A Short Discussion About Spoilers

Ready for more of my bad opinions? No? Well…too bad. Let’s talk about spoilers on the internet! Such an easy topic to discuss…not. The internet has provided a number of good and bad things in terms of wants, needs, desires, and everything. The major thing that has changed is the concept of convenience and voices. There is that old adage that the internet is good because everyone can spread our their voices faster which is also the bad thing. I mean, this blog exists because the internet allowed me to have a platform for my bad opinions. Take of that what you will. I’m hoping that since you are all reading this that it could be considered a good thing. If not that, then my blog existing is at least better then anti vaxers and flat earthers having a voice. Gah, those people are so horrible.

So anyway, convenience continues to also be wonderful yet horrible at the same time when people watch something and then having a place to put their opinions on something besides their minds and people around them who aren’t interested. Let’s talk about how we have all sorts of streaming services with apps that allow everyone to watch everything anywhere they want. With that comes who knows how many social media sites and platforms to post about. Not just the main ones, but blogs and such are social media platforms too. There are so many places to put so many voices, but it’s never with everybody at the same time. That’s where this issue of spoilers come from.

After that annoying prologue that most people know about and think about, we jump into the main problem presented here. Ummm, spoilers? Maybe, but meh. In general though, I honestly think that people completely over react about spoilers. The internet is full of things people over react about all the time because bait is everywhere and people constantly fall for said bait. Some issues like social issues, political issues, and such are important to react to and discuss online because the old white people in political offices won’t hear us otherwise unless you email them. I don’t think that talking about media we watched and then reacting to things should be considered as important as those things. A caveat could be made for if those shows in question actually do intersect if an anime or anything else actually discusses either of those issues. We can talk about LOGH’s exploration of the raise in fascism, the circulation of war, and what makes an actual democracy strong. That is one of my examples I could bring up here. Try me.

I suppose the major thing that I’m getting at here is how people seemed to be damaged about learning what happens in an episode they haven’t had the time to watch yet for some reason. I’ve seen some attempts in establishing spoiler rules like a time space of a week or so before talking about something. A thing that doesn’t make sense considering people will never fully agree over it. You can’t get everyone to agree to something because not everyone is going to hear it or care and some people just want to immediately talk about everything they want to talk about. It’s just one of those things where humans are just humans and you shouldn’t just be upset about people being themselves. I mean, there is also that choice to mute and ignore talk too which is also a human response. Nobody wants to be surrounded online or in real life with people they don’t want to talk to.

Here is my major reason why I don’t consider spoilers a major deal. I don’t think that just spoiling what happens in a given episode is bad. If anything, it builds tension. Whole stories are built around a beginning segment that tells you where things go followed by going back to the beginning where nothing is there yet. That whole tension and excitement of the series in question is building up to that point. How does everything get there? Where do those character relationships come from? How is certain character who looks cool in the flash forward come from such a wishy washy character? The latest example I can provide from is Vinland Saga which had a flash forward at the end of it’s first cour. There is some tension now from seeing the thing that happens happening. Why? Because it’s life changing and you have to continue watching to see where that leads to.

That whole thought process of “let’s see how the thing person said thing happened, happened” is my whole argument for this case. If I am interested in the show and a major thing happens which is kind of shocking leading to many people posting about it, then that’s my flash forward. I now get to see what happens in the story and get to see how all the elements align to that point. Of course there is a barrier or line that can’t be cross. If a person spoils more then the main event with more then the vaguest amount of how everything gets there, then there is some grounds for some complaining. I haven’t seen a lot of people do this besides for blog posts and such, but I know that people do. Possibly not the best people to talk about when it comes to media and things you like.

Even with that line being crossed, I don’t think that we should ever be too angry or upset about people that post spoilers online. It’s not exactly something a person should stop being friends over this happening. Honestly, a quick mention of “could you stop talking about this thing, I haven’t watched it yet” should be enough to get a point across I think. Then again, this is the internet where people seem to be unhappy most of the time and the ambiguity of who we are as people leads to people being more honest then they are usually. Both in a good or bad way. That doesn’t mean that trying wouldn’t help. I’m not going to say taking spoilers seriously isn’t bad because we all have our escapism that we need untarnished by other people at times. I don’t think that venting that frustration from the tarnishing happening on the internet is a constructive thing to do.

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  1. I agree that spoilers aren’t that big of a deal and watching it with spoilers can be more exciting but what I’m more scared about is when people give fake spoilers or I get misinformation on the internet. This makes me like get super excited for something to happen only to end up in like huge disappointment. So I just try to stay away from spoilers in general.

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  2. I don’t mind some minor spoilers, but in general I like to go in with as little info as possible. Part of the fun for me, is trying to figure that stuff out on my own. I already tend to be ahead of most shows in that department, I don’t need somebody just affirming it outright. There are also story beats I’d prefer not knowing about in advance, that can be really distracting since I’ll “hunt” for it. That, or it can diminish the impact of a seen, like a character death, just as an easy example. So I guess you could say I’m of two minds here.

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  3. Well…I guess it depends a bit on what kind of spoilers and on what kind of series/movie. I don’t know if you have ever seen the movie Seven, but the ending of that film is something that pretty much defines the movie. I had the misfortune of overhearing two people talk about that ending, and when I watched the film myself the shock of that ending was completely gone. I still enjoyed the film, but I enjoyed it far less than I would have had I not known about the ending. So overall I have to say that I really don’t like spoilers. In this day and age it becomes harder and harder to avoid them with things like twitter, facebook and youtube throwing things with big headlines in your face lol.
    That said, I don’t mind minor spoilers like for instance a movie trailer so in that I guess I’m of the same mind as Jon lol:)

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    1. I wish there could be a non tyrannical way to discuss things regarding talking about spoilers online and such, but it’s really hard. Even saying “spoiler warning” doesn’t help either. It’s just they the culture around talking about things has gotten so ridiculous that you can’t control it at all. No matter what, it’s going to be out there u guess.

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  4. Yeah, so there’s spoilers and then there’s Spoilers. I don’t mind watching trailers or reading professional reviews – those aren’t Spoilers in my book, and if anything they often help me out by cluing me in on things to pay attention to as I’m watching.

    OTOH, when The Force Awakens came out I decided to keep myself as spoiler-free as possible, because I just wanted to enjoy the movie with virtually no preconceptions, and I basically succeeded. So I didn’t watch trailers, didn’t read any reviews or articles, basically ignored the whole hype cycle. And then the night before I was going to see the movie (just a few days after it came out) I was watching a YouTube video, one that had nothing to do with TFA, and I happened to glance down at the comments and there were a bunch of people down there openly discussing the most shocking scene in TFA. Completely ruined it for me, and “pissed” doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling. Like if I’m watching a music video for some random 80’s song (or whatever it was, I can’t remember) I shouldn’t have to be on guard for freaking massive Star Wars Spoilers, okay?

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    1. Oh man, I’m sorry that happened to you. Especially since the location you read the spoiler is completely unconventional and annoying. I don’t think there is a way to stop that other then moderators deleting comments and they just don’t do that because sometimes there is too much.


  5. As I tried to write my comment, I realized just how this topic is to discuss. It looks so simple at first glance — but the devil’s in the details.

    I think you did a great job of laying it all out.

    I try to simplify things. I try not to include spoilers in social media or on the front page of my site. That even goes for screen caps. I try to grab something that’s innocuous and from an early part of the episode for those venues.

    In my posts, though, I issue a spoiler warning, then anything goes.

    That sounds pretty tidy, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t cover scenarios like winking78 talked about. Because of that comment, I’m going to amend my standard procedures and not talk about spoilers off-topic. Spoilers in the comments after a post on my site, where the post has a spoiler warning? I still think that’s okay. Me spoiling a show in the comments of something unrelated? Now that I’m aware of it, it feels wrong…

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    1. I guess I’ve gotten lucky with my comments because most of mine are like “I like thing too” which is kind of cool honestly. In my posts I usually do talk about spoilers, but never in social media. I usually try to say things like “I like thing” or side glance about what I’m talking about so those in the know will know what I’m talking about and those who don’t just don’t.

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  6. Yeah I don’t really care much about spoilers either. It doesn’t really change my experience. I do think I may enjoy something more if I go in totally blind than if I already know everything, but at the same time I prefer for trailers to show something good to get me interested. So if a friend tells me a spoiler scene in a movie, it could help me watch it when otherwise I may not have given it a shot. Although I definitely still don’t like when people maliciously post spoilers just to get a rise out of people.

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  7. So I’m of a time, place and manner mindset about spoilery talk. If I had to do work to get to the spoilery talk, such as going to a blog post, then that’s on me. I should be aware of what I’m getting into.

    If someone makes a post on Twitter or Facebook and puts a spoiler warning then again that’s on me. if they don’t warn me, then I’m a little upset. I mean there is something magical about seeing a twist ending for the first time.

    I can name at least three movies where the twist left me far more excited to watch the movie again.

    The age of the spoiler also matters. Darth Vader being Luke’s father is so old and so ingrained into the culture that it hardly counts as a spoiler. But I think anyone who explains the ending of Infinity War without a spoiler warning is a monster.

    The medium also matters. I’m going to be more upset with a video then I am with the written word because there is less of a chance to avoid the spoilers.

    All of that said, I think getting mad because someone yells “Tifa dies!” is definitely an overreaction.

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    1. That all makes sense to me. A very well thought out process to perceive the concept and everything. I would definitely say that age matters, but making everyone follow the same sort of rule is hard.

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