(4th Blogiversary Week) Self Reflection: Mecha Master? I’m But The Learner.

If there is anything that kind of bothers me, it’s being called a master of a piece of media that I still have a lot to learn about. Be it older anime, mecha anime , or science fiction, I don’t want to be pushed into some kind of box where people think I have the answers to everything when there are plenty of things for me to learn too. You should have seen me on a AMQ challenge. I’m a very big generalist when it comes to what I watch and pay attention to in general. There are those who explored a lot more details of the universes that I’ve greatly enjoyed myself. I feel like a good comparison of that would be here I am with a bachelor’s degree in the subject while there are others with focused graduate degrees out there that I’m reading papers from. Not a bad position to be in honestly.

Maybe that’s not completely to myself. If there is something that always has gotten to me, it’s that I have a major self awareness problem in the moment. Yes, I know I just said that now but that doesn’t mean it always clicks in some important moments. I never realize when I am in an position of authority even when I am? One major example of this was when I was in college, I was the vice president of a student club called Human vs Zombies. Yeah, I was one of the important person in a game that allowed people to play tag out doors on campus with nerf guns. I’ve always forgot that I was in a position of authority though because I just wanted to be a player that allowed other players to play the game too. That got to me when I was targeted by a larger group of people when exiting a building one day in an innocent ambush. Haha, my college life was awesome. You guys would be shocked about the non alcoholic things I did in college besides studying and watching anime.

Anyway, that sort of head in clouds never where I am but where I want to be mindset is something I haven’t been able to stop myself from doing. It has caused me an endless amount of frustration recently. Some of it is my fault and some of it is the annoying environment and current state of the country that continually gets worse. But enough of that, I like to keep moving and growing in what I attempt to do most of the time. The problem is that I’m also a massive scatter brain. That means I watch a lot of different things at one time and always make a small amount of progress. That’s why I can keep up with a certain amount of seasonal anime at once. Sometimes, I feel dropping seasonal anime and only watching retro mecha and science fiction because that’s when I am personally my happiest. The problem is that I get bored easily and would just get into something else anyway. I find the perfect balance for me is watching seasonal anime while having something Mecha in the background. I like having multiple stories in my head, not just one. Call me a bard.

Wow, I’m kind of attacking myself in some ways aren’t I? What is this post about again? Oh yeah, I am not a good example of a person that is some sort of mecha master that knows everything about the genre. I do think my knowledge is getting better every passing year because I watch more airing mecha and some older series alongside those, but I can’t help feeling that I’ve got a lot of gaps in my mecha knowledge. I feel like have the mid 90’s to now pretty locked down knowledge wise with some faults here and there, but my knowledge before then is a lot more patchy. I’m working on it and my general knowledge with major releases is generally there, but there are so many obscure things have gone through my net. I need to track all of those down at some point, but gah. It’s hard when you don’t know what is legally available. Those fleeting licenses make things harder.

There is also the fact that I have had a bit of a bias toward real robot anime. You know, the sort of mecha series that rely on the robots having statistics and values that can be put onto a stats sheet instead of relying on will power and guts. There is more to it then that and real robot stuff like Gundam can break into the mold of Super Robots when people with psychic abilities called ne types show up to pilot things, but whatever. Since my interest in mecha started with the original Gundam Series, that’s where most of my interests lies when it comes to mecha. I’ve been getting better recently by digging into more and more super robot shows recently. Old and new. Gah, I’ve just go so much to watch and only have myself in my own way. Kind of happy about that though. It means I’ve got more mecha to watch. Yay! I don’t want to run out of mecha ever.

I suppose there is also the fact that I branded this blog after mecha anime in a way. Mechanical Anime Reviews and Mecha Anime kind of fit together in a way I guess. That wasn’t my intention at first, but that’s where I even up. Yay self branding. You guys know that’s not all I talk about by now, right? (Not that I don’t enjoy the Mecha moniker either. I honestly do.) While I have a major Mecha March thing in the works right now, I also talked about Char’s Counterattack and Hikaru no Go in the same week. While I am resolving myself to watch and talk about more gundam on this blog this year, I am also going to watch other series, newer and older, and a lot of things I wanted to watch but haven’t yet, and talk about those too. Doesn’t matter the genre, I’m out for knowledge. I suppose I am trying to find that balance between mecha and other series because mecha are usually longer then the others because the best ones, besides Planet With, are two or more cours long. You know, unless they sort of piggy back off of older series like all those ovas based around the One Year War in Gundam. Eh, I’ll figure it out eventually. Maybe. I’m going to be positive and say I will.

So yeah, if you want a mecha master, check out Tom Aznable on twitter, the people on the Retro Mecha podcast, Lauren and her massive knowledge of gunpla on her blog Gunpla101, and a lot of other people in that Twitter circle. These are people that I’ve learned a lot about from on a mecha stand point and am very thankful for. So no, I am not ending this post on a negative point. I like being a student. I like knowing that there are things out there that I don’t know and want to find out. That’s a good thing because it means my little view of something can only grow out more and more. That means more things to watch and talk about with you guys about as I finish them. All good things to me. With that said though, If I can help you with your sort of mecha journeys, I would like to help unless you know more then I do. Then, please teach me. I suppose I know a thing or two about the genre maybe. Ok, more then that. I’m only a little farther out there then the rest of you :D.

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  1. You certainly know more about mecha than most anibloggers I know around here, but I understand how you feel about not being an expert. I’m not sure what I would specialize in besides knowing random things about obscure cinema and anime, but even then that’s not really that specific given the genres and nations I’ve covered. That is great how you want to learn more and to expand your horizons.

    Also, I’m mega jealous that you were in such a fun club like that. My school didn’t have many clubs and I didn’t have a position of authority in anything then.

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    1. I think your specialty is finding things that no one else around our blogosphere knows about. That’s a pretty special thing if you ask me.

      Yeah, it took a lot more work then originally thought because it needed to be built from the ground up. There was a previous organization that did the same, but a new constitution needed to be made and everything else. There was a lot to consider.

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      1. Is that so? I wasn’t too sure, but it’s cool if that is a specialty that works in the blogosphere.

        Gotcha. That’s still awesome that you pulled that off. It does make sense now that you put it that way.

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  2. I’ve always loved Mecha, though when I think about it I’ve only watched a tiny fraction of what’s out there. Your blog’s become a good place for me to learn about all the shows I haven’t gotten around to watching yet (both mecha and non-mecha).

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  3. What a great post. I know you talk about more than mecha but there’s something so endeering about your passionate mecha posts that’s though to find elsewhere. And I’ve always liked bards.
    Also, non-alcoholic colledge activities? I don’t follow…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwww, thank you so much. I feel like you know how to hit my heart so easily. Too powerful.

      Well, I’m not saying those weren’t included sometimes….I’m just saying they weren’t the focus?

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