Mecha March Is Back for 2020! You can get involved too!

Hello everyone, welcome to the announcement for what has become an annual blogging event for Mechanical Anime Reviews, Mecha March. If you didn’t see this on the first paragraph from my F91 review from yesterday, now you know.

An older meme, but it checks out.

This year, I will be going through eight specific mecha? titles. Each one is very different from the last. Also unfortunately, one newer series from the 2010’s is going to make an appearance here. Otherwise, the series are older or focused on older properties renewed with more modern technology and animation. For those interested in knowing what is going to appear, here is the list of what anime review is going to appear in it. Not sure how I am going to schedule these at the moment.

In Random Order:

Patlabor: The Early Days
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
After War Gundam X
Tetsujin-28: Morning Moon of Midday
Giant Robo: The Animation
The Vision of Escaflowne
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Star Driver

So yes, I’ve broken one of my old rules of never reviewing Gundam series during this event. That rule was originally in place because I wanted people to know that there were so many other mecha series out there then something mainstream like a Gundam show. As a self imposed rule, I decided to let it go for Gundam series that are clearly not mainstream or in most anime fan’s consciousness. That fits Gundam X to a t. I honestly really love Gundam X and I want more people to at least know what it’s about and why it’s something worth paying attention to.

And yeah, I’m also pushing the definition of Mecha quite a bit too. I’m doing that to provide a more varied sense of what the genre can do. Two series in question here revolve around a kid using a remote control move a robot like an RC Car. Time to explore Mecha’s origins a little bit here. Cyborg 009 has cyborgs in it, but also has plenty of technology in other departments that more then makes up for that fact. Once again, looking at different parts of Mecha history. I’m pretty sure Cyborg 009 has played some part of it before Mr. Go Nagai showed up to push it to what the genre is today. (I need to talk about some Mazinger next time, don’t I?)

Lastly, Fumoffu. Yeah, I’m just going to say that Bear Suits are mecha when they have technology inside of them. FMP is also a mecha franchise so nothing would be the same without it having an entry in Mecha March like the last couple years. That’s like the unofficial tradition of Mecha March itself. It will only end next year when I rewatch Invisible Victory once again UNLESS more Full Metal Panic! Comes out in the near future. Here’s hoping. Otherwise, I might have to come with another franchise that has multiple installments to talk about. That’s for the future me to figure out. Like way far out in the future.

What is current though is I would like your help if you really want to.


First: Sharing Your Mecha Posts!

The first thing I am interested in is sharing other people’s Mecha Anime posts. If you have a good mecha review or mecha post somewhere, please let me share it during this event. Please link me your post twitter or here and I will share it during Mecha March. Doesn’t matter when it came out. That’s it for this portion. Simple, right? I hope so.

Second: Answer Some Questions.

Since this event is roughly going to take place in 4+ weeks, I have four questions that I would like people to answer. I’m going to give a lot of time for you to answer these questions, which is why I am putting this post out right now.

My Questions:

Week 1) Does a mecha series have to be something special in order for you to watch it?
Week 2) What is your favorite Mecha Design?
Week 3) Who is your favorite Mecha Protagonist?
Week 4) What is something that can be improved through more mecha?

To make this easier, I’m going to be doing most of leg work here. I’m going to be posting your responses along with mine to these during the weekends, so please send your responses to me. Week 1 will be question 1 responses, Week 2 will be question 2 responses, and so on and so forth.

You can answer the questions here, use my contact page to send them to me, or even DM/Tweet at me on twitter. I’m just trying to make them as simple as possible so there is multiple options.

Some quick rules:

-Each Question Needs to be Completed the Friday before these posts make an appearance. (Example: Question 1 responses need to be sent in by evening PST on March 6. Repeat the same +7X days for each of the following weeks where X is number of weeks afterward in March)

-No word limit, just type as long as you want to spend time on answering a question. I don’t like diminishing anyone’s sense of voice and creativity.

-Answer whatever questions you want to answer. You are not required to answer all of them.

-That’s it.

No Audience Participation is Required. This is a new idea I’m playing with. If no one does it, I won’t look down on anyone. I just thought this would be fun.

Thank you for reading, everyone. Hope you enjoy reading everything and as much fun as I’ve had watching and writing about these series. Plus, hope you have fun getting involved if you feel like taking the chance to do so. Just look forward to some fun things coming next month.


  1. The only mecha anime reviews of my own that I think are worth sharing are my Planet With and 2 Gundam IronBlooded Orphans reviews. You can have your pick of whatever you think is good.

    And to answer your first question:

    Does a mecha series have to be something special in order for you to watch it? No, I will pretty much watch anything mecha. I’ve always loved the genre, but I never seem to watch that much of it. I partly put that down to me trying to keep up with currently airing stuff and there just isn’t that much mecha currently airing, but it’s also because I’m lazy and I haven’t found the time to go back and watch older stuff. I do need to fix that.

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  2. Hey Scott,
    I know I don’t post much but I’d like to participate in this because it may be fun! The post I’d like to share is my review on ‘Promare’ which is a mecha action sci-fi movie. Hopefully the link works!

    To answer your questions, I feel it’d be easier to write them out in a dm on twitter then to spam this post with my answers, would that be okay? However, my twitter isn’t related to my blog anymore it’s just a new anitwitter account?
    I know it says its fine in the post, but I wanted to clairify since my twitter isn’t related to my blog I dont know if itd be okay to message the responses there or if itd be weird coming from a random anitwitter account? xD

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      1. Really? well I love Promare so I’m happy to provide the content! I’ll answer them here since i dont know how long I’ll have twitter 😅!

        1. It doesn’t have to be special honestly, I really have been enjoying the mecha genre lately because who doesn’t love robots or sci fi?! I mean I’m sure there’s people who don’t, but personally I think it’s so cool to see giant robots in anime.
        I’m personally still trying out what I like with mecha but so far I’ve seen a bit of gundam, promare, darling in the franxx, and eventually want to see gurren lagan.
        I think any anime can be considered special to someone, so again, it doesn’t have to be as popular or known for me to watch it or enjoy it.

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  3. Linking my singular mecha post (how embarrassing!) here if you care to share it. It’s an older post of mine reviewing Macross: Do You Remember Love? ( )

    I’m curious to see your thoughts on Cyborg: 009! It’s a series I’ve had on my PTW/PTR list forever.

    To answer your questions otherwise I will fail to do so.
    Week 1) Does a mecha series have to be something special in order for you to watch it?
    -Not especially. I tend to gravitate towards mecha series that don’t really sell themselves as mecha? I didn’t know that Ghost in the Shell, or Code Geass were considered mecha anime but you learn something new every day. I’m still fairly new to watching mecha, although I do know some bigger titles. I.E. Gundam, GITS, Eva, etc.

    Week 2) What is your favorite Mecha Design?
    -I love the designs for the Tachikomas! They seem to not only have the cutest AI personality-wise. Additionally, I feel like their designs are distinct and fairly practical especially within the universe of the GITS. Then again, biased towards GITS forever.

    Week 3) Who is your favorite Mecha Protagonist?
    -Considering I have watched a total of 8 mecha anime (according to my anime list), going to be biased forever and pick Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell as a whole. We just get such a great look into what makes her human, and not. It’s such a weird headspace to watch but it’s so well done and I think it’s really held up over time. 

    Week 4) What is something that can be improved through more mecha?
    -I’m not quite sure I can give a good answer to this. I’ve seen only a smattering, but maybe a rise of a new age of mecha? Like everyone knows the OG’s but I don’t think many fans could name a non-sequel/non-franchised mecha show from recent memory. I understand that originals will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart but as a common fan, I just haven’t seen too many new players stepping up as the next generation. Like, I’d love to see a new mecha come and take anime by storm in the community and in general. 

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    1. Excellent, more Macross. Thank you so much! :D.

      And I hope you like what I have to say about Cyborg 009. I’m not going to give anything away now, but kind of says a few things already right?

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  4. What a cool idea!

    Please feel free to use any/all/none of the following, depending on how it’ll help your goals:

    First: I reviewed (and absolutely loved!) Planet With. Here’s the index to my reviews of that series:

    Second: Answers to your questions:

    “Does a mecha series have to be something special in order for you to watch it?”

    No more than any other anime, with one exception: The mechs have to be an integral part. Full Metal Panic! is an example of that done right. So is Bubuki/Buranki ( But that’s like saying a mecha series has to be a mecha series, and I’m not sure that makes any sense.

    “What is your favorite Mecha Design?”
    Yui Takamura’s mech from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. Elegant. Beautiful. Deadly.

    “Who is your favorite Mecha Protagonist?”
    It’s a default answer because of how much I like Planet With, but I’d have to say Souya Kuroi. Though Kaname Chidori and Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic! are a very close second.

    “What is something that can be improved through more mecha?”
    Isn’t more mecha itself an improvement? 🙂 I like the genre best when it tackles subjects like Planet With. The mechas become metaphorical, and I like that. But even if it’s just action like Total Eclipse, if it has interesting characters, it’s enough to be interesting.


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  5. A not so gentle reminder that I’m getting old is realizing that FMP was such a long time ago.

    A mecha series doesn’t have to be outstandingly unique for me to like it. I’m a big fan of EVA but nowadays I prefer a story with less drama and/or low stakes. As I get older I tend to look for stories about fun adventures instead of emotionally stirring and/or interpretative work.

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  6. Yes yes yes!! I’d love to play along! By chance, is our only way of participating (besides sending you posts) is by sending you the answers to your questions, or can we make our own weekly posts for those questions?? (Kinda like we did with the Animanga Fest)

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  7. Answering late since I didn’t know if I had anything to put forward (I’ve already professed I’m not much of a mecha fan), but here’s my contribution. I shall offer up my Planet With post and skip week 1 because that’s gone as of the time of writing:

    Week 2) What is your favourite mecha design?
    Shigeto Koyama mechs are my favourite, simply because that’s where I started with the genre and they really don’t have much competition in my head anyway. Specifically, my favourite is Star Driver’s Tauburn, which is both stylish and powerful.

    Week 3) Who is your favorite mecha protagonist?
    I don’t think many people have heard of the guy because I’ve only ever seen the series through the anime club (it’s not legally licensed anywhere, due to the whole Macross/Harmony Gold thing), but Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier. I think he’s rather interesting, being basically an aloof guy with a background in kabuki and a bit of a mysterious past, but…okay, I’ll admit part of the reason I’ve held a candle for the guy is because of his looks…

    Week 4) What is something that can be improved through more mecha?
    Much like magical girls, mecha anime mostly exist within their own boundaries, so I guess if you want more mech fans, breaking the boundaries of the genre is necessary, e.g. I’d be interested if a slice of life series could also be a mech series.

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