Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2019 Anime Week 13 (Some more finales)

This list getting shorter must mean we are getting to the end times for another season. What a surprise honestly. Lord knows what will air and appear here next time. Yay cour and season finales!

Obsolete Episode 4

Another episode, another exploration on how the cheap exo suits from aliens are making some strong effects. This week, we are taken to the oil fields in the middle east with no specific country mentioned. Though, I would guess it’s probably Saudi Arabia or Iran. We follow a new soldier who joined a mercenary group called Cerberus who are paid who use the profits of mercenary work before the west understands the true usage of exo suits in the East. There is no morality here. Only money. When the oil fields need help and Cerberus’ deal with their current hire falls through, they all just leave. No questions asked.

I really do love how all these short vignettes introducing a new technology to human kind in the form of Exo Suits. This episode really does make me think of how AK-47’s were introduced in the middle east and everywhere else in real life. They kind of are treated in the same way here with much greater implications and such. I’m starting to see why the title of this show what it is. Maybe it’s obvious to some, but I am very slow sometime.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 12

Read my post from yesterday here.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 14

Another inbetween sort of episode with Blade of the Immortal this week. The shogunate assassinated 12 members of the Itto-Ryu. You know, the 12 members who met controlling things without Ahnotsu and such. Kind of cool actually. With that happening, Mr. Manji and Rin meet up with the Mugai-Ryu again. Mr. Manji fights a guy from Mugai-Ryu before meeting the new leader, gets stabbed by the guy, and then is imprisoned to see whether or not they can get other people in their group to be immortal. Holy crap guys, why would you leave Rin alone again? She’s a puppy that needs help. Gah, such scary things. A very decently animated episode, but nothing really connected together that well here. Blah. Fine. Hope it works out somehow.

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Episode 13 (Cour Finale)

After the end of last week, Gundam Build Network and other connections all over the world are down and slowly building back up. In that mean time, Hiroto spends some time with his family, spends time at a café where he can’t play gunpla, and everything else. That is until he gets the call from May in her doll form in a cute outfit with the other members of build divers in real life. Yeah, I was expecting Kazami to be short and Parvis to be a rich saudi arabian who has to use a wheel chair. That flight thing with Parvis makes more sense now.

So anyway, they meet up, discuss how that happened in Eldora is real due to alien space radiation, and saw the guy who they are fighting in real life in a coma. With that knowledge of knowing what the stakes are, each one of them decides to continue their adventures in Eldora and not make the same mistakes they’ve made at all. It was a very use to put together episode leading into the next cour of the show in April. Kind of excited about it.

No Guns Life Episode 12 (Cour Finale)

I don’t know what to say here besides this episode of No Guns Life is this show going through the same sort of motions again. Juzo and Mary are hired to protect a girl who survived a horrific car event by their best friend. I feel like I saw this episode miles away. Mainly because the episode didn’t introduce any other suspects into who are attacking Rose, our girl, at all besides the guy we know, Danny.

There was some extension world building with beruhren and Rose’s extended racism. That whole “not all extended are bad” clearly on point to this show. I feel like this episode summed up the show really. It’s all workable world building and story building with no umpf to it, has some cgi problems, and has a lived in world that feels only slightly at home here. I’m going to watch the next cour some time in the future, but I don’t see it being anything but slightly more then watchable at this point.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 11

Besides Deku and crew stopping the wall twisting guy and learning about how Himiko and Twice were taken in by Chie Hassaikai, were forced to talk about their powers, and plotting their own things like taking Eri for their own reasons, this was another focus episode. Here we talk about Mirio/Lemillion battling against Over Haul and saving Eri at all costs. He was able to fend off all of Over Haul’s friends until the time he took the bullet that completely eliminates his quirk.

Mirio’s stand off against Over Haul after that was in still frames, but very powerful ones. I can only imagine how powerful that was. With Deku and crew finally at Mirio’s location, the arc ends now. Man, they could have hurried with this episode and not make it bad and Bleach like in a shorter amount of time. Would have helped with more bagging episodes then.

Vinland Saga Episode 24 (Season Finale)

Pretty simple, but powerful episode to conclude this season. This episode was all about Askeladd’s character with some Thorfinn on the side. Thorfinn was taken to Leif Erickson’s boat, but immediately goes after all the goings on in King Sweyn’s planning camp too late. Late to the point where nothing he ever thought would happen came to pass here. What is that thing? Askeladd’s death.

Askeladd was given the pretty blatant choice of either choosing Canute or Wales to keep his life by King Sweyn. What is the obvious solution for Askeladd? Both at the cost of his own life. He takes King Sweyn’s head at Thorkell’s complaint and then kills more and more Vikings until Canute takes up a sword and puts the guy down. All sad and all powerful conclusion to the ending where Thorfinn will visit Vinland in the future. I really need to write a post about Askeladd in the future. For now, this finale was great and almost perfect. Almost.


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