Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Week 5

After Amazon not having the subtitles ready for Pet after a couple days and me not thinking it’s a completely necessary watch because I have a constant mental struggle in continuing the show because it’s interesting yet frustrating at the same time, I decided to let it go. I just don’t like the way the show is constructed, it’s questionable themes, and things. Made even worse that I think ID:Invaded is doing a better job when it’s mystery and mind concepts then Pet is. I don’t need two of these types of shows on my list. Goodbye, Pet.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 16

Read my post from this weekend here.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 17

Finally, the resolution to this arc of horror that I hate and Rin is a complete bad ass. She takes out three guards, takes their keys, and meets a chained up Mr. Manji in his prison cell. The poor guy seemed disillusioned, but seeing Rin hug Mr. Manji felt powerful and important. Same with how Manji defeated his captor, Rin beat up Burando, and the appearance of Doa and her not dead boyfriend saving them too. Of course, the water going through the cell played an important part of the episode too and I think that was expertly done. All our good people left with Manji only missing an arm so he could be worse but better too. I suppose that is the scar he will always have from this experience until he gets it back.

I liked how there was a subplot with the male prisoners from edo being let go too with the doctors who hated the inhumane treatment behind what Burando did doing it. I also liked seeing those prisoners being reunited with their families and the three doctors being able to complete escape here too. There really was a lot of beauty and artistry between this episode. I knew that the prison escape was going to be worth continuing this show for. I just hate all sorts of experimentation on the human body, but I guess it makes sense as a whole? The shogunate is a force that is apart of this whole journey for revenge. They would be greedy bastards after all.

Bofuri Episode 4

Besides two awkward butt shots which aren’t that bad really, I am continually excited about watching this show. Especially since a little bit of a conflict, that’s been there since the game started, made an appearance in a much larger way. Of course in this episode, we are in the event that started for the medal hunt. All while there is a target on Maple’s back. Not that a player would be able to hit them. But yeah, Sally and Maple find a clue when Maple (of course) falls down a hole to where they have to fight a monster. They eventually defeat it which leads to them getting a couple. It was a pretty cool way to see them fight all together. (Of course the portal lead them to PVP land, which is there I suppose).

Of course, that leads to them going to the ultimate undefeatable monster that they let her shielder friend go into first. You know, before they were inevitably defeated. Maple and Sally really had to work their hardest to defeat the giant ice bird which was incredibly compelling to watch. Lucky Maple got one last ability to win it. We got to see the admins complain about Maple using abilities in a way she shouldn’t again which is really the main conflict of the show apparently. Also, Maple and Sally got pet eggs which they hatched and played with (and also came with wedding rings). That quest didn’t make sense though with it’s goals and gifts, but whatever. It is what it is.

I just love maple continually finding ways to break the game because she doesn’t think like a gamer. It’s also great having an episode that had two incredible fights in it too. I also like seeing how inventive Maple is. I hope the admins make an even larger appearance forcing Maple to become even more inventive in the show. That is the show’s major conflict besides Maple ignoring Sally’s romantic advances and the players who do and don’t have it out for Maple and Sally. Maple vs the system is a pretty fun narrative honestly. Especially if they are the cute kyubey admins like this.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 4

While the visuals of this episode are obviously lacking a little bit with it’s still frames here and there in montage form, but the emotional appeal of this episode really hit more then home. Somali was saved by a soft man with a warm exterior last week and now She, that guy, and Kikila go on a little bit of a journey to pick up the best flower that will answer her wish. What follows that is a big learning experience that increases Golem and Somali’s bound. Golem reprimanding Somali for going on an adventure and breaking his promise leading to Somali crying and the adult figures telling him that he shouldn’t be so harsh.

Their bond really connects together after Somali becomes sick and Golem pays for medicine for her with all the funds he got from working at a restaurant. It really puts everything he’s do into question for him with how he’s treated Somali and everything. Somali is able to be healed from the medicine he bought AND Golem learns more about parenting and moving around at a much less robotic pace from this point onward. I hope. Somali and Golem both have some growing to do. One thing I really did appreciate was the old fox man being protective of Somali.

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Episode 4

Episode 2 of this Misaki Stairs Arc and we meet the gran arbitor of the arc itself. The second wonder of the school who wants to use the body people have created to reform Misaki again. While Hanako and exorcist boy Minamori hold her off, Nene figures out the truth of Misaki and why the second wonder wants to bring Misaki back. Basically, she’s a bottom who wants to get Misaki, a teacher that visited her shrine all the time, back. I can kind of see why, Misaki is so kind and nice. Who wouldn’t want to bring him back? Nene’s realization breaking the second’s spell and Hanako bringing her back to normal was pretty great. The second wonder is a cute fox spirit with anger issues, which is fun.

The animation here was still what it usually is. Very slide show and stylized and such. I feel like this show just has something that could be called Hanako’s style of art and animation with it’s emotional appeal. I also really like, even if it’s a little horny, Nene appreciating the abs and large chest of the creature they created. Nene is obviously a person of impeccable taste along with her heart. Plus, the build up for an opposing force against Hanako, Nene, and everyone else is pretty neat here. I wonder what who that group is and what they will do next in the story. I suppose that will wait until next week.

Haikyu!! To The Top Episode 4

This show is moving along a little slowly, but I really appreciate all the effort they are putting into developing Hinata as a character and giving Kageyama some very fun and interesting interactions with people at the top of the High School Volley Ball sphere. Plus, there is some side Tsukishima stuff with him noticing that Hinata has changed and is noticing things which is why he wants to off handedly learn from Hinata on how to do that. Not that tsundere Tsuki would ever do that. I also liked Hinata getting to the point where he’s supporting other players to play better. Hinata is finding himself and helping others find themselves too. Maybe he would make a great coach one day.

The best part for me though was the cast of weirdos at the top of the Haikyu Volley Ball sphere interacted with our Kageyama and him subtly dismissing them on and off the court during his camp. I love the sentence “here comes another weirdo to pick a fight with Kageyama”. That just encapsulates the show as a whole, doesn’t it? I’m pretty happy with how this show is going. It’s just so much fun.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16

With this episode, we focus on provisional license exam for Todoraki, Bakugo, Cammie, and that other guy I don’t remember the name of. Of course, I think that I remember Cammie because of what happened to her. All while the other candidates are actually working on exams, these four have to somehow sway the hearts of young kids. Kids that are elitists and everything. Considering that Bakugo is a former (mostly) bully and knows how this works along with these kids thinking they can take on heroes, the episode ends with all four of our people about to fight against kids in a pretty tension filled battle maybe? It’s hard to tell.

The most interesting part of this episode was the talk between All Might and Endeavour in between the humorous things? Why? Mostly because All Might is just fascinating and Endeavour is definitely Endeavour. Their talk about what being a symbol of peace means kind of confounds Endeavour and All Might just says “don’t be like me, I just did my best and the symbol of peace thing just happened.” This was an alright episode I guess. Can we just get this provisional licenses thing out of the way so we can see Jirou rock though? Come on. Why do we have to have a filler episode next week? After an almost nothing episode like this? Maybe I should really stay away from MHA after this season. It’s really frustrating me.

Magia Record Episode 4

A very Japanese folklore sort of episode this week. Of course, considering that this show is centered on rumors and such in Kamihami city, it all sort of makes sense. After Iroha was given a direction to search and confused by another magical girl’s food habits (ketchup on cake?), Iroha walks to a Chinese restaurant to meet Yui Tsuruno who was beating up her father while training. A lot of food this episode. Yui connects with Yachiyo again and the three travel to different shrines to find the Séance shrine which will reveal people’s lost people. Well, after fighting a witch in a grocery store. The episode ends with Iroha seeing a vision of Ui and Yachiyo seeing someone I’m not sure about.

The show is growing a lot more likeable and interesting as time goes on. All in terms of giving these characters more interesting traits, exploring the world more including fighting a witch in a grocery store, and even having these girls walk around to different shrines. Kamihami city is slowly being more fleshed and interesting and I think that Iroha is too. It’s just taking a little while which is fine.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 15

Pretty crazy episode this week. A lot of death. Damn man, damn. Ana gave her life to kill Gorgon, Merlin disappeared, and the entire fate of the world is put into question when new humanity, Lahmu created by the mud of gods, attack Uruk. All while Kingu’s mother is still waking up. Seems like the end times to me. Fujiwara and crew traveling to save Siduri and then finding more Lahmu ending with Kingu being betrayed. I don’t know what to say besides it being amazing from a character and action perspective. This show is so well animated that I don’t even know what to say about it. So cool.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Episode 5

Really Eizouken? I already love you to death. You didn’t have to appeal to me directly by having the Eizouken girls literally creating a Mecha anime for the giant robot club. Instant anime of the year. With that said though, it’s interesting seeing these girls coming up with the idea of the robot anime by location scouting down a dark hole and then seeing Tsubame and Midori connecting with the Giant Robot club’s characters in creating a robot design through their sketch phase. All so cool. Plus, the monster looked great too. I am definitely on Sayaka’s side though. I how it’s not that hard to animate.

ID:Invaded Episode 6

This episode could be cut into three parts honestly. The more interesting part was the first part. The encounter of Hondomachi and Matsuouka vs Haruka was incredibly harrowing stuff. Especially since it involved Hondomachi firing her weapon at the grave digger girl and then eventually stabbing haruka to death. An act that the injured Matsuouka thought would make Hondomachi a good detective to put into the device to track through people’s ID Wells. An interesting thing to consider because it takes a killer to work those devices.

The rest of the episode or last two parts where build up. During the funeral for the officers that passed away in the bombing last episode, the people who watch their ID well device were coming up with theories on how John Walker got people to murder others. Something about using either a prototype of the device they are using to solve crimes. How else do they have the same image of John Walker? Lastly, we get the view of the grave digger’s ID well. A train that rotates around a track where her mother died. Next episode features the person who murder Sakaido’s family. Uh oh.

So yeah, another episode that was better because of it’s writing then it’s animation and art which were pretty substandard otherwise. At least the show is functional though. I really do like all the parts of this episode. Just not sure they worked together as a cohesive unit.


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