Jons Creator Showcase: December 2019 Edition

Here we are at the end of the year and the decade with this Jon’s Creator Showcase. I know that this has been mentioned that this post will be the final Jon’s Creator Showcase for 2019 and this decade as a whole and while that is true on paper, I can’t agree with that myself. Why? Because I’m looking at posts from November 2019, not December 2019. In terms of content, it’s not the last. The real last Jon’s Creator Showcase for the decade will appear next month in Jon’s own hands. I think everything works a lot better that way. Happy New Years though :D.

So anyway with out of the way, it’s time to look at the posts from November. Holy crap, this month was crazy busy. Not only is there a lot of bloggers involved in this month’s showcase, but youtubers. A lot of youtubers that I’ve never watched videos from before. If you are like me in this department, it’s time to watch some videos from anitubers and others that we’ve never seen before. A fantastic turn out for this month. I hope you are just as excited about digging into this as I am. Maybe I should stop delaying this then.

Each Title is also a link to a blog post or a youtube video.


This is the Dark Heart of Evangelion from Iniksbane/In Search of Nine

Looks like we are starting off this post with the inner focused and depressing part with a lot of good psychology. That’s ok, there is only moving forward and up from here. In this post, Iniksbane looks at Shinji from a psychological lense with the concept of there are two sides of us. The inner sides of ourselves where we not everything about our self and the side that others see from us. This post gives names of those concepts and how they play into the show itself. Give it a look.

Sunshine Blogger Award from Keiko/Keiko’s Blog

In this post Keiko simply answers questions from two bloggers, Merlin and Voyager. They ask her all sorts of fun questions which she has a lot of fun answers to. It’s a simple and entertaining read.

“My Favorite Things” – Shipper Edition from Shoujo/Shoujo’s Rambling

Following that fun post, here is another one. The title is very self exlacmatory for this one. Shoujo takes the classic song of “My Favorite Things” and simply words it so it’s talking about what kinds of ships there are and how all of them are good. Very wholesome post. There is an attached youtube video too so you can hear Shoujo’s singing. She has a great voice.

Fail – Fred/ Au Natural

Back to depressing it seems. Well, balance is what we strive here for I suppose. With this post from November’s OWLS tour, Fred look at what it means to fail from all sorts of angles then connects all of it to a really solid Netflix anime, Devilman crybaby. It’s a post that really digs into the prompt we were given and goes above and beyond. The link is up above this paragraph.

Finding Takaki’s Answers in Five Centimeters per Second: One More Side, or, Insights From a New Perspective – Infinite Zenith

Have you ever watched Five Centimeters Per Second? Like a lot of Makoto Shinkai’s works, it’s a very slow piece about relationships that start off in a great place and slowly drift apart from each other. Five Centimers Per Second Uses the snow and trains as it’s source of showing the decisions and life changing events that drift two people like it apart. With that knowledge, Infinite Zenith read a light novel which explores the film from different sides and sets everything in a new light. Read about it here.

Yumeiro Patisserie: The Strong, the Savory, & the Sweet || OWLS “Failure” – Takuto’s Anime Cafe

Ah, another OWLS post I see. Excellent. I mean, when aren’t they excellent? But anyway, in this post Takuto uses an anime that I’ve never heard of called Yumeiro Patisserie to explore failure. The show follows the adventures of Ichigo Amano as she climbs the steps at baking academy by failing and learning from all of it. I really need to watch this one because it sounds cool and the food looks amazing. Just like most anime food I suppose.

Crazy For You: 5 Otome Game Yandere – Pokeninja90/Blerdy Otome

Looks like we got another fun post here. Excellent! Like the post says, we are looking at five yanderes from Otome games. Of course, Naja looks at what makes a yandere first before diving into those examples too. I hope none of these characters shows up at my house. Yandere are honestly terrifying.

Blacksad: Under The Skin [Video Game Review] – Matt Doyle Media

In this post, Matt Doyle looks at the newly released game called Blacksad and talks about all the strengths in weaknesses. I am so out of the video game loop because I’ve never heard of this video game or the source material/comics it’s from. Basically, it’s a 1950’s detective series centered around people as animals, which plays into the story from play style, as you investigate the city and it’s crimes. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I really should check this one out for myself. What do you guys think? Read the post and find out if it’s to your tastes.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn *Spoiler-Free* review – Matt in the Hat

Remember Final Fantasy 15 from a little while ago along with all the hype and everything that came out from it? I’ve never played it myself, but it must have been a decent sized hit to get a side story for the villain of the story. To learn about all of that and whether or not it was good, please read this review here.

Review: Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode 7: A Shadow From The Past And The Insightful Little Sister – Crow’s World of Anime/Crow

If there is something that I’ve learned a lot from my almost four years of being an aniblogger, it’s that episodic reviews are hard to write. They require paying attention to a lot of detail in order to form out a solid opinion about the episode and possibly predict the future. What we have here is a great episodic review that is informative and very thoughtfully laid out.

BURNING SKY SHORT FICTION #1 – Galvanic/Team Galvanic

I know that blogging and writing is hard, but if there is something harder it’s writing fiction. There are so many more things that you need to connect together like character arcs, environment, world building, plot elements tying together, and so on. With that, we have a look at Team Galvanic’s first part of their story Burning Sky. A story that I’m pretty sure I beta read earlier this year and this has changed a little bit. Go ahead and read the tales of the famous knight Baldrik when he was a kid.

Fruits Basket Another Series Review – Al’s Manga Blog/AlyssaT

So we’ve already watched the first season of Fruits Basket right? If you didn’t, it’s a pretty great series and highly recommended. Had some good emotional strength and I can’t wait for part 2 this year. Well with all that Fruit’s Basket Goodness comes a sequel. Fruits Basket Another. It’s not something that I’ve read myself, but here is a good place to read about it and possibly look into it yourself.

Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk – A Surprising Delight – Jon Spencer Reviews/Jon Spencer

Finally the creator of this blogging event shows up with a review of a fantastic fantasy anime. One that I forget about a lot, but also one that I have lots of memories of watching in anime club in college. This was one of our favorite watches. Anyway, enough about me. Tower of Druaga is a solid fantasy anime with good character work and it’s even an adaptation of a video game. Possibly the best anime that came from a video game if that’s possible. I highly recommend it and so does Jon.

The Anime Tiddy – Shallow Dives in Anime/Dewbond

Many topics are going to be controversial in anime and cause knee jerk reactions from people. We could talk all day about those topics, but the major one in the fore front here is fanservice. Maybe it can be too much for people or there could be people completely against it. With that comes Dewbond’s post describing his point of view on the the topic and why it’s here to stay whether people like it or not. Anime will be anime and fanservice will always be here for it.


Another tag and award post with the flavor of it being mysterious. These are always fun and intriguing to read because you can get to peak inside and see a little more of the blogger then their blogging persona. This one is just as fun and intriguing to read.

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Anime Was Amazing! – Sirius Writes

This year has been so long that it’s easy to forget what has come out this year. Kaguya-Sama was a major hit of an anime that resonated with all sorts of audiences around the anime sphere for a lot of reasons. It’s had strong emotional appeal and a style to it that really made people fall in love with it. To read more about why that is, read Sirius’ well written review here. He really does sell the show.


With this set up post for his many future additions, Leth starts his exploration into BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR’s many albums. This doesn’t sound like my sort of music, but I admire the sort of inspiration it took for Leth to write about one of his favorite bands here. Please read on to learn more.

Explaining My Questionable Ships and Why I Like Them – FuckBoiOpinions

It doesn’t matter what kinds of couples people form for characters in their particular fandoms to enjoy, it’s always interesting to see what people come up with. Why? Because it’s interesting to see what people come up with. Whatever ships people have says a lot about the post that makes them. In this post, FuckBoiOpinions really lays down some creative ships that I can possibly see working.

Finding a home in DDLC – The Alchemist of Blogging/AL

In this personal blog post, Al reviews the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club. You know, the game that got a lot of attention a year or so ago due to it’s reputation? Here, Al talks about how it’s deeper then we realize and also how it affected in a positive way in times of crisis. This is wonderful post that describes the game’s strengths and how it be such a positive experience. Wonderful post.

Pokemon emerald and my journey with Pokémon. – Skja’s Journey

Pokemon has a special place for a lot of people. How we got around to watching and eventually playing it on their own for their own reasons. Here in Skja’s post is about how he found his own love for the franchise, lost it a little bit, and found it again with Pokemon Emerald. Thus this comes with some complaints about current Pokemon games and experience sharing. How the experience isn’t the same as it used to be.

Trails in the Sky SC: What Makes Us Human – A Certain Dazed Producer/DAZE3X

Here we go with more things I’ve never heard of before. In this post, DAZE3X talks about the game Trails in the SKY SC and about how the thematic elements of the game were able to reach him. It’s a game about humanity and hope for the future and something that I will have to maybe play in the future if I ever get into the mood. It really does sound cool.

Early Drafts for Fyskar – Kavordian Fantasy/Chapel Orahamm

I always wonder what it’s like to build a pretty well developed story. I dabbled a little bit into story building myself, but I don’t have nearly enough talent to draw everything out like Chapel did here. Please give Chapel’s story sketches a look because they are very talented in what they do. Beware of NSFW content and some spoilers if you are into this web novel.

Attitude of Gratitude – Buffalo Sauce Everywhere/Renata Leo

Even if it’s past Thanksgiving time, it’s still the holiday season right now. A good time to not just celebrate things with family, but also looking at your past achievements and pat yourself on the back for all the good work that you did this year. Renata Leo found herself new things like podcasts and Bojack Horsemen, but also became published. That’s a huge deal. To see what all that’s about, read on.

REVIEWED: The Marriage Ring by Cathy Maxwell – JeshaisaBookworm

Here is a book review of a romantic novel that seems to have a lot of interesting sort of chemistry between the characters. The Marriage Ring sounds like a complicated relationship affair with a lot of crazy things to consider and push the two together and seperate them at the same time. Read this review and find out of this book is for you.

REVIEW FOR AMACHIN WA JISHOU  VOL.1 – Twirling Book Princess/Mehsi

If you ever need some sort of adorable manga about a boy who wants to dress like a girl and has a crush on his best friend who is also male, then here you go. Mehsi does a good job of describing Amachin Wa Jishou’s first volume and gives it her recommendation.

Slayers (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Anime Review) – A Nerdy Perspective/Sam

There was a lot of anime from this past year of 2019 that took the anime world completely by storm. Demon Slayer, though the usual sort of shonen series with some decent character work and some more then solid animation and physical effects from Ufotable, it’s no surprise. Read Sam’s excellent review to see why here. I wasn’t as caught up in the storm as everyone else with this anime, but I’m glad that a lot of people enjoyed it.

[Podcast] Random Manga Recommendation: Tomo-Chan is a Girl and BOKU GIRL! – It’s An Anime Thing

Just like everything else here, this post is exactly what the title says it is. A podcast recommendation of the manga’s Tomo-Chan is a Girl and Boku Girl! with some additional blog posts to support some excellent character growth and analysis. Everything you need right here.

My fiery playlist – Dragon Codex

Have you feeling down recently? Do you need some energy and passion into your life? Dragon Codex has the thing for you. Here is a playlist of Dragon Codex’s favorite songs about fire. It’s a pretty extensive list with a lot of meaning behind it. Read about it here.

Anime Hajime Review: Fruits Basket 1st Season – LofZOdyssey Anime Reviews

I feel like it’s an incredibly easy thing to say, but as a new comer to Fruits Basket, I really loved all that we were presented with this past year. It was pretty fantastic and almost one of kind like. Don’t just take my word on it though. Take a look at what an expert in the world of Fruits Basket had to say about it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: CHUUNIBYOU – Animated Observations/Jack

Oh hey, did you know that a Chuunibyou movie came out recently? No? Will you are in for a shock. The movie’s existence was a good enough reason for Jack to rewatch and review the series. Here is a look at Chuunibyou from it’s major themes to just how fun and adorable it is. Oh, and some movie talk as well.

Why Is It Always the Girl? – The Animanga Spellbook/Aria

Have you noticed something? A trend of female characters, big or small, being the person that is either the victim or the major influence for a male protagonist? Do you know why that is? I have a few of my own theories, but you aren’t here for me right? You are here for other bloggers. Read on for Aria’s view of why that is right here.

What happened to Naruto in Boruto? – MyAnime2Go/YumDeku

Wow, I’m kind of getting spoiled for anime and manga that I haven’t dug too far in for aren’t I? I’m not the largest Naruto fan at all or even a fan really because I barely read the manga along time ago, but here we are with the beginning of Boruto where Naruto has completely disappeared and Boruto is facing off against an unspecified opponent. Want to see what happens from that point on? I think you know where to go now. This post here.

[OWLS November Blog Tour] Failure and Friends – Nerd Rambles/Megan

In a powerful OWLS post, Megan briefly talks about the strong situations and emotions behind Welcome to the NHK and her almost hitting the same hole as everyone in this series. It’s a personal post, so I don’t feel right about writing more about it. Please read the post and get hit with the feels yourself.

Top 10 Strongest Female Anime Characters – 9TailedKitsune/Misaka

I honestly feel like you all know what this post is about just by looking at the title. Here is Misaka’s list of her favorite strong female characters in anime series. It’s a solid list of shonen female characters which we need more of in shonen battle series.

Why you should watch Mairimashita! Iruma-kun – Geek Nabe/Nabe-Chan

Another post that you guess what it’s about just by looking at the title. Of course, this post goes deeper then that. In this post, Nabe-Chan looks at what Iruma-kun is about and gives you four major reasons why you should try watching this series. If it sounds interesting to you. Hmmmm, maybe I should check this one out in the future. It seems interesting :).

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind (Kumo no yō ni Kaze no yō ni) – The Review Heap/Ashley Capes

Here is a review for a film that I’ve never heard about called Like the Clouds, Like the Wind. A film that uses the art style that most ghibli films use from Katsuya Kondo’s character designs. It’s a film about young girl becoming an emperor’s emperor and based on a historical romance novel. Even with the mixed rating in this review, it sounds like an incredibly interesting watch. Something I would greatly enjoy.


Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld – Unlasting – AMV – TFWAnime

I feel little bad here because this is an AMV for fans of the anime Sword Art Online’s many seasons and because of that, it didn’t have the emotion impact that I was looking for from an AMV. Context is necessary for those to connect to the audience as well as it could. Still, it is a very well edited AMV that has a good sense of pacing and such. Very much recommended for SAO fans.

Dr. Stone Reminded Me Why I LOVE Minecraft – WatTheWut

In this video, WatTheWut describes how Doctor Stone and the great game Minecraft are similar in their story telling and drama. An open world experience that you can do anything in as long as you know what you are doing. Minecraft is a game of creating things to build your own civilization and Doctor Stone is the same thing. Whether it’s alone or with a community with a common goal, both are fun for similar reasons.

How to Recognize a Great Manga (In Just 1 Chapter): Act-Age – Shonen Ronin/Written by ElevenXHeaven

In this youtube video created by Shonen Ronin but written by blogger ElevenXHeaven, we dive into the world of Act-Age’s first chapter and why it’s a great first chapter. It’s a video that does a fantastic job of exploring why being an actor or actress can be shonen, good character things, world building, and efficiency of how well a manga can be set up by it’s first chapter.

The Kindness of Knuckle Bine || The Nen Behind Them Episode 4 || Hunter x Hunter – Evynne x Evynne

In this video, Evynne x Evynne looks at Knuckle from Hunter X Hunter. A kind character with a pompadour and who his ability goes with his kindness. A nen ability that teaches without hurting. A short video with a good message.

Mushishi | The Value of Emptiness – Ginkotaku

Ah such a wonderful video. A video that explores the meaning of nothing and emptiness and talks about the vast open reaches in Mushishi itself. A wonderful review where that explores the concept of MA and the meaning of something in the middle of nothing and emptiness too while relating everything to Ginko. Plus some personal touches too. Can’t recommend this video enough.

Assassins Pride is terrible, and here’s why – Jackisboy

This video is a wonderful and inciteful review about Assassins Pride and why it’s a terrible, piece of garbage anime series. Please watch this review to get a complete opinion of it from this video.

Why You Love the Beastars OP – Kor

I wasn’t expecting this sort of video. As person who knows a little music theory, it was interesting seeing how chord changes and beat changes can mix up the feeling in an anime opening. In this case, we are talking about Beastars’ Jazzy opening with all of that going on. Watch this video to see how it all works.

Dont Give up (COPPA) FTC – SOS

A short while ago, the FTC passed a new law regarding youtube videos. The content of that law basically pushes youtube content to being more kid friendly despite the fact that kids would log onto adult accounts of lie about their ages to see more mature content. Here is a video for many youtubers as a reminder to keep making content despite what pushes against you.

What Changed in Oresuki Anime? Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo Anime vs Manga – Metahulk

If ever wanted to see how an anime adaptation can changed up a manga for the better (or worse) and can take edges of a manga to look less scummy, here’s the video for you. Metahulk takes a good look and analysis of the first few episodes of the Oresuki anime vs the first eleven chapters of the manga and looks at what changes the anime did compared to the anime.

Writing Characters to Fit the Story | Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger – The Seaweed Ambassador

In a story, it’s important to make sure that character motivations sync up with story elements to make sure their is a good consistency for how characters act from one scene to another. Here, The Seaweed Ambassador looks at the latest Super Sentai series Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and talks about some out of character moments in the narrative and some good characters who have some room to grow.


If there is something that is absolutely terrible about being an anime fan, it’s the fact that the industry that creates it is terrible. How so? People are completely underpaid because they work under Japan’s minimum wage and work incredibly long hours. LIke 50 hours a week. That’s crazy man. If you want to know more about it, you know where to go.

Thank you for reading this incredibly long post with some great youtubers and bloggers in it everyone. This post took a few weeks to put together, so I’m glad you find the time to enjoy it all. With all of this, I would like to call this year’s last #TheJCS post to a close.

Next month, the tour returns to Jon Spencer’s own hands and I am sure that this post will be a sight to see. Especially since there will be some updated visual design in it too. So yeah, look forward to that. All good things for the actual last showcase of the decade.


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