Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 1 (Some premieres inside)

Oh hey, it’s premieres week sort of. I didn’t make a “this is what I’m interested in watching” post this time, but I think just inserting what I was interested in watching and then just talking about them here. Only a few of them have premiered so far, but I feel so excited watching them. I think each show has a lot of potential so far. Have to wait until next week where I can watch more of them, so keep an eye out.

Obsolete Episode 5

It really does feel like Obsolete’s world is getting more and more obscured in terms of location, not in terms of themes and elements. Today’s episode featured African children being forced into being child soldiers to plant bombs on a wall in exosuits. They are just lambs laid to the slaughter until they finally bomb everything eventually. New and more reliable management does make an appearance at the end to get rid of the previous leader’s abuse, but that doesn’t mean the child soldier’s situation has changed that much. Such melancholy.

So yeah, I don’t think the mecha need to be put in this type of episode at all. I do recognize the fact that the alien exosuits are the catalyst for all the actions in progress and everything and there are some cooler sniper applications I wasn’t expecting, but that doesn’t change much I suppose. Still a very dreary episode. I wonder what the final episode next week is going to like here now. I’m hoping for something more positive. This isn’t a positive series, but there has been a lot of negativity and pessimism recently. Maybe the aliens take the exosuits and go home?

Blade of the Immortal Episode 14

With this episode, Rin is caught on the outside wondering where Mr. Manji is while the remainder of the Mugai-Ryu are holding Mr. Manji in prison right now attempting to make someone else immortal. It seems like they brought a german or foreign scientist to the mix to do the horrible experiments? How typical. After a horrific experiment while Manji was sleeping and a failed prison escape, Manji and a guy wanting to be immortal had their hands caught off at the in similar places and then switched. All while Rin is working with Hyakurin to find out what is going on.

Ummmm, can we please get out of this well animated body horror scenes please? It’s interesting to see it, but no more then one episode please. I don’t mind limbs being cut and everything in combat, but I am really, really, really not a fan of seeing blood like this. I was one of the guys in the background about to throw up or did throw up. Not fun at all. Please escape next episode. Please. For me?

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 1 (Premiere)

Oh wow, that was simple yet cute. This episode did a lot of easy yet pretty fun job of setting up the simple conflict of the show and set up it’s world. This is an anime about Somali, a human child disguised as a minotaur and the forest spirit golem who has no emotions. Plus, this fantasy world is filled with monsters that want to eat humans. There it is, that’s the story. In this first episode, the two visit a city and Somali gets caught in all kinds of trouble. A monster cat was going to sniff Somali out, but the golem was able to find her and save her. Good times. Our golem friend is going to experience emotions eventually.

The animation was pretty simple and stilted, but I liked the color design and design of the creatures in general. It’s like what a Miyazaki film would be like if it was converted into tv. All of those charming things before finally lower the budget and everything. I think this one is going to be fun and cute. Can’t wait for more honestly. I hope the cast gets bigger though. Having more dynamics would be better.

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 12

Yeah, I feel like my love for this series has kind of fallen considering that I think this arc could have been cut in half and could have been better for it. Kirishima’s development and everything would have been better when compressed in half because the pacing would have been much more exciting. In this episode, Night Eye fought against Over Haul who fused with one of his hench men, lost, then Deku came up to the plate with 20% One for All Ability and got here. After running, Eri comes back and Deku says something fantastic and heroic that awoken Eri from her scaredness. Also, our teacher was stolen out of the game itself which is terrifying and Himiko and Twice where there.

So over all, this episode was pretty solid and I wish we had this quality in a smaller amount of time. Maybe I’m just getting older and pretty impatient now. I also think that the idea of Over Haul (since he’s an alchemist) pulling a philosopher’s stone out of his pocket and then becoming a little powerful is a little too shonen. I really think that Mirio should have defeated him and that was that it. Would be something to put some more pressure onto Deku by putting him in a more complicated thing thematically. Oh well, this was fine I suppose.

ID:Invaded Episodes 1 and 2 (Premiere)

A lot to dig in my head from this two episodes. Something about digging into other people’s/killers mind spaces while having peple on the outside solving crimes. We started with Sakaido lost in a world with missing pieces while his body was completely pulled apart just like the world around him. There is a mystery here for the death of a girl who died while on the outside, our guys chase down a murder who has drilled people’s heads. Coincidentally, the same people who were murdered are in his digital mind space.

Our young female detective and older cop (who illegally carries a gun) are first on the scene, our girl detective is captured and forcibly puts the drill in to her head to where she hopefully survives. A lot of interesting things to talk about and confirm here. The mystery does get solved on both ends though. Also, we get more insight on Sakaido. His daughter was killed, so he continually sees his dead daughter and also finds it fun. That sounds unsettling.

So basically, this show is a classic using a killer to uncover a killer’s mindset with a lot of science fiction technobabble in it. Ok, that sounds amazing. Plus, the visuals of this anime are pretty amazing too. This most be an ambitious project to keep the animation the way it is now. I’m kind of excited to see if it can continue here now. If it doesn’t, then oh well. The concept and characters are interesting enough.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Episode 1 (Premiere)

Here it is! The first Masaki Yuasa television anime that we’ve had since Ping Pong: The Animation. Honestly, it’s a lot more subdued then I thought it would be until the imagination hits. Honestly astonishing. Plus, the amazing labyrinth of a world environment all these characters live in is so inviting and full of character too it. There is just so much to like. Ah, I honestly really love this show so far and it’s only one episode so far. There is so much artistry and passion here.

This episode was the club development and meet up episode. The imaginative and shy Midori and the taller and business minded Tsubame meet the model girl who has a love of anime and wants to be an animator, Sayaka, at the anime club during the screening of a Miyazaki like anime, then the three escape to a laundromat and begin clicking and imagining their own anime scene. A take off scene with a very bug like flyer and escape from two unknown bad guys in a very Castle in the Sky sort of way. I was loving it already, but that one scene really sold me. I said this already, but there is so much imagination here. So cool.


  1. Nice recap! I’m interested in seeing Hands off…, Obsolete, and maybe Somali even though I’m still wondering why the title character even though you know the main reason why when I made a comment on another post. The episode’s plot of Obsolete reminds me of Now and Then Here and There. What country were they in?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, that is weird although I could see why they wouldn’t mention a specific country if it’s a place where it has happened or is happening now. That might be a possibility.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. im really happy with how the first episode of somali turned out. i loved the manga, and i think the anime built on it well. the concept sits in this weird zone where it feels heartwarming, but tragedy could drop at any moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sayaka = Kanamori, the financially-minded girl. Tsubame = Mizusaki, the model girl. Likewise, a few (paid professional) reviewers have pointed this out already, but the anime Midori watches is Future Boy Conan, which is actually a Miyazaki work (not just something that looks like it – the only caveat was, I hear, they couldn’t secure the rights to use the footage, so the animators had to recreate the scenes themselves).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m never going to be good with names because I suck at remembering then in irl, so you’ve got to know that fact. I usually have to look up names before writing bigger things.


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