urchins that understand themselves more then anyone.

Him turning that friendship against them is usually a villain move but it works here. That was a visually impressive fight too. My Hero Academia is full of great animation, but this was definitely amongst the best so far. So good episode. I am worried about these fights pushing MHA into the bad Bleach area where they are fights from different characters that go on forever. It’s kind of scary.

Fate/Grand Order Babylonia Episode 9

After Uruk’s major loss of man power and everything else, Gilgamesh comes up with a plan to ask for allies. Their first plan? Buying off Ishtar. Ishtar likes gems and doesn’t get them as often anymore, so Gilgamesh opening the treasuring really does work on her. We also get some questions answered about how human and god she is along with her very bad flirting towards Ritsuka along with her generally positive feelings humanity. That’s about all the episode it, but it was a fun watch. I’ve always liked Ishtar and I’m glad she’s joining our good guys.

Vinland Saga Episode 21

Well, a lot of things happened in this episode in the city of York in England. I feel like this episode could be where old expectations are here to die so new ones can make their appearances. Or something. That episode started with a set up assassination attempt from Askeladd on Canute which put King Sweyn in a spot where he can’t actively attack Canute at all if he wanted to keep his reputation. At the same time, Leif Erickson and Thorfinn met after eleven years. While Leif got older, he got upset when Thorfinn just showed that he was still on his quest for revenge against Askeladd. Of course, Leif is now staying as an out for him if Thorfinn’s mind changes.

With that comes the combat portion of this episode where Askeladd has two people to duel. One is Thorfinn for obvious reasons. The other one is Bjorn which is sad. It’s obvious that Bjorn was dying, so he wanted to die with honor. He also just wanted to be friends with Askeladd and Askeladd admits in Bjorn’s death that Bjorn was his friend. Looks like we got another fight between Thorfinn and Askeladd soon. Well, that was an emotional episode on a lot of levels. This show has taken me on a lot of trips and I really like that aspect. Why are there only three more episodes left? There better be more after this.


      1. Sure thing and I certainly don’t disagree with that notion given the rampant interventionist actions that have happened for decades. Wow, this got political all of a sudden…

        That’s fine. There are jungles there and the Amazon does cover a good portion of South America. I’ve been to Ecuador, so that’s right next door to Peru, so I’ve seen some of that in some of the towns there.

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      2. Don’t feel bad, Scott. If you know anything about me, I think you would know that I would appreciate that kind of social commentary since it needed to be called out. Haha!

        Definitely. Ecuador was a great place to visit. One of my college roommates has visited Peru and he enjoyed it. I heard Lima and Machu Picchu are good hot spots to visit.

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  1. Obsolete sounds pretty interesting. And with episodes being only 13 minutes long I’m guessing I can squeeze this one in somewhere. Thanks for pointing it out: before reading this post I had never heard of it before😊

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  2. I’m enjoying that MHA is finally giving some side characters their time, and Suneater’s story was impressively well done… But I wish that time was devoted to established side characters. There’s so many in Class 1A that haven’t really had their time in the sun yet.

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