Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Week 2 (Now With More Premieres)

So yes, more premiers this week. I don’t think I’m going to add anymore here. I’m already watching ten seasonal series and that’s my limit. I know there are other series that I am interested in and such, but they will either have to happen later or if I drop a show. No real In betweens honestly.

Pet Episode 1 (Premiere)

Pet is an anime series about people messing around with people’s memories in the mob/crime world. So basically, it’s Ghost Hacking from Ghost in the Shell but more magical. It starts with a kid who completely lost because he’s mentally in a space where his mother wants to commit suicide even if it isn’t true and needs to be talked out of it. When that situation is resolved from a guy helping him find a happy place, we jump somewhere without notice.

We are introduced to two young men who man or may not have interest in each other goofing off while cleaning up outside bar materials. Their manager, a young man with long hair yells at them for their very gay activities. Afterwards, we learn about this manager working for an underground crime boss, learns about how his former partner left, discovers that this former partner had his memory messed with and drove a car over a cliff, then gets caught in some memory problems himself when he tries to out the crime boss. He then has his memory completely wiped and we learn about the two guys are the main characters. Interesting way to go about it without exposition.

So, I’m not sure where to put my thoughts on this episode. It is a little hard to follow along with because it’s not holding hands for the viewer in question. There is no monologue or announce to tell you what is going on and you have to figure it all out for yourself. I think that is thematically appropriate for an anime series that bends around memories of people in horrible ways. Mind rape is going to happen in a series like this. At the same time, I don’t think this episode wasn’t as well written and thought out as it could have been. The visuals were fine and beautiful in moments like the car crash, but it didn’t seem all that right to me. Pacing and the fact that the main characters weren’t important until the end didn’t help either. Definitely an….interesting….premiere episode though.

Obsolete Episode 6 (Finale)

I decided I am mostly going to be positive about how this series ended even if I have caveats. Our African children were treated better and trained to take down the wall and all it’s protectors (they must have been vaguely russian or russian backed because they used hyde helicopters). The visuals of this episode with the exosuits running through the streets, jumping on and climbing on buildings, and taking down helicopters and tanks in well executed way were pretty powerful. Plus, we got the reveal of this being somewhere in Africa, not completely sure where. Why? Because this was apparently apart of an African Civil war that just ended.

The new person in charge (who is white and didn’t want to be personal with them though he was honest) gave the children the choice of either returning back to their lives or continue the path. They choose to continue the path because at least it’s something compared to nothing. It’s that white savior trope a little bit even if it’s done in a more interesting way and possibly nuanced way. Still, that is the start of the white skulled exosuits that appeared in the beginning. Plus, it seems like these children have grown up and are at least training gang members all across the world about fighting in a martial arts (we only fight if we have to) sort of way. If anything, we see them all grown up and stopping gang violence all over the place.

In the end though, I’m glad this show exists. It’s something unique and knew what to say at the right times and the right places with it’s 6 minute thirteen episodes. Gen Urobuchi’s writing is pretty efficient and methodical here and you always knew exactly what was going on, who is who, and where you are (in general), without much detail and a completely fulfilled manner. Obsolete is a good show. Hmmm, maybe I should write a more focused review of this show in the near future! Oh, part 2 is going to appear soonish!

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 13

Read my episodic review from Saturday here.

Bofuri Episode 1 (Premiere)

This was a show that I had no intention to watch at first, but I’ve read a few things about it and got interested. In this show, a girl by the name of Kaede was convinced by her friend Risa to play a Virtual RPG game. With her lack of experience, she only spends points in defense and also plays in much more unusual style compared to everyone else. A lot of giga brain memetic moves. She exposes her self to poison for immunity and eventually ends up eating a high level boss to defeat it after her sword and shield disappear. I think this show is going to be pretty low stakes, but enjoyable.

Haikyu!! To The Top! Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

I feel kind of wrong just jumping into Haikyu season 4 after just reading the manga, but whatever, I don’t care. This episode started the Ball Boy Arc for Hinata and Selective Club Arcs for Kageyama and Tsukishima. You know, after height and jump tests. One of those sorts of episodes that establishes character interactions and other things to come. A decent place to start a season honestly. Hinata is going to get some growth and Kageyama is going to get some life changing character interactions. Kind of excited about it all. Yay Volleyball.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13

I’m a little frustrated by this season. It just feels like a “let’s not give this season any energy at all” and “let’s waste all the time we can until something interesting happens”. What really bothers me is that this episode really did ruin a hype moment in Deku’s 100% form with Iri’s help because the first half the episode just got the front cast involved for some reason, then the fight really does happen and it’s so cool seeing Deku flying like that. Then Over Haul’s backstory slows the episode down again and kind of ruined an incredibly hype almost One Punch Man moment. Couldn’t you have revealed the backstory after Over Haul was defeated or something? There is just something wrong in how this season is directed.

Magia Record: Puella Magic Madoka Magica Side Story Episode 1 (Premiere)

Jumping into this one, I wasn’t sure how to feel about a Madoka side story at first. While I am not the number 1 Madoka fan in the world, I think the original is very tightly written due to Gen Urobuchi’s clean writing style. I think this episode was fine. It set up a character Iroha’s main conflict by her forgetting her wish and then traveling to a city of Kamihama City where magical girls are known to be saved. She and her friend travel there, fight in a witches den, and then are saved by a more powerful magical girl right after seeing a smaller Kybey. Definitely some interesting mysteries here.

I found this premiere ok. I don’t think it would ever meet the level of the original series because that came out of nowhere with some unique artistic values as a surprise. The writing isn’t Gen Urobuchi tight, but I think there is a lot of potential here. For now, I think I will stick around for a while and see where this goes. I really love the Witch den designs. They mesmorize me.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Episode 1 (Premiere)

A simple, but cute show about a myth behind a girl’s bathroom with Hanako haunting it. You can get your wish answered, but you won’t return the same. So enter Nene who meets with Hanako for the first time, asks for a wish to get a boy to like her, and so we see many cute schemes of her failing and Hanako not helping. All of them funnier then the last. This of course lead’s to the mermaid magic. Nene is turned into a fish, Hanako fights off the mermaid, and takes the second half of the curse so Nene becomes human again. Mostly. Only, Nene has to work for Hanako which sets up and interesting plot.

I’m not going to push around things here and there, Hanako was so much cuter and well thought out then I thought it would be. I think the production values are pretty low, but there is a lot of charm to Hanako using some manga designs or gags happening off screen to increase their humor. A lot of mastery of subtlety here. I like it.

Fate/Grand Order Babylonia Episode 12

After Gilgamesh was found dead last time, our gang joins together to head to the underworld in order to defeat Ereshkigal and save everyone else. You know, after the Ishtar and Ereshkigal mystery is solved and Ishtar slowly loses her godly ways as Fujiwara and Mash make their way through the gates of the Underworld. Also, Gilgamesh is there walking around. That’s cool. A very fun episode, even if only a small amount of things happen. I really do like these characters and their interactions. Plus, small Ishtar is great. Can I have one?

ID:Invaded Episode 3

After a hospital visit to our young detective from the older one where Sakaido’s actions are meddled with, we go into Sakaido’s head a little bit as he uncovers that his family was killed when he was away at work. It’s very interesting to see how jump into ID wells in order to hopefully see his family again. Possibly out of some guilt? With that out of the way, we jump in the current ID: Well which turns out to be a rotating tour of people surrounded by water getting sniped off. Holy crap, man. That’s terrifying.

I don’t see how Sakaido could have solved this msytery in one go because there are so many things going on. Then of course, he died multiple times figuring out the mystery until it all becomes more real or the last guy is wandering around the tower without getting sniped. Turns out the criminal in this episode is a photographer who set up a bomg to capture people’s deaths because of how shallow he sees society. Somethin ghim and Sakaido talk about in their prison cells. This show really is going places isn’t it? Another beautiful but horrifying episode with some philosophy things.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Episode 2

A little bit of a slower paced episode, but I just love seeing these characters together. In this episode, our three girls form a club and are given an old run down building to do their animation work with. You know, one that doesn’t have air conditioning and has lots of holes in the roof? After Midori’s fun bit of imagination for her personalized helicopter pack, Kanamori films Midori’s fall and puts it on the internet for money to pay to fix the roof. Interesting. Something that doesn’t happen until they are done with the episode, so that will affect everything later on.

This leads to the second portion of this episode, gathering materials to animate. They had to scare the person behind clubs to get the necessary light tables and such, but they are doing it now. Leading to more imagination. Midori and rich girl Mizusaki find old animation cells of the windmill outback, they fix it up, and then explore destroying a building to create wind for it and such. I really just love art and animation during those scenes and these characters. There is so much love and artistry in this anime even if the wow is mostly gone from the first impression.


  1. That’s good to know about Obsolete. It may be something for me to check out. I find the potential Russian component a bit intriguing because that country has been recently doing business with some African nations.

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  2. I agree with your thoughts on My Hero Academia’s fourth season. The content is definitely not lacking but the directing is really throwing it off course. It doesn’t feel well thought out to make it the adaptation the best it can be. This new director is a little eh…

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