Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 3

Hmmm, it was a good week for anime. I feel like I am enjoying all of the shows that I chose for this season. Even Pet, eventhough I am not sure my thoughts have been completely formed on the show yet. It’s all sorts of complicated here I suppose. Well, here’s to another week of anime without Obsolete. (At least part 2 will be here soon.)

Pet Episode 2

Oh, so they did a kind of Death Parade thing where episode 2 fit inside episode 1 to tell you what was going on after seeing it all? Probably not the best choice they could have done, but it was interesting to things from Kenji’s perspective last episode and now Tsukasa and Satoru as they try to save Kenji’s life by ruining his memories. Much more visual interesting episode in exploring how a mind works (peaks and valleys) plus the threat of their crime boss wanting to just completely kill Kenji by crushing him. Something that Satoru and Tsukasa really hate because of how old it is. Fine then, I’m sticking with this show for a while unless it upsets me. Until then, this one is going interesting for a while probably. Kind of luke warm on it right now. ID/Invader is a little more interesting with it’s mind stuff.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 14

Read my review from Saturday here.

Bofuri Episode 2

Oh man, it just gets better doesn’t it? I really need this lightness to start my day, so I am glad that Bofuri exists and is a lot of fun. The first half the episode involved Kaede being Kaede. Casually eating bugs for more abilities which exploded and eventually even getting into a challenge against other players and just simply owning by being herself and defeating people with her unlimited defense and scary abilities. She is pretty fun to watch Galaxy Braining her way through each encounter and only getting third place. I’m wondering how scary the other two are.

Of course, I feel like the anime got a shot in the arm of energy when Kaede’s friend Risa joined the game with her character Sally. So now Maple and Sally are going to take the MMO world by storm. Seeing Risa’s skill on display while having stakes and even knowing how to distribute skill points was pretty great. I can’t help admitting that I liked seeing Maple riding on top of Sally’s back and Sally’s awesome underwater action sequence that casually happened out of nowhere. This show is just so much fun to watch.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 15

So more body opening, huh? Could we stop? I really do not like the whole crazy doctor loses his morality then wracking up the number of criminals needed to make some one else immortal in the current area. Yeah, I am not really interesting in this unwholesome manslaughter and Mr. Manji being put into the back seat during all of these experiment things. Can we get Mr. Nazi experimenter out of the way and just continue with our adventure please? Did the anime have to adapt this bloody arc that will go nowhere or at least cut it down? Rin and Doa on the outside with criminals gathered everywhere is way more interesting. But no, instead we get this and I am just not a fan of this stuff at all. Go away please.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 2

This show’s match of the over the top cuteness with the prevailing darkness. Our forest golem and Somali really are the perfect pair and this episode more then displays it. Our cute, fluffy Somali got hurt while chasing a rabbit which leads to her and the golem going over to a short dwarf’s house where our gollem friend learns how to mend Somali if something major happens and Somali just gets to be cute, eat things, and help out the medicines assistant. That drama over Gollem only having a year and 112 days to live and to find Somali’s parents is pretty large and sad. Though, I feel like everyone is going to be Somali’s parent at this point.

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Episode 2

Besides Nene being forced to clean toilets after school, it’s nice to see Hanako and Nene becoming good friends on some level. Or at least, come to a better understanding then they did. Today’s mystery of Yousei stealing people’s stuff, then being pushed to kill over people when found due to a myth was interesting. Nene having the role of helping myths around the school in a more positive spin was pretty cool. Oh, the last few minutes were interesting too. We met our clumsy exorcist friend Kou who negated Nene’s standard fairy tale thing along with the realization that Nene doesn’t know much about Hanako. A lot to work to move things forward. Another creatively animated episode. Really like Lerche’s style.

Haikyu!! To The Top Episode 2

A very slow episode in regards of any plot developments and the appearances of Karasuno cast members besides them interacting with Hinata, but a good and powerful episode for our red haired boy. He’s over in the lower camp being a ball boy and he’s had to do a lot of grueling and tedious work. Catching balls, getting the equipment, getting the drinks, and dealing with colleagues. Now he’s had to deal with opponents weighing him down too wondering why he’s there. All for the better though. He seems to have a way to look at things moving forward. Kind of excited for him.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 14

Where did this almost perfect episode of My Hero Academia come from? This season felt like a really big mixed and slow bag of things happening and this episode was fast and snappy with all the villanious awesome and sad emotional impact behind it. Where did this come from? Eri’s small amount of letting her powers run wild and almost hurting Deku came to being while Aizawa was there to stop it all. She’s currently detained and everything. The villains pulled off some awesome moves by stopping to ruin Overhaul’s Life and steal his work. Excellent work there. Lastly, we have the death of Night Eye who I wish I felt more for. I felt sad because the other characters felt sad not because I knew him. That relationship between him and Mirio was great. So yeah, fantastic episode.

Magia Record Episode 2

I feel like I am following along with this show more for Madoka’s unique atmosphere that is expertly replicated. The writing and characters are ok right now, but not attached to anything in it yet. Anyway, our main character Iroha returns to Kamihama City in search of a vague memory of her sister who was in a hospital. Along that path, she gets helped out by a group of magical girls after facing a Witch’s den and they want to help her find out about her sister. Of course, one of them doesn’t get along and runs away resulting in them getting absorbed into a Witch’s den sort of? I really did like this episode, but not in love with the show yet.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 13

Today was a battle against Ereshkigal. Not physically, but against her mental tsundere habits. I can see why Fujiwara is a person servants follow and is the savior of humanity. He really does get people and people can easily trust him. Fujiwara is a good person. He knows that Ereshkigal isn’t a bad person and after a well executed fight scene and Mash’s cool shield ability, Ereshkigal’s opinions is turned around, let’s Gilgamesh and other people from Uruk go. Plus, the three goddess alliance is broken. A lot of big things happened. Kind of excited to see Ereskigal show up to save Ritsuka at the right moment.

Eizouken Episode 3

I really do love this show and this episode especially because it threw in a lot content in a single episode. The first part was obviously about fixing the club room/building. The animators, Midori and Tsubame imagined it as an space EVA mission on the roof and Sayaka let herself be taken in by it too, which was pretty fun. That’s the kind of imagining things that I used to do as a kid. Of course, that all lead to these characters having to animate something in 50 days. Sayaka is honestly the best and most grounded character, which is needed for these two to get anywhere.

On the way to Midori’s place for animation ideas, we get a glimpse of the world where Tsubame is a star with posters all over the place and all that. She really is cute and cool. Of course, the animators finally got an idea to put together a three minute short. Midori is a mechanical miser and wants to animate a tank and Tsubame is a character animator (which makes sense considering that she is a model) and wants to animate a person movie. All of which leads to them designing a tank vs a school girl with a mask fighting in a cheap background and some animation short cuts here and there.

This was the episode that Tsubame really shined. Not only in the outside world, but her passion for wanting to animation because animation is about acting and creating here. She finally stuck out herself for her own and the animation itself for this episode was so solid with a lot of imagination and everything else here. I like it.

ID:Invaded Episode 4

This episode was a criminal case on finding the latest victim of the murderer called the grave digger and revolved around Sakaido digging into an ID well to find the out the reason behind the murder and hopefully find some clues as well. Of course, Sakaido keeps dying and the crew keeps working until they case is solved. The person behind the murder is revealed. A person that just a grave digger wannabe and a victim is already dead.

I can’t help but feel hit pretty hard from this episode because I liked the girl and wanted to see her live. It was all obviously through all of this that Sakaido did care for her anyway and hasn’t lost his humanity despite killing many murderers with his words alone. I’m still not completely sure how I feel about the show as a whole because I have a lot of questions, but I enjoyed this episode. I want to keep watching it until I find out everything. I’m that invested.


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