Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 7

This week, we dive into the start of the last half of shows for this cour. That means we’ve hit the moment where things either come into their own or fall apart in inrepairable ways. Let’s see how this turns out.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 18

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Blade of the Immortal Episode 19

This show is definitely going in some interesting directions to set up it’s end game. Yeah, kind of surprised about this. This week’s episode came in two parts. There was some merging stuff that happened, but mainly the show stuck to the two. The first part was the Itto-ryu vs the Rokki-dan chess match. The Itto-Ryu were forced to leave Edo, right? So they had a group of Itto-Ryu escaping from Edo with the Rokki-Dan in pursuit. On the other end, The Itto-Ryu attack the police/samurai in that area and take over their boss.

On other hand, Rin and Mr. Manji had the more comedy and romance thing sort of. Ahnotsu invited Rin and Manji on their escape boat. Plus, the two girls at the art school were obvious spies that didn’t know anything about Rin or Mr. Manji here either. No wonder the Rokki-dan are currently losing their bout to keep alive. I also thought that Rin riding on the boat with Ahnotsu was an interesting choice too. I think the fate of the Rokki-dan is going to be interesting to figure out here.

Bofuri Episode 6

With the opening bit’s amount of slapstick humor and Kaede’s mind still being stuck in the video game world in the normal world, we skip forward three days to where Kaede starts her own guild. Sally and Maple go home shopping, find a free mansion, and start recruiting people that Maple knows and she calls it Maple Tree. They are still a small guild with a unique goal of…doing something? I don’t know, but there were some quick fights here and there. The most important matter here though is that Maple is spreading here brand and agenda even more for the coming third level and competition.

Still, I guess we really do dive into the problem with this series in this episode. Maple and Sally travel back to the first level for some sense of nostalgia. Except considering this show is very much like Knights’ and Magic (that apostrophe still bothers me), we don’t have nostalgia for this area either. We knew it was there of course and our characters were there at one point, but we don’t really have the “oh, I miss this area” feeling that they might or might now have. Oh well, at least this show is fun and heart warming. Otherwise, there would be nothing worth watching here. May the chaos of Maple spread. Muahahaha.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 6

I won’t lie when I say that this episode actually did go the way I expected it to. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the episode at all because I did, but I feel like I’ve been watching too much thing in general to media through out my life. I never really expected Uzoi to ever kill Somali at all, but save her. Same with Haitora’s backstory and stuff. I didn’t think he would ever be the prefect father, but a father that has done the wrong things and brought up Uzoi to repent for the evils he did and didn’t do.

In general, this show is a good and this episode could have been apart of Made in Abyss. There was a creature or something I would see from that show threatening our main character’s lives in between this whole mess. Haitora’s backstory with his family and entire human town chased into a cave by these magical creatures and then him wanting to return the favor by eating them back got to me. Too bad it killed his family and poisoned him while raising Uzoi. Very emotionally impactful episode.

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Episode 6

On the opposite side of Somali, Hanako-Kun came at me from the left corner yet again. We got to learn more about Hanako’s backstory and stuff while Nene and Minomoto went to the library (after she learned about her future), but the episode kind of surprised me. I liked that the leader of the library was a spider demon and also a teacher for the school with a strong connection to Hanako. Of course after playing a truth game, the real material for this episode starts. All to restart the seven wonders/mysteries of the school.

This was when Nene got to the teacher demon’s Yoshiyori. When she reset it, she saw the former Hanako-Kun and the teacher’s lives. Hanako-kun was a young boy in the 1960’s who wanted to become an astronaut but was fated to become a teacher. Just like Nene wanted to change her future, she learned way that could be done is if you die. That’s how Hanako-kun changed his life, dying. He now possesses the toilet because of it. Damn man. Way to get to my feels too.

Haikyu! TO THE TOP Episode 6

Another episode in developing Kageyama (and a little Hinata) from after their camp experiences. Karasuno is back together in practicing their techniques and now playing a practice match against the Iron Wall of DATE Tech once again. At the corner of it all is Kageyama trying to hold himself back by the criticism of his team mates from how he played at a higher level at his all sports sort of camp. You really see how he’s slowly crumbling in seeing his players not performing at the level he got used to in a week.

That and DATE Tech’s iron wall is still a powerful iron wall. It’s cool to see it in motion, but there is some chaotic energy thrown in there still. The perfect sort of metaphorical wall that would cause some gears to break on the other side here. The episode ended with Kageyama yelling at Nishinoya. You are going to be surprised by how much of a non deal this is. I’m kind of shocked they did that. Very good episode with some surpising nuance to Kageyama’s character.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 18

Yawn, this episode was just kind of there and boring. Three major parts of this episode. 1) 1-A decided to put on a music and dance act for the school festival, so Jirou (after saying it’s her hobby) is going to lead people on how to play instruments and Mina is going to teach people how to dance. That took too long for 1-A to figure out. A social media villain showed up to break to rob a store and then not rob the store after getting views, and Eri is going to the school festival. That’s it really. A boring set up episode.

Magia Record Episode 6

Like MHA, this episode was yet another set up episode. Yet this one had a lot more interesting things going on in it. For instance, a new magical girl showed up after Iroha ate breakfast with Yachiyo (are they dating yet?). The one who Leroy Jenked in the opening. Iroha traveled to another area of a city that looks sketchy and is handing out bottled luck to everyone. Also a magical girl mercenary by the name of Felecia shows up, saves Iroha from a witches den, and then the two go around winning money at the casino for a while.

Then when you think of magical girl mercenaries, Kyouko from the original series shows up and talk to Yachiyo about witches. All before Yachiyo, Tsuruno meet up with the two before dealing with more rumors. Rumors that want to hire Felecia to fight witches for them so they can control the city. That huge cliff hanger of Iroha wanting to hire Felecia was nice. Good way to add some more stakes with these characters facing against the super natural. Kind of excited to see more and see where Kyouko fits into all of this.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 16

Well holy crap, this series is going to some crazy places for sure. The Lahmu turning against Kingu was pretty extremely honestly. Especially with them taking his holy grail, chasing him down, and then the Shuri Lahmu who was able to save Kingu. The poor guy was betrayed yet again by his own magical force called Mother who brought him back. Plus Quezta and Ishtar were fighting against the rest of the Lahmu too. Then the Ushiwaka Lahmu showed up and Ishtar had to use her spirit gun against her. Humanity has one hour to live and Fujiwara has to stop mother or else. Will he do it? Yeah, probably.

I’m always surprised by how much effort was put into this anime’s production. You know, with the team actually being way ahead of their schedule despite all of these episodes being action orientated? The worst action episode was earlier in the series when it didn’t feel like anything connected. Now, we have a larger cast of interesting characters to suffer through complex things here in a simple story. I just really enjoy it all here.

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! Episode 7

Yay, this is the tsubame focused episode that I wanted. With that opening segment that showed where Tsubame’s love for character animation came from including watching actual acting and walking then drawing it herself after acting was great. Especially if it was originally to help her grandmother get up and walk at her old age, it ignited a passion in her that goes beyond basic understanding. She loves acting and thinks that acting through animation is the best. Still, that was only a focus of this episode. There is still a production that continues to have problems.

The production of the Mecha anime is behind scheduled and has so many pieces to it that need to somehow get together and a lot of weird people working on it to make it. The sound person made their way to the Eizouken studio so now they need to look into sound effects. The robot club, with one of the characters continuing to be me and over acting his lines with sound effects and everything. Same with the art club completely getting everything Midori wanted out of the background designs and they can hopefully edit soon. There is also music opening sequence that hasn’t been put together yet which might be last minute too. Working with people is complicated.

That being said though, it was all delayed by the school being stopped earlier to do rain warnings. Something Sayake, Tsubame, and Midori didn’t worry about too much because they went to a bath house before coming home. It honestly wasn’t that fanservicey and provided a good moment for these girls to understand where each girl is coming from again this time, they connect. There was some imagination sequences in this episode, but that wasn’t the major selling point for me here.

ID:Invaded Episode 8

I don’t think I will ever get how the writing in this show will leave almost nothing to the imagination. Before Narihasago and the guy who with a hole in his head make it into Momoki’s ID well, the guy with the hole in the head has to mention how when two genius detectives are in the same location, one of them will inevitably not be. It’s a sequence that does have a point, but it really hammers you in the head what may or may not happen in this episode completely here. Kind of frustrating, honestly. At least the current director involved sensed my point of view and just said “get on with it.”

With that said though, I liked seeing both of these detectives, Sakaido and Anaido (I think), working together while trying to survive the desert of Momoki’s mind. Sakaido has the best sort of survival techniques and was the Sherlock in the scenario. All while the other one was the Watson and constantly putting thoughts from Sakaido’s action in the practice and even saving sakaido at some point from a sink hole. It was fun and they actually got somewhere. The visuals were lacking, but maybe that’s just this show’s style. The pacing of this show is something to talk about though. It started from fast pace to this slow crawl and it’s a little annoying.


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